Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our Pregnancy: 32 Weeks!

Today was another milestone week that I am excited to check off!! I think hitting it triggered some anxiety too though - I've been so focused on just reaching 32 weeks that now that we did some of the "other" worries crept in last night and made their way into my dreams. I was worrying about my water breaking last night and woke up at 2:00am in the morning after a bad dream where my water broke. There have been several recent twin deliveries on SMO between 32-34 weeks so I think that has contributed as well - I want to get to 36 weeks and want these two to be healthy and strong and READY to face the world and feel helpless I guess to do anything more than I already am and the unknowns are just a little worrisome at times. After having a relatively "calm" day I think I'm feeling less worried by this afternoon which is good. I am just going to keep my feet up, drink my fluids, eat well and hope that is enough to bake these girls for at least another month! :)

Week Thirty Two: Reproductive development continues

You are 32 weeks pregnant. (fetal age 30 weeks)
  • The baby is 17 inches (43cm) long and weighs 4 pounds (1.8 kilograms).
  • The diameter of the head is almost 4 inches (10cm).
  • Under the skin the fat layer is getting thicker.
  • The toenails and fingernails are completely formed.
  • In boys, the testicles will be descending from the groin down into his scrotum.
During this time the baby sleeps most of the day. The uterus is getting to be a small space for the baby to move about, so you may have noticed a decrease in your baby's movements. The baby is still trying to move frequently but it just does not have enough room. The baby will turn its head from side to side and move its hands.

As space in your uterus becomes more cramped, your baby's kicks and other movements may seem less forceful. You may want to check on your baby's movements from time to time and do a
kick count.

If your baby is a boy, his
testicles are moving from their location near the kidneys through the groin on their way into the scrotum. If your baby is a girl, her clitoris is now relatively prominent.

The baby will now weigh about 4 pounds (1.8 kg). Half of your weight gain now will go directly to baby. If you are carrying
twins or more, their weight increase will be slower than singletons because of the lack of room in the uterus.

Are you waddling? This is because the ligaments in your pelvis have softened, allowing your hips to spread in preparation for birth. If you find that the increased weight of your breasts is uncomfortable when sleeping try wearing a soft but supportive bra to bed.

I am very much looking forward to Thursday's ultrasound and hearing how the girls look and making sure their fluid levels are still good and that they're continuing to grow and put on weight! They are definitely active enough that I don't worry (most of the time! :D ) but I have noticed movements are slowing down and I feel more distinctive movements like kicks and punches as opposed to just "movement" or rolling type sensations. I hope that means they're growing, growing, growing and just filling up the space they're in! :)

I think baby A must still be RIGHT on my cervix because often when I get a hard braxton hicks I feel cervical pressure as well and its a little uncomfortable sometimes. Hopefully my cervix is still behaving itself! I'm anxious to hear what measurement they get on Thursday!!

It's been feeling like maybe the braxton hicks are lasting a little longer and are a little stronger in the past week or so as they've picked up in quantity as well. Praying they're not causing cervical changes - but we'll just have to wait and see!! (Fingers and toes crossed for all to continue staying calm and as unchanged as possible!!)

Here are 32 week belly pictures!

Monday, January 30, 2012

31w6d - Bedrest Day #33!

All is going well here on the homefront! Babies seem to be growing well and are active enough to keep me reassured. Yesterday Baby B had hiccups in the morning which were adorable - I sent Jenn a text to let her know and hopefully send her a smile too. :)

My belly is definitely getting bigger. I weigh in at home at least a couple times a week to make sure there haven't been any crazy jumps that might indicate fluid retention or something weird going on, just to keep an eye on it and have noticed the last 2 times I can't look straight down and see the number anymore, I have to bend forward to see over the belly to read the number! I am very curious to hear how many weeks we're measuring at our next OB appointment (which I think is 1 week from now if I remember right). Perinatologist check up on Thursday!! Yay! Can't wait to see the girls and see how my cervix is holding up. Fingers and toes crossed bedrest continues to do the trick and keep things the way they need to be!

