Our last two foster puppies!

I usually love to post tons of pictures as soon as we have a new foster baby to share - but for whatever reason the past couple weeks have been really crazy for me. We were gone to Kenneth's parents home for 4 days for Christmas (which was wonderful) and have been on the go it feels like the entire break! All three of us being home all day has made the days feel even busier at times than it did when I was in school. There are always errands to run, things to get done around the house, etc. I feel like I'm on "catch up" mode all the time!

I wanted to share a couple pictures though of the last two foster dogs we were lucky enough to have. Rocky we found at the animal shelter where he was picked up as a stray and had been there for weeks with no one giving him any attention at all, according to the officers at the shelter which really surprised us because he is a GORGEOUS boy! He did have some issues with our other dogs and we chose to keep them separate. He seemed to be very over stimulated by other dogs and wanted to sniff them constantly, get on top of them, and just generally aggravate them. Our dogs were either very irritated by him or scared of him, so we just rotated them all around between the house and the yard and tried to make sure everyone got their fair share of attention each day!

We got Nala about a week or two before Rocky went to his new home (right before Christmas!) She was an ADORABLE puppy who we all totally fell in love with. She was so playful, super smart, and a very happy little girl. She cracked me up constantly and I loved my puppy snuggles with her. She learned "sit" while she was with us and though of course we had the normal puppy clean ups with her, she was such a great little girl and I loved the time we got to have her in our home! I was thrilled when she got to go home, not long after Christmas, but miss her too. Of course, we already have a new foster "baby" (if you can call an 83 lb rottweiler a baby! :D ) so that always helps with missing ones who have been adopted and gone home! 

Here are some super cute pics of Miss Nala Bear Bunny Puppy! 


  1. The work you do fostering these puppies is so wonderful. Keep up the great work.

  2. Thank you Michael! :) I appreciate it - we love getting to be involved in rescue!


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