5 Months Since Delivering Twins

I am now 5 months post partum and finally at my pre-pregnancy weight as of this morning! Yippee!! Still working to loose another 10-15 but have now lost the 40 pounds I gained when pregnant with the girls and I'm feeling really good! I've been tracking my calories and activity with SparkPeople again recently and staying on track. I've been aiming for 9,000-10,000 steps per day using a pedometer and that really seems to be making a good difference for me, just keeping me conscientious of moving as much as I can throughout the day.

So here's a couple days before I delivered:

This is about 6 weeks after delivery:

And these are today:

Feels good to be making progress and feeling comfortable in my clothes again, for the most part! :) Just 2 more weeks left in this semester then a break - yay!! I get to register for Fall classes in a couple more days too - it will be good to get that schedule in place so I know what's coming up. Hubby is on his way home to me too - and I cannot wait to hear when he will be here so I can go pick him up and give him lots of hugs and kisses!! I'm ready to see him again! It's only been 2 months since he was home last, but a lot has happened during that time and it really feels longer than that!


  1. Congrats Beks!! You look amazing!! Aww, so happy that Kenneth is coming home, yay!!!

  2. It's as amazing how quick you grow as how quick you shrink back to your petite self! You ladies blow my mind :)

  3. You look great! As for that bug! It bit me....:)

  4. Thank you for you gift of love and life and babies for those who otherwise could not have this. Miracle babies. Light and hope for the future!
    YOU are doing a wonderful shrinking job!!!!! Congratulations


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