I have been massaging Palmer's cocoa butter on my belly every night for the past few weeks and it seems to be helping, at least I haven't seen any new stretch marks and my skin doesn't feel super tight. I have had stretching pains underneath the skin layer recently though - near my belly button and on either side of it, it gets sore and tight like there is a baby rump or back pushing out and the muscle and whatever else is between them and the outside world says "OUCH" a little!! They are definitely stretching my belly out longer than it's ever been with any of my previous pregnancies - I noticed my belly button is an oval shape instead of round shape now!! :D

I was thinking last night about how much of a bath and body product lover I've become over the past few years! I didn't ever even use lotion many years ago, and now I have to have my Bath & BodyWorks or Victoria's Secret body wash for the shower, lotion for after shower and at bedtime, antibacterial foaming handwash for the sink and my other favorite brand and bath product is Lush Bath Bombs which are a fantastic treat for a soak in the tub!!

Right now I am using:
Bath and Bodyworks Cotton Blossom Shower Gel
Bath and BodyWorks Mistletoe Kiss Foaming Antibacterial Hand Soap

Victoria's Secret Sheer Love Body Lotion

I love the body lotion the most of these ones I'm using right now - it has a great scent to it and it always feels very indulgent to rub some onto my arms and legs at night and fall asleep with my skin feeling moisturized and the subtle scent around me! Love it! :)

One other favorite beauty product I keep by my side all day every day (and in my bathroom drawer, and in my purse!) is the Burt's Bees Lip Shimmers! My favorite shade right now is the champagne because it's really light and doesn't add much color, but is a great quality lip balm with just a little bit of, well shimmer to it! :)

What's YOUR favorite bath and/or beauty product - do you have a particular brand/scent that you always use, do you like to try out different ones?

Friday, January 27, 2012

All About Me! Questionnaire

I found this on Michelle's blog here and thought it would be a fun way to spend a little time today! If you decide to post one on your blog, make sure to link me in the comments so I can read yours!! :)

Name: Rebekah Rose.
Birthday: June 12th.
Zodiac Sign: Gemini.
Where were you born: Washington state.
Where do you live now: Georgia.
How many times have you moved: I lost count a LONG time ago but I remember me and my siblings trying to add it all up once and think we were at 40 something and that was before I married my hubby and we've moved numerous times in the past 13 years together - so I'm going with somewhere around 50-60??
Hair Color: Dirty blonde/brown.
Eye Color: I have eyes that change color - usually grayish or blueish or somewhere in between.
Tattoos: I currently have two - a rose on my ankle and a faerie on my shoulder. After delivery of these two baby girls I'll be getting an angel in memory of my mother on my other shoulder (and the really cool thing is the angel will be a duplicate of one my aunt painted YEARS ago that represented my mother at the time).
Piercings: Had 2 in each each, but top holes closed so just 1 in each ear.

Color: Blue and pink
Food: Pretty much all "comfort food" items - Italian, BBQ, mashed potatoes, pizza... I kind of like FOOD!!
Candy: I love Red Vines, Starbursts, Skittles, Symphony Bars, Theo Chocolate and pretty much any caramel/chocolate combo like Riesens.
Movie: My favorites tend to be romance/romantic comedies or dramas but I definitely like a lot of movies - 10 Things I Hate About You, Pretty Woman, Book of Eli, Killers, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and I Am Legend to name a few off the top of my head!
TV Show: I've been watching LOTS of TV shows lately on Netflix and Hulu while on bedrest! Some of my current favorites are: Vampire Diaries, Grey's Anatomy, Glee, Private Practice, Kitchen Nightmares, Fringe, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Lie to Me and Ugly Betty.
Actor: Daniel Craig
Actress: Katherine Heigl
Favorite Author: Stephanie Meyer
Band or Singer: Pink
Song: Owl City - Fireflies
Holiday: Christmas
Season: spring
Day of the week: Saturday
Store: Target
Restaurant: Olive Garden
Sport: Figure Skating
Animal: Horses
Flower: Roses
*Have you ever*
Danced in the rain: Yes!
tripped and had an embarrassing fall: More than likely, though I probably have managed to block it out of my memory! I remember VIVIDLY having horrible anxiety throughout highschool that when walking on the black top or the cement paths around campus I was going to trip and fall on my face... don't know why, but there you have it!
smoked: Yes, a long long time ago. Blech.
got drunk: Yes, but I much prefer tipsy!
gone skinny dipping: No.
been in a car accident: Yes, too many times unfortunately! I've been rear-ended something like 5 or 6 times in the past 10 years?
been in love: Very much so!
met the President: No.
met a celebrity: Yes, musicians on a couple different ocassions when I was younger.
cried over a movie: Many times!
laughed so hard you cried: Yes! And the times it happens it's ALWAYS my husband's fault - he thinks it is SO funny when he gets me laughing to the point where tears are streaming and I'm begging for AIR!
cried for no reason at all: But of course!

