Lindsey Rose ~ Super 2 1/2 Year Old

My baby will be three in September which means she's only got a little over 4 months left as a 2 year old. A sassy, smart, silly, precocious, adorable, inquisitive, happy, sweet, strong willed, spunky, loving, affectionate, independent 2 year old!

This is a fantastic picture showing you all that personality in that tiny 30 something pound body. This baby has strong "leadership potential" as we like to say around here. AKA she is Little Miss Bossy Pants sometimes.

She is also a wonderful conversationalist, has a very large vocabulary and is getting better and better at putting sentences together. "Mommy I got this per you" ("for" you), "Mommy you want to play me?" "You getting on my nerves" "Mommy I need go the park. I need to run." You get the idea. She cracks me up!

She loves when we take walks down the street outside, loves all things nature, adores animals, and flowers, pine cones, and leaves. And she loves dandelions!

Some days she completely exhausts me with her need for me, and only me. She becomes my velcro baby. As she's entered the age of 2 the bouts of whiny-ness have increased, especially when she's tired or not feeling well. Being in daycare, she is often one or the other unfortunately. We seem to go through about 2 rounds of a cold and / or stomach bug each month. We'll get her over one, have about a good week, and then something else comes home with her. She rarely gets super sick, just enough to make her have a cough or feel "off".

Her big brown eyes sucker me in every time. Lately she loves to tell me "Mommy I love you" and give me a big hug. She's very affectionate - I tell her this is the reason I don't eat her. She says "Mommy don't eat me!" I adore watching her learning and growing, and am so grateful I can call her mine. On this Mother's Day, my 3rd with Lindsey, I figured this was a good day to take a minute to reflect on my beautiful, big growing girl and share a little bit of her with you!


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