Happy Valentine's Day - 17 weeks!

I had an OB appointment on the 12th and everything was great!! The OB picked up the munchkin's heartbeat instantly, and had to chase her all over as she kept rolling or bouncing around out of reach of the doppler - very active baby! He said, "Based on my 13 years of experience, it sounds like a girl." I thought that was funny that he was guessing based off a few seconds on the doppler!! :) We'll find out on March 8th if he, IM and I are right!

My blood pressure was "very good", but I didn't get the actual numbers, and my weight gain is fine. I was given the "but watch your carbs" speech and told to eat lots of fruit and veggies. No problem! :) I love carrots right now; I'm eating some at this moment actually! And I've been loving fruit ever since I got pregnant; especially oranges. Yumm!

They gave me my lab results from last Friday
Estradiol: over 4,000
Progesterone: 42

Cooper called me that afternoon (after the OB appointment) and still hadn't received the lab results, but told me to go ahead and start cutting back my suppositories to once daily. I am happy about that, I should be off them completely in another week or so.

I finally feel confident enough that things are going ok that I rented a Baby Beat doppler. I really want T&I to hear their baby's heartbeat and just couldn't really figure out how else to get them a recording. Plus, I am looking forward to the reassurance of being able to listen in every now and then to make sure baby munchkin is still doing well!

Movement was pretty strong yesterday, the baby is hanging out in a bad spot though; right where I've been getting tons of ligament stretching pains, and everytime she kicks or pushes against my stomach in that one spot it hurts a little - just mildly uncomfortable, but still annoying. I think my stomach muscles are just in bad shape!! :) I'm hoping to start doing prenatal yoga a couple times a week at home starting tonight; I need to!

Valentines was yesterday; though Kenneth and I exchanged gifts on Tuesday evening, and are planning to go out this Saturday for a date night - so we didn't do much on the actual day! Plus Kenneth had class last night.

So, that's it for now! My next appointment is on the 8th at the MFDC for the Level II 20 week scan; we're all very much looking forward to it!! :)


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