*the last*
thing you said: Brutus!
thing you ate: Lemon Chicken with Pasta and Steamed Green Beans
song you heard: Flirting with Disaster on this blog!
movie you saw: Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 1
cd you bought: Adele 21
book you read: Cooking Light cook book
phone call: Jennifer
im: Amanda
person you yelled at: Does my dog count?

*This or that*

pepsi or coke: Diet Coke but I haven't had soda in a long time and am pretty sure I'm going to stop buying it.
mcdonalds or burger king: McDonalds
chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate
tv or movies: TV
colored pencils or markers: Colored Pencils
sun or moon: Sun
day or night: Day
pants or shorts: Pants
long sleeve or short sleeve: Short Sleeve
n'sync or backstreet boys: Well that takes me back! I'll go with N'Sync.
burgers or hot dogs: If we're talking about off the grill, I will go with a hotdog - from a restaurant or other than grill, burger.
rock or rap: Neither.
aim or phone: Aim?? Haven't used that in ages - I'll go with phone!
romantic comedy or thriller: Definitely romantic comedy.
waffles or pancakes: Pancakes
peanut butter or jelly: Peanut butter

do you believe in love at first sight: No
have you ever wished upon a star: Yes
what other language (s) do you speak: I used to speak intermediate level French, but now just remember a few words.
if you dyed your hair what color would you dye it: Red or blonde highlights.
if you could change your name what would you change it to: I wouldn't.
what's the weather like right now: Pretty mild at the moment - a little chilly but sunny.
what instruments do you play: I played flute for a long time, but haven't touched one in ages! It was on my "wish list" to get one not that long ago. I'd love to start playing again.
do you talk to yourself a lot: Not a lot.
best place you have visited: Senegal, West Africa
best day of your life: The birth of my son.
worst day of your life: Finding out my mom had died the day before she was supposed to be arriving in Georgia for a visit.
pet peeves: Animal Abuse and Child Abuse.
what are you most proud of: Working hard on our marriage and family to stay together and work through the tough times, my child, rescuing and fostering dogs, and being a surrogate!
what is your goal for this year: Keep these two girls in utero until at least 36 weeks so they arrive strong and healthy, start working out regularly after delivery, send my hubby lots of letters and care packages while he's away so he knows he's loved and missed and start school in the summer!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tomorrow is National Chocolate Cake Day!

Like we need any excuse to eat chocolate cake...

Information from Holiday Insights.

Chocolate Cake Day

When : Always January 27th

Chocolate Cake Day is a a chocolate lovers delight, and a day to eat cake. Why this a day to "bake your chocolate cake....and eat it, too!"

On this day, a white or yellow cake will not do. Nor, will part chocolate, part white suffice. It must be chocolate, all chocolate. You can make milk chocolate, dark chocolate, fudge, or any other type of chocolate cake.

The only reference to Chocolate Day on the Internet is from Ecard and calendar websites. This might lead you to conclude that this as a day for(and by) the Ecard companies. But, we know better. This day is for you, and all chocolate lovers.

There are three objectives of Chocolate Cake Day: To bake a chocolate cake. To decorate a chocolate cake. And, to eat a chocolate cake. Of course, if you are to busy to bake or decorate a cake, then just eating a chocolate cake will certainly do!

