Oops I Did It Again...

I went to the shelter to pick up the microchips for the 6 puppies we rescued 3 weeks ago and I came home with her... A woman was there dropping 4 puppies off and this was the only one she hadn't filled paperwork out on. I walked in and she asked me if I wanted a puppy, when I told her I worked with a rescue group Zora found her way into my arms and then into my car!
I think she is about the cutest, softest, cuddliest puppy I've ever met! I am sure Rotts N Pups will have a home lined up for her in no time at all and in the mean time we will enjoy our time with her very much. The other 2 dogs we're currently fostering both have homes lined up and I am thrilled for them and can't wait for them to be on their way HOME! :)


  1. Paws khrossed she find her way to The Zen-terra!

    Keep up the great work!

  2. And she DID!!!

    Of course, she barely made it out ;-)

    Thanks again for providing us the chance to know The Joy of Zora!

  3. Thank you SO MUCH for all you do with transporting these sweethearts - I absolutely love seeing all the pics you share and reading your posts about them. You are amazing. :)


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