It's finally happening - I got the call last night; we are going to transfer this cycle!! My lining got to a "7-8 IE". They said that was fine. I don't even know what my labs were at.

Jill - the nurse from Cooper - gave me all my meds instructions (lots, and lots, and lots of them!!) and then I got to call T&I and tell them I was coming!! I called Irena's phone and said "I was just wondering what you were doing this Friday - because I'm going to be in New Jersey for our transfer!!!" We all were giddy together; all very excited!

Then I called Fran - I think she was sort of shocked that after all this time they finally said "GO FOR IT"!! We were on the phone for a good hour, hour and a half, making reservations and travel plans. I will leave Atlanta at 2:30 on Thursday. I'll arrive around 5pm in Philadelphia; I think I'll probably be met by Tom & Irena and we'll all go out that evening. I'm hoping Fran will be able to come too. It's hard to believe its been about 6 months since I was there for testing! :)

I had my 2nd acupuncture appt yesterday - it was even better than the first one. I really am enjoying them, and feel very "in tune" with my body.

I start doxycycline and medrol today as well as the progesterone - just THREE MORE DAYS!! I can't believe I'll be packing up tomorrow and leaving in just 2 days! YAYYYYY!!!


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