Origin of Chocolate Cake Day:
Our extensive research did not find the creator, or the origin of this day. Perhaps, it was baker. Perhaps, it was a food company. Most likely, it was a chocolate cake...eater!

Here are some YUMMIES to whet your appetite! :)

Heavenly Chocolate Cake Roll at Smitten Kitchen

German Chocolate Cake at Crumbs and Chaos

Flourless Chocolate Cake at Dinners, Dishes and Desserts

So get yourself some chocolate in cake form and indulge a little tomorrow!! :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Our Pregnancy: Week 31!

We get to check another week off on the calendar!! 31 weeks down, 7 more days until week 32 and the end of January as well! I can't believe it.... the days have been passing quickly lately. Yesterday was our OB appointment and it was just a quick in and out - vitals were all good (though I have managed to gain back all the weight I lost when I first went on bedrest!!) No protein in my urine, BP was good too. My contractions had increased the day before to about double what they had been and I was having some cervical pain/twinging so they decided to do another cervical check. Dr. Jo said I'm about 50% effaced and still just a fingertip dilated, so thankfully the additional contractions haven't caused additional dilation.

Dr. Jo sort of irked me a little bit when we started talking c-section again. She is SO pro c-section. She will only be supportive of a trial of labor if both girls are head down, but I can tell we still have the option to try one even if Baby B isn't vertex but she is definitely not supportive of it. She kept saying how risky it was to Baby B and how "Jenn woudn't want that risk to the baby" and how some even opt for a c-section even if both babies are head down... What it comes down to for me is I don't care how we end up delivering - yes I want the chance to try a vaginal delivery but if it's NOT safe for me and/or the babies of COURSE a c-section will be the natural decision but I just want our doctor to be on the same page and not try to force us into a c-section before we even know how things will look the day of delivery - whenever that may be! Jenn and I texted for awhile afterwards (she wasn't able to make it to the appointment) and she and I are very much on the same page, and she will be a great advocate for whatever is right for babies health and my health when the time comes - I have FULL confidence in that. That is what matters most - our "team" is in tact! :) We have another OB appointment in 2 weeks then go to weekly after that!! There are going to be a lot of appointments going on once we hit week 33.

Here is a link on babycenter of a twin delivery via c-section!

Here is what's going on this week!

Week Thirty One: Baby detects light

You are 31 weeks pregnant. (fetal age 29 weeks)
  • Baby weighs 3.5 pounds and measures 16.5 inches from the head to heel.
  • The eyes have now completely opened and are responding to light and darkness.
  • A loud noise near you may cause your little one to jump.
Your baby continues to grow. Baby's lungs and digestive tract are very near to being mature. Now that almost all of the major organs are functioning, growth will focus on maturing those organs and growing muscle mass and fat stores. Baby's weight gain will exceed its growth in length from now on. He or she should more than double their weight again between now and birth. It weighs about 3.5 pounds (1.6kg), and crown to rump length is 11 inches (28cm). Its total length is 16.5 inches (42cm).

A loud noise near you may cause your little one to jump. Baby may move to the rhythm of music. Studies with heart rates show that they may also prefer some types of music to others at this stage. The eyes can now completely open and the irises are now responsive to light, dilating and contracting as needed.

You will probably find that though you have been feeling pretty energetic throughout your second trimester, you are beginning to slow down now. Pay attention to your body's signals and rest when you need to.

Here are belly pics from today! At 31 weeks measuring 47 inches around the middle...! (Ignore the clashing red/pink - I am in "lounge clothing mode"!!)

Monday, January 23, 2012

My Bedrest Blueprint

So here's what is on my "Bedrest Survival Guide" list!!

Kenneth ordered a fabulous La-Z-Boy couch for us that arrived about a week and a half ago and has a chaise at the end with a recliner and that's what I spend most of the day on with it reclined back, shifting from side to side as needed. A warm, comfy, fuzzy blanket is a must.

