Meet our two new foster girlies! :)

It is already half way through the month of October - the days are flying by! We've been "foster free" for a week or two now and have been trying to figure out if we were going to pick up another one or two from the shelter or if Irina might end up having one or two that needed a foster home already. Turns out the shelter is on quarantine for 2 weeks due to a possible parvo outbreak and Irina had 2 girls that needed a foster home as of this week - so that was the answer to that! :)

They are almost the same size, though I'm pretty sure Cindy Bear is going to grow bigger than Scottie (the terrier puppy). Cindy (the fluffly chow mix) may need surgery on her eye, so she's not quite ready to be adopted, but hopefully she will be soon. In the mean time we are enjoying the chance to love on her. I LOVE her fluffy coat - she is therapeutic to pet!! :) She's a great couch cuddler, and loves to snuggle up next to me and conk out while I dig my fingers into her fluffy fur. She's a total doll!

Scottie is a bundle of excitement! She's up and moving, then she flops down to recover. She looks like she's always got a huge grin on her face and is a happy girl who loves people!! As I type this she's conked out on the couch next to me wiggling her little paws as she dreams. What a cutie pie! :)


  1. Hoping I get to meet these two!!!

    Thanks for opening up your home and hearts for them - and the others

  2. I hope you get to meet them too!! :) Thank YOU for opening up your heart and SUV to all the puppies!! :D

  3. Both are so cute. What is wrong with her eye?


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