Miss Lindsey is 2 months old and Kent is 15!

My kiddos are growing so fast! My beautiful baby girl is now 2 months old, holding her head up so well, and cooing and babbling all the time. She is not sleeping very well yet - ever since we had to switch her to the hypoallergenic formula which doesn't taste as good and isn't as thick as the regular formula the longest she'll sleep is about 5 hours and typically only 3-4 hours for the first stretch of the night, followed by usually 2 hour intervals. She'll be awake for anywhere from 30 - 90 minutes in between depending on how hungry she is and how awake she gets. Last night was one of those up for 90+ minutes sessions- up at 2:20 am and the last time I checked the clock it was around 4:00am when I finally got back to sleep. Sigh. Working full time with a baby on this kind of schedule does not go well together at all. I am running on fumes  by the end of the week and all I can think about is sleep. Doesn't really result in good quality time at home. I know this too shall pass, and am still just trying to enjoy each moment as it comes. I love spending time with my family - whether it's in a sleep deprived stupor or not.

Lindsey is growing well still, she is in the 86th percentile for weight and 69th percentile for height. She's in size 3-6 month - some of it is a little big on her still, but most of it fits pretty well. The 0-3 items were definitely getting too tight - most just weren't long enough anymore. She is a happy girl most of the time, really only getting fussy or crying when she's hungry. She seems to be doing well at daycare, though I miss her like crazy and hate being away from her all day.

Kent is 15 now! He had two birthday parties this month - the first one with friends, and the second one (on his actual birthday) with family. We had cupcakes from a FABULOUS bakery for both - though I couldn't really enjoy them since I can't eat dairy (I scraped the icing off of a carrot cake one and still ate the cake though!)

I just love that kid. He is such a joy to parent, and I absolute love him to bits. He is strong, so smart, independent, loving, loyal, and has a good heart. He is a self proclaimed nerd, and he loves to learn and gets aggravated with the students who don't take school very seriously. He loves to write, draw, and to build with mega blocks and legos. He still loves all things Halo and Minecraft this year. He is a hugger, and he likes to talk about everything from his teachers, to a random crazy thought he had. He really enjoys music and almost always has it on. His big gift from us this year (for birthday and Christmas) was a new computer - all his own which he is very excited about. There are some cool programs they work with at school and the old laptop he was using couldn't support them. This one should get him through high school - barring a major accident! He is enjoying JROTC and I loved getting to watch him at the Veteran's Day ceremony in his uniform looking all serious and official. Right now he has plans to join the military after college and I am so curious if that is the route he will actually end up taking! It is SUCH a pleasure to be his mom - to watch him growing and developing into such a wonderful young man!

My kiddos are growing up so fast!! Love them!


  1. What great pictures. I'm amazed you find time to blog with your busy schedule. Hope the sleeping situation improves soon.


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