Lindsey Rose is 10 months old!



Lindsey is 10 months old already!! I love her to pieces and have so much fun taking a bazillion pictures of her - she has so much personality and I love capturing all of her crazy faces in photos! She just broke tooth number 6 through a couple days ago, and is working on number 7 already. She can squat and stand back up and cruises around the house from one piece of furniture to the next like a pro. She tries to take steps but can't balance yet - she's working on it though, she'll try and then sit back down - she's getting better and better at standing on her own and holding it before she looses her balance and sits back down.

She loves our puppies and is always crawling to them and babbling at them and whacking / petting them (and she still loves their feet)! She's eating table food and feeding herself at meal time (thank goodness bath time is right after meal time)! She makes me so happy to come home each evening. With everything else going on in my life right now - I am so incredibly grateful for my two kiddos.

Since the last one of these I did was for 8 months - here's some new "bullet points" to compare! :)

  • She crawls super fast everywhere, cruises from one piece of furniture to the next but hasn't taken any real steps yet. She can stand, but looses her balance and sits back down before walking.
  • She loves her walker toy, and can push that around the living room and walk behind it great - she also loves holding onto someone's fingers or hand and using that for balance to go for a walk.
  • We're starting to phase out the purees and move more towards finger foods and her feeding herself at meal / snack time. At home she only eats finger foods, she doesn't really like me feeding her anymore, but she still eats purees at daycare. I think what's in the freezer and cupboard will be the last of it though!
  • I love watching her at meal time, she picks through what's on her tray and you can see her deliberately choosing something that she likes. She almost always picks the protein out and eats that first; she loves little pieces of chicken and turkey burger! She also loves her veggies, she does great with carrots, tomatoes, and avocado.
  • She hasn't had a cold now in awhile (knock on something) and I hope and pray her immune system has caught up to all the various germs floating around at daycare.
  • Tooth number 6 JUST broke through in the last couple days - so now she has 4 on top and 2 on bottom. Her next 2 bottom teeth are starting to push up to where I can see them under the surface, to they're coming soon!
  • We're making progress in the sleep department. Teething generally messes her schedule up for a few days, but she's gotten to where she typically only wakes at night once (usually between 1 - 2 am) for a bottle then back to sleep. She is still swaddled at night too. This month we're going to start working on getting her out of the swaddle, and making the night time bottle water in hopes of weaning her off of that too - but I'm not in a rush, though I miss uninterrupted sleep I cherish those quiet moments in the dark rocking and snuggling with her as she goes back to sleep (usually only takes 10 - 15 minutes for her to finish the bottle and fall back asleep).
  • She's gotten a little more independent about falling asleep too, there have been more and more occasions where she finishes her last bottle of the evening and is still awake, and turns her head into me and quietly drifts off, or I just lay her down with her eyes still fluttering and she quietly falls asleep on her own, or babbles for a few minutes then falls asleep.
  • She's very talkative and says lots of mama, dada, dog (or something VERY close to dog!), and baba.
  • She makes tons of super expressive ADORABLE faces and I love each and every one of them, though her recent "scrunchy nose smiley face" is probably one of my favorites.


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