29 Weeks and A Baby Shower!

We are now 29 weeks pregnant and counting down the remaining weeks! Things are going really well so far (knock on wood). I had my glucose tolerance test last Tuesday and am waiting to hear back to make sure I passed, but was told I would get a call next day if there was a problem; so hopefully no news is good news!

I'm tired a little more often and have had a few moody days lately. I apologized to my hubby, but I feel bad he gets to put up with my mood swings. I know he will be happy when we can put the pregnancy hormones away! :)

Kenneth's family threw us a baby shower over the weekend to help celebrate Lindsey's anticipated arrival and it was such a beautiful event. April went all out and handmade all the decorations and had lots of fun games and activity areas.

The theme was "Sugar and Spice".

There was a "Guess the Birth-Day" sheet where everyone could put a stamp on their guess and sign their name, so it's a super cute keepsake from the shower too!

There was a write something funny on a diaper to lighten the mood for those late night diaper changes:

This was the create a hairband / bow / clip station for everyone to make their own custom hair pieces for baby Lindsey.

This was the adorable Candy Bar for guests to make a little "goodie bag" on their way out.

She had pink striped straws for the drink station, super cute paper pom poms for the front, and the snack table. And there were AMAZINGLY delicious spice cupcakes with maple frosting (which I ate way too many of)! The little food tags were so cute, with orange slice holders... the whole thing was absolutely adorable!!

Being a holiday weekend there were quite a few people who weren't able to make it to the shower, but we still had a great time with those who were able to make it, and enjoyed good company, good food, and a great time!

There was an adorable clothes line where everyone hung a onesie that they brought that was representative of something about them - an expression of their personality or something I know about them. I had to guess who brought each one. I loved this!!

Baby Lindsey got lots of goodies that will have her well dressed for her first 9 months of life or so, and her crib bedding set, bibs, blankets, pacifiers, some toys, organizers and hangers for the closet, an activity jumper, diaper bags, and more!

I cannot believe we have only about 10 weeks left until we get to meet our baby girl... those weeks are going to go by SO fast with summer being here. Kent will be gone a lot this month for summer fun, and I have a little trip to North Carolina at the end of the month and can't wait to see some good friends whom I haven't seen in awhile! I am counting down the days until July 31st when we have our next sneak peek to see how Lindsey is growing and get an idea on how she's doing! At my OB appointment last week I was measuring 2 weeks ahead, and had been measuring 1 week ahead the month before so I have my fingers crossed that she's growing well. She's sure active - lots of kicking, rolling, and wiggling going on! It's really funny to me when Kenneth's arm is across my waist and she starts kicking him! :)

Braxton hicks contractions have picked up the past week or so, and I'm keeping an eye on those and really watching my water intake. Other than that, so far "same old, same old" and hoping it stays that way for at least 8 more weeks! 


  1. So cute! I measured ahead with all three of my children...they ranged from 7lb 14oz to 9lb 10oz! Good luck, time will start to slow down in the last few weeks :-)

  2. Yes, those last few weeks do often feel like they're in slow motion - we'll see how things are feeling by late August! :D

  3. Looks like a wonderful time ... your little girl will be here before you know it :-)

  4. You are so right! I know the remaining 2 months are going to go by so quickly... it'll be September in no time at all!


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