32w2d ~ Peri Appointment

Today was our most recent perinatologist ultrasound appointment and it went really well! The peri said the girls are just gorgeous and she said I have a "cervix of steel" - despite all the new contractions my cervix is still completely unchanged and looking nice and closed measuring 3 still. She seems very happy with how everything is going. She is also very supportive of a vaginal delivery with a breech extraction for baby B since A is head down so we talked about that for a little while which was nice. I think what it comes down to is the comfort level and experience level of the OB who ends up delivering us. I am still in that "whatever happens happens mode" but it was nice to have a care provider who's supportive of vaginal delivery (she had a vaginal twin delivery herself with a breech extraction of baby B so she's been through it as well).

The girls are estimated at 4lbs 4oz and 4lbs 8oz and moving well. They got some very cute face shots of the girls for Jenn. I am feeling relieved this afternoon - things are feeling a little less out of control to me than they were the past few days. We're past 32 weeks, and yes I'm having more contractions but they're not productive so they don't really "mean" anything at this point which is what has been worrying me. I don't really know why I just kind of feel happy today. I've felt guilty about bedrest, guilty about an impending early delivery, worried for the health of the babies, worried for all my IPs have been through already and would go through if the girls came really early but today we got to talk about delivery coming up in a positive way not in a worried way and I got to see Jenn smiling and excited about anticipating the arrival of her babies and it was just cool for me! One of the ultrasound pics you could really see adorably cute cheeks and lips on Baby B and it was fun to look at that and imagine those little cheekies in person in another month!! Our peri said she likes to see twins arrive between 35-36 weeks because they are still small enough to make delivery a little less complicated (she was saying as they get bigger they get so crowded it's harder for one to fully engage the cervix to get things going, and they can get "stuck" on each other, etc.) Obviously that's her experience and opinion and others will have different thoughts and opinion but that's what she likes to see - and that's just 3-4 weeks from now. 36 weeks has been my "minimum" goal anyway - I have no idea what will happen in the next month or more but the countdown continues to get through one week at a time, to get healthy sized babies as ready as possible for whenever they do make their appearance!

So that's the update for today! Just a couple more weeks and we should definitely have these two well over the 5lb mark which will be awesome!

I can't wait to hear what my belly is measuring at the OB's office on Monday!!


  1. Great news! And I LOVE hearing about an OB who isn't racing to the OR for every birth!

  2. Awesome update... I am so glad that you guys can begin to get more and more excited now! Wow just another month or so and you IP's will meet their sweet little girls.

  3. Congratulations on your great progress. Your IP's are undoubtedly over the moon with excitement. It takes a special person to help another family have a family!
    (Capri + 3, Multiples-mom.com)

  4. Hooray for making it over all the big hurdles. Now it's just the final straightaway to the finish line.

  5. I'm sure J&C are SOOOOO excited for the arrival of the puppies ;-)

    Paws khrossed here for more time to 'stew' in the cooking sauce!

    Keep up the GREAT work!

    Khyra and Phyll

  6. 32w and already nearing 5lbs each...Way to go! Congrats to You and your IP's, sounds like you will be seeing those pretty little faces in person in just a few wks :)


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