On my right is a side table and I keep all the remotes in a holder there and after about a week realized I needed a little container to hold all my little necessities! In my container, also on the table, there is a bottle of lotion, chapstick, nail polish, a notepad, pen, my wallet, my procardia, scissors and a couple snack items (granola bar, a tangerine and some starburst)! I also keep my big 34 ounce of water cup on the table and another snack item (some Planter's cashews)! To my left I keep two pillows with my laptop on top (which keeps it at the right level for viewing when I'm browsing) - though when I'm actually typing and not just browsing I just move my laptop to my lap! :D I keep a box of tissues behind the pillows. On the arm of the chaise on the right my phone stays at the ready and I have a charger that will reach when needed! I have address labels, stamps and stationary within arms reach too so I can write my far away hubby letters and have sent a couple to family members in Washington as well.

So those are all the little every day things I keep nearby! The next thing is a "project"! Over a couple different days I worked on putting photos in my albums and labeling them, I've typed up lists of things, worked on a budget and today I remembered my recipe project I started a long time ago and hadn't had a chance to finish! I've been going through my old food magazines and cutting out the recipes I want to keep then when I'm done getting all the recipes cut out I'll put them on sheets of paper and insert them into the 3-ring binders I have. That will be a good long term project to work on over the coming days.

Netflix is high on the survival list too! I've been watching a lot of TV shows - Psych, Vampire Diaries, Ugly Betty, Drop Dead Diva, Switched at Birth, Lie to Me, Heartland and I tried out a couple others that I didn't really get into! I'm also trying out Hulu Plus this week to see if it's worth the expense - though I've discovered about 40% of the shows we have in our queue are not eligible to be streamed directly through the PS3 and would still have to be viewed through PlayOn or on the computer.

I obviously blog at least a few times a week and read quite a few other blogs, I read recipes and catch up on others in the midst of their surrogacy journeys as well! I play Words with Friends, pay bills, write letters and check on Facebook every now and then too and of course check on SMO - that seems to be enough to keep me occupied throughout the day thankfully! I have been taking a 1-2 hour nap most days lately too, it's crazy but I've been tired!

I've tried listening to audio books and have a puzzle book I can work on too but my projects, internet and TV seems to be entertaining me enough for now. Kent leaves at about 7:45am gets home just after 4:00pm so the afternoons are busy keeping up with him and making sure he gets chores and homework done! :)

So that has been my bedrest "blueprint"!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

30w5d ~ Bedrest Day #25

Today is Sunday - the days of the week completely start blurring for me lately! Tomorrow we have an early OB appointment at 8:45 - I'm going to have to play in normal rush hour traffic again! :)

Yesterday I had several more contractions than what I am saying is "normal" lately for me - I started timing in the mid afternoon and was only averaging one an hour but I definitely had more than 12 yesterday. So well below the threshold to be concerned, but I am definitely counting and paying attention!

Yesterday we had our housekeeping services again and it was nice to get some of the needed basics taken care of again, though it's hard for me to sit while someone else cleans my house and it's hard to let someone else do things "their" way and not keep thinking "that's not how I'd do it"! I'm not a perfectionist about my house by ANY means, I am a self-proclaimed "bad" housekeeper - I think things just jump out at me more because I have the time to see it all from my couch vantage point!

Today I need to get Kent to do some more laundry and wash the sheets and then hopefully I can just let him have the rest of the day to play and be a moody teenager. :) It's hard when I see things that need to be done and know I should just ask him to do it but I want to let him have his free time too and not completely burn him out or overwhelm him with all the household needs and "little things" that really add up!

I decided to try a Hulu Plus subscription out this week - we've been using PlayOn and streaming through the PS3 that way, but have had issues this week and I haven't been able to get PlayOn to run and Hulu Plus streams directly through the PS3, so I figured it was worth a shot! I'm catching up on Vampire Diaries but mainly have been watching a lot of Ugly Betty on Netflix this past week. I definitely tend to pick a series and watch it all the way through, then move on to something else. I kind of keep the TV shows on all the time, whether or not I'm paying attention to them. I have been realizing the thing I miss the most being on home bedrest is adult interraction. Since hubby is gone it's just me and Kent except for my once a week doctor appointments. The rest of the time the only person I interract with is my child and that is far from the same as having a conversation with another adult. I am thankful for SMO and Facebook, because at least I get a LITTLE bit of adult interraction through those outlets, even if it's not quite the same as in person - it's better than feeling completely isolated. :)

I think it's time for a shower and a good breakfast for me and the girls! We had Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, cheesy scrambled eggs, bacon and fresh strawberries and bananas yesterday. That was SO good and really filling. I'm thinking maybe waffles and fried eggs today - or maybe eggs and half a bagel with cream cheese and the rest of the strawberries... yumm! :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Kindness of Strangers!

