September 2nd U/S - CD14

Well, first let me add in my blood results from Monday's blood work at GRS.

Estradiol 239, Progesterone 0.85 and the LH was 8.8; which were good for where I was at on meds.

Today was the BIG u/s and I have an under-achieving uterus once again! I don't know whether or not there was fluid, the RE didn't say - he was pretty quick with the procedure. My lining is only to a 6.7mm and the pattern wasn't a triple yet. So, I'm sure I'll be on meds a few more days and we'll check again maybe Tuesday. I'll have to wait to hear back from Cooper. If we check on Tuesday and things look good that puts me at Saturday, Sept 9th; 1 week from today. At least things are moving along, albeit slowly, it's not the end of the line yet! :)

I'll keep you posted when I know more!


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