Cranberry Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich

One of the fantastic assignments I have for the month of September as an AllRecipes Brand Ambassador is to be a part of the Butterball Turketarian movement and celebrate "Turkey Tuesdays" - with a new turkey recipe (from the collection) tested and rated once a week, each Tuesday, in September. For my first turkey recipe, I opted for this yummy turkey sandwich which was perfect to prepare and take for lunch at work! This happens to be pretty similar to one I've posted before - my "Gobbler Sandwich"; I LOVE the combination of turkey with cranberry sauce - goes so good together! I like to add pickles and cheese to mine as well to change it up; you can use this delicious base to tweak to your preferences and make YOUR perfect Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich!

Cranberry Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich adapted from AllRecipes

2 slices wheat bread
1/2 - 1 tablespoon mayonnaise
1 - 2 leaves romaine lettuce
4 ounces sliced Butterball® Maple Honey Turkey lunchmeat
2 tablespoons whole berry cranberry sauce (or 2 slices jelly cranberry sauce)

  1. Spread each slice of bread with mayonnaise.
  2. Top with lettuce, turkey and cranberry sauce and remaining slice of bread.

PLUS-UP Your Sandwich:
Use a buttered, toasted brioche bun.
Replace mayonnaise with Dijonnaise.
Add 1 oz. brie cheese and 3-4 slices of green apple.


  1. Looks wonderful! I absolutely love cranberry and can't wait to try this one out!


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