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I couldn't have received a more fitting person for my reveal day - I get to honor Wendy from A Day In The Life on the Farm. Wendy is an amazing lady. I gushed about her not long ago last month during our #BloggerCLUE Celebrate December reveal day! Wendy has a huge heart for family, and she has been going through what is most certainly a difficult time in losing her mom recently, and continues to be so strong and loving and active. She is an inspiration. To show our blogger buddy some love we were asked to pick a recipe that was red, or heart shaped. I browsed through Wendy's fantastic recipe index to get some inspiration and came up with the following as my "short" list (haha!): Passionfruit Martinis, Rhubarb Berry Coffee Cake, Fresh Strawberry Syrup, Arrabbiata Sauce, Raspberry Cranberry Sauce, Bursting Raspberry Muffins, Strawberry Almond Spongecakes, Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, Chicago Style Pizza, Classic Sugar Cookies... I could have kept going.

I settled on this beautiful, perfectly romantic and pink drink to share with your sweetheart for Valentine's Day this year. I actually did not have Cranberry Juice (ack)! so made a sub for grapefruit juice. I am definitely getting Cranberry Juice to try next, and some red sanding sugar for the rim (I only had green - not quite the same effect).

Definitely give this delicious and beautiful drink a try soon!

Passionfruit Martini

1 oz. Passionfruit Rum
1 oz. Vodka
1 oz. Orange Vodka
Splash of Cranberry Juice

  1. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice, add all ingredients and shake to combine.  
  2. Strain into a martini glass.
  3. Rim your martini glass with red sanding sugar for an extra lovely touch if desired. 


  1. Thank you Rebekah for all the kind words....I can't believe you got stuck with me two events in a row LOL>

  2. Such a lovely cocktail! You both were troopers for doing double posts today!

  3. Pretty color! These flavors sound great together!

  4. I don't drink alcohol, but I lovelovelove passionfruit! I'll have to think up some kind of adaptation to this! *-*

  5. The looks delicious! My current favorite drink right now has a passionfruit flavor so this sounds wonderful.


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