Gestational Surrogacy Journey #4 - Official Update

Want to join me on journey #4? I don't know why I bother saying my last one was the last one... give me enough time and I'll be trying to find out if I can do "JUST ONE MORE"! Surrogacy - it's like Lay's Potato Chips, betcha can't do just one! Ok, some people can - I am apparently not one of those people!

I mentioned a little bit about this upcoming journey here, but here is the official run-down so far!

8-11-14 Signed up with agency
9-11-14 Read Y and Q's profile
9-14-14 Spoke to Y and Q via teleconference
9-21-14 Had psych eval / MMPI
 9-28-14 Met Y and Q over dinner at Cheesecake Factory
9-29-14 Had joint psych eval
10-14-14 Consult with RE and bloodwork / STD cultures done

So - the "what's next" includes Kenneth's labwork, and as soon as my next cycle starts we'll get my hysterosalpingogram scheduled. That's all that's left in terms of the medical pre-cycle "to-do's" and then there's the biggie - getting the contract completed and signed. Once those things are done, we can get a calendar from the RE. IF we can get the contract done quickly it is possible we could cycle before the new year begins, but most likely we're looking at January or February for transfer.

Yesterday morning was my consult with the RE and I really liked him! I am a grand multipara (6 babies, 4 full term pregnancies, 1 pre-term delivery of twins, and 1 1st trimester miscarriage) so my risk for hemorrhage at delivery is higher than someone with less than 5 deliveries. The RE feels I am a good candidate since I have a great pregnancy and delivery record, so hoping my uterus is up to one more uneventful full term singleton pregnancy! My IPs prefer to only transfer one embryo at a time (they have 3 frozen embryos remaining) so we're all hoping for a healthy singleton pregnancy. 

We're going to most likely use the same protocol I've used before - oral estrogen and injectable progesterone but will get that confirmed after the RE discusses the options with my IPs.

Contracts are in process, and as with most surrogacy journeys there is a lot of hurry up and wait in between exciting milestones! We're in good shape though to start on our first cycle in the next 1 - 3 months, so we'll just see what happens next, get testing finished up, get the contract ironed out, and before we know it, I'll be getting ready to start meds!

In the mean time, the days continue to pass way too quickly - between work, a 13 month old at home, and getting ready to move I haven't had any moment of "this is taking FOREVER" like I have previously experienced with my surrogacy journeys at the beginning when we're getting everything on the to-do list crossed off and double checked. I wish time would slow down most days!

We got about 6 boxes in the kitchen packed up last night, so that felt like good progress for one evening. There is soooooo much more to do, but our game plan is to work together for at least an hour in the evenings after Lindsey goes to bed, one room at a time, and get everything but the essentials boxed up in the main part of the house. The basement is going to be another huge project, but we're working on the upstairs first. Kenneth is going to take up everything we've packed to his grandmother's house this afternoon. We're starting a big yard sale / Goodwill pile downstairs. Anything we know we don't want to take isn't leaving the house. We'll try a yard sale a couple times, and whatever doesn't sell is going to Goodwill.

Just taking everything day by day, and doing what we can. It'll all come together soon enough! :)


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