19 weeks today - where is the time going??!

I CANNOT believe I am 19 weeks already! My pregnancy ticker says "Half way there" today... WOW!!! It's been such a great journey and such a smooth pregnancy so far; I feel so blessed!

I took 3 days off of work, last Thursday through this Monday as my brother came from Washington to visit; we all had a GREAT time!! We were total tourists and visited the High Museum on Friday, and took my son to the Zoo and then the Aquarium over the weekend.

Here are some pictures!

And here's my 17 and 18 week belly shots:

Everything is going great - I've been feeling LOTS of kicking and movement lately; this little one is really quite the gymnast! On Sunday night I was stretched out on the couch, I like to slump and rest my hands on my stomach, and I felt a hard lump on the left, right below my belly button. I gently pressed down with my hand and sure enough, I must have been right on top of the baby because I got a HUGE flip! I felt it on the outside and inside! That was really cool! I was excited to tell my IPs about it.

I received the Baby Beat doppler I rented a week or so ago, and sent my IPs a recording the next day, I really think they enjoyed hearing it for themselves!

March 8th is our Level II ultrasound, and we're figuring out whether they will be able to be on the phone to hear the gender reveal, or if I will just have to call them right after. I am counting down the days, I'm really looking forward to the sneak peek and can't wait to send T&I another video of their baby!!


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