October 23rd Update

I'm sure I'll have more to add tonight/tomorrow AM. I went for a blood and ultrasound appointment this morning. My lining is at a 4mm on day 8 of our cycle. To me that sounds pretty good, especially since I only stopped bleeding 4 days ago and usually I'm only a 6-7 on day 15 of our cycle. I'm feeling more and more hopeful about this cycle and am really excited to see how things look on Thursday! I hope my labs all look good today. I'm hoping my coordinator thinks that sounds good, and am anxious to hear back from the clinic.

I have acupuncture tonight, I'm looking forward to seeing what its like and seeing how it might help with my lining!

I'm also looking forward to getting home tonight and seeing my hubby - he's been gone since early Friday morning at a long drill weekend, playing war games in the Georgia mountains! I hope he had fun and that they didn't freeze too much. It got so cold over the weekend!


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