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In an effort to make all of my holiday gifts this year, we are sharing recipes for hand-crafted edibles. Over the course of twelve weeks, we'll be sharing recipes that you can make at home to give to friends and loved ones, or things to serve at holiday parties. It's hard to believe we're at week 12. We hope you'll follow along for inspiration. You can find out more information, including the schedule: here.

This week, the final week, we are wrapping it up. Literally. It's all about how to package up those hand-crafted edibles, or holiday gifts in general.

Thanks to these gals and their creative ways to wrap hand-crafted edibles...

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This isn't an edible recipe - but made with edible ingredients and I shared this in January after I'd made these and given as gifts for Christmas 2014. This is such a pretty and easy recipe to whip up and makes a terrific sugar scrub for tired, winter dry hands.

You can use this formula for any gift you want to put in a jar. Some cute chalk labels, liquid chalk pens, mason jars, and your favorite twine or ribbon is all you need for a festive gift with beautiful labels with a personal touch.

Peppermint Sugar Scrub 

2 cups sugar
1/4 cup coconut oil
Red food coloring (a few drops)
Peppermint Oil (a few drops)

  1. Get 2 medium bowls out. Place the sugar, coconut oil, a few drops of peppermint oil (stir, smell, add more until you reach the scent you're hoping for).
  2. Split the sugar mix between the two bowls. Leave one bowl white, and add a couple drops of red food coloring to the other bowl. Stir, add another drop or too (if needed) until you reach the pretty peppermint pink color you're looking for.
  3. Begin layering the sugar mixture in your jars - white, red, white, red, etc. in even layers until they are as full as you want them to be.
  4. Seal the jars, label with a cute handwritten (or printed) label, and tie with some pretty, festive string to complete!


  1. Those chalk labels are all the rage right now. Very pretty presentation Rebekah.

  2. I LOVE this, Rebekah. I once made a coffee scrub, but it stained the skin. Whoops!!

    1. I saw a recipe last year for gingerbread scrub and I really want to make that one this year!


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