Home again, home again...

Kent, Lindsey and I spent the week of July 4th in Washington state visiting my family. It was a whirlwind and wonderful trip. Lindsey hasn't had the chance to meet any of my family yet, so she got to experience a lot of new faces and places. She did really really well on the trip! I was super proud of her. She handled the long (5.5 hours there, 4.5 hours on the way home) flights like a champ, and happily went from one person to the next while we were visiting. She went on long day trips with us, day after day, and only got really grouchy one day. She was able to spend the next day home with her grandma and grandpa and catch up on her naps and was feeling good again by the following day. (Lindsey's version of being grouchy involves being a little fussy and a LOT bitey!! She kept trying to bite my shoulder.)

Meeting Aunt Kylie!

Love my sister's smile. :)

Cuddles with my Aunt Diane and her second cousin Paisley.

Spending quality time with her grandpa.

Lindsey loves some WATERMELON!

More grandpa cuddles at the park.

Lindsey's first time in a swing! Happy girl.

Hanging out in the wading pool at Greenlake Park - Lindsey had a blast!

Kent, of course, found a cute pug to pet and love on.

Kent also found trees to climb!

Lindsey took a little nap in grandpa's arms.

I attacked a frozen snocone.

Kent and Lindsey posing on the Freemont Troll!

Lindsey and her cousin Sofia - two sweet girls!!

My cute crabby kiddos on Camano Island.

Lindsey's first pony ride. :)

We went to Camano State Park and Kent went off to explore the beach - and found a stick.

The baby containment unit was put to good use.

Family dinner on Camano - Lindsey gets to meet my Aunt Bobbi (and she loved chewing on that ear of corn!)

Lindsey with my Nana.

Breakfast time at Mr. T's in Mt. Vernon!

Kent taking on a giant plate of biscuits and gravy.

It's a beautiful day at Deception Pass - and Lindsey loves her Uncle Jake!

Kent went down the steep paths to get as close as he could to the edge. The water was beautiful.

Lindsey and I sat higher up and played with flowers and grass.

My little family!

Kent in front of the fountain near the Science Center - starting out our Seattle day with water!

More water to play in!

Metal squid... Kent approves.

Kent was having fun with all of the street art!

Me and my siblings in Bubblegum Alley at Pike Place.

We ended our trip with the 4th of July parade. Lindsey seemed mesmerized by all the noises, cars, and people!
I am so grateful we had the chance to go for a week. It was really a special time for me to share with my family and I am so glad I got to introduce everyone to our little Lindsey. Things have been very stressful for me at home the past few months in particular, and this was a much needed break from life.


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