Margherita Pizza for National Pizza Month


October is National Pizza Month - so get out there and eat some pizza!! To get you started a group of bloggers has gathered to share with you a whole slew of delicious ideas for your pizza eating needs. Colleen of The Redhead Baker invited a group of us bloggers to get together and throw a pizza party!

I happen to be a HUGE fan of Margherita pizza, but I never make it at home. It's actually been awhile since I made pizza at home at all. There are a few of those used to be staple items like burgers and pizza that just don't find there way into my kitchen often anymore. Funny how time changes things like that.

In any event, when I saw this blogging event I knew I wanted to participate, and what better way to celebrate this delicious event but with my all time favorite, go-to pie. Tomatoes, basil, and fresh mozzarella were made for each other.

Get inspired by all of these delicious recipes today:
Margherita Pizza adapted from A Beautiful Plate
Makes 1 16" pizza

Homemade Pizza Dough
2 1/2 cups unbleached all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon granulated sugar
1/2 teaspoon active dry yeast
3/4 teaspoon kosher salt
7 ounces warm water (105 degrees F – 115 degrees F)
1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

Pizza Toppings
1/2 cup of your favorite pizza sauce
3 TBS grated Parmesan cheese
7 ounces fresh mozzarella cheese, cut into 1/2-inch cubes
1 medium tomato, sliced into thin rounds (excess liquid absorbed by laying on paper towels)
5 – 6 large fresh basil leaves, plus more for garnishing

  1. In the bowl of a stand mixer, combine all the pizza dough ingredients. Use a beater blade to mix on medium until the dough begins to combine. Switch to a dough hook and set to medium speed for 3-5 minutes, until a dough ball is well formed, smooth, and elastic.
  2. Remove dough from bowl, add about a tsp of olive oil to the bottom of the bowl and place dough ball back in bowl, flipping once (so both sides are oiled). Cover with a towel and set in a warm place to rise for 2 hours. (Note this will not rise significantly as it has a low amount of yeast, it should approximately double in size after the two hour time frame). 
  3. Preheat oven to 500 degrees. 
  4. Roll dough out into a large circle and place onto a pizza stone. Let rest 5 minutes. 
  5. Spread sauce over dough, leaving about a 1/2" border around the edges for the crust. Sprinkle the sauce with the Parmesan cheese.
  6. Layer tomato slices over sauce, then distribute the mozzarella, and finally the 5-6 basil leaves (leave whole or chiffonade). 
  7. Bake in preheated oven 10-15 minutes, or until pizza dough is cooked through and cheese begins to brown (if you feel your dough is too thick for this temperature, bake at 425-450 for a longer time frame instead to allow dough to cook all the way through). Keep an eye on the pizza, baking times will vary depending on how thick your crust has been rolled, and your oven. 
  8. Sprinkle additional freshly chopped basil (chiffonade) over the baked pizza and serve hot.


  1. I love a Margherita Pizza too Rebekah, thanks for sharing.

  2. It doesn't get any better than margherita pizza. So simple, so basic, and so delicious!

  3. Love margherita pizza - my fave!

  4. Good to know that works too! I learn so much from you as well! Keep it up great post.


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