Level II Ultrasound TODAY!! (And we're half way there)!!

I am 20w1d TODAY!! We're past the official "half-way" point!! I'm so excited for T&I! I still can't really believe we've made it this far, the time is just flying on by me.

Today is our BIG Level II ultrasound at the Maternal Fetal Diagnostic Center; we're hoping to get a very nice ultrasound tech who will let me call my IM so she can listen in and hear the big gender reveal! I'm dying to know what's baking in my belly. The u/s tech at our 14 week nuchal translucency kept saying "he" and "him" but never indicated if she actually saw a REASON to say "he" and "him". I keep thinking girl and I know IM and I have both had "girl dreams"!! We'll know soon!!

I still haven't heard my lab results from last Friday - big surprise! :) Maybe today... I don't want to order more meds, but I'm out and need to if I have to stay on them... *sigh* I hate how long results take, it really slows down the process.

I'm feeling really good - feeling quite a bit of movement each day. I've gained 10lbs at this point, most of it in the last 2 months and I need to watch it. I eat a lot of fresh fruit and drink a lot of water, but I guess there's always something I can cut out or replace! It's hard being at work all day and getting hungry frequently, I end up eating a granola bar or cookies, whereas if I were home I'd have baby carrots or some pineapple. I really should just get a mini-fridge and keep that sort of stuff here to avoid these issues!

I'll be back later with our results!


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