Gestational Surrogacy ~ Transfer Update!

Transfer was last Friday! It went awesome - super smooth, and the embryo was beautiful. I had prepared for our transfer day with lots of green and yellow items. Eating pineapple around transfer is a tradition for me, as are painting my toenails green!

I had my "Me Lucky Shirt" ready to go the morning of as well.

Our RE did the transfer, everything went super smoothly and looked great, he said a little elvish magic blessing and then the timer was set for 5 minutes and I was tilted backwards to rest until the timer went off.

 My agency coordinator, Eloise, came to join me and be there for support which was so sweet!

We are now in the "Torturous Two Week Wait" anxiously awaiting that second beautiful line on a pregnancy test. My IPs prefer to wait for the blood test results, but you can bet I have already been testing away the past couple days! Our blood test is on April 6th - just 6 more days! Fingers and toes crossed for a successful cycle and full term healthy pregnancy for my IPs!


  1. Good luck to you and the little gift from Heaven

  2. Your embryo pic is amazing! Mine was tiny and fuzzy each time.
    Wishing you all the best luck and an easy stress free 2ww :)

    1. They really did give us a GREAT picture! And is there such a thing as an easy / stress free 2ww? I am going crazy analyzing pee sticks all day. :)


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