People are amazing! I had posted a couple days ago on paulding.com to see if anyone else knew of any restaurants that deliver to my city besides Papa Johns, Pizza Hut and Dominoes and I did get a suggestion or two that might work but beyond that people started offering to bring me take out and then I got a couple offers to bring some homemade meals by! Oh my gosh!! It's been over 3 weeks now on bedrest and we've primarily been eating "freezer food" lately for dinner. Kent has fixed a few things from scratch but he's been more comfortable with the heat and eat dinners from Schwan's and frozen pizzas. We still had some lettuce left so we've been able to have salads a couple times for something fresh, but it's kind of felt like the same thing over and over lately. It's been hard for me because I love cooking so much and miss being able to fix good meals! For breakfast I can fix a quick couple eggs and some toast or a bagel and for lunch heat leftovers or fix a sandwich and be happy and only be up for a few minutes in the kitchen, but dinner is "the" meal of the day to enjoy something different, hearty, filling and satisfying and it's just been "fast and easy" lately.

In any event today a lovely woman offered to bring us a spaghetti dinner and brought two big tupperwares with pasta and a delicious spaghetti sauce, cheesy garlic breadsticks and homemade cheese danishes! It was so GOOD!! Kent and I were both so happy to have something homemade and filling and tasty tonight - such a nice change of pace and I am just blown away by how thoughtful a complete stranger was to us today!

So a big thank you out there to all who open their hearts and lend a helping hand to someone who needs it (and probably isn't good at asking for help)!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

30w2d ~ Perinatologist Ultrasound Appointment

Today is bedrest day #22 and our perinatologist appointment recheck! Things are going well still - the babies are absolutely adorable and are growing well. Both measured 30w1d and are estimated at 3lbs 4 oz each. The peri was very happy with how the girls looked. Their fluid levels are good and my cervix is measuring a 3 still which she was happy with. Jenn and I both noticed what looks like more deterioration at the top though, they're still happy with the total length, but it doesn't look like it's as closed as it was at the last ultrasound appointment. Dr. Mann had us get hooked up to the contraction monitor for 20 minutes to make sure the procardia is doing its job. The monitor showed everything is pretty calm and quiet so we're staying on the same care plan and rechek in 2 more weeks. I will need another refill on the procardia soon so I sent a note to the OB's office to ask them to call one in.

Here are a couple ultrasound images they got of the girls' faces! Aren't they cute!! :D It's apparentely getting crowded in there and was hard for the tech to get faces at all. We sort of begged for a 3-D image but the tech said she just couldn't get a shot... we wished she would have tried anyway! :)

So right now the goal the peri mentioned is 5 pound babies and 34 weeks - I think that's our "minimum" as well to get past; though we're all counting dow to 32 weeks first - 2 weeks at a time!! Hoping these girls stay put many more weeks! :) Our next appointment is with the OB on Monday, we'll see our regular OB Dr. Jo who we haven't seen since before all the cervix/PTL drama started so we'll see if she has anything new/different to say than the other OB and the midwife. We're not anticipating the OB will have any changes to the game plan for us, right now it just feels like an "extra" appointment to drive to every other week, but I know it's good to have both care providers looking out for us and these girls!! :)

A Thank You - The Liebster Blog Award!

Thank you to Darshan at "Journey to Surrogacy" who nominated me for a "Liebster Award"! Darshan just recently delivered a beautiful little girl via Gestational Surrogacy for her IPs and I love her honest and open blog posts!

The Liebster Blog Award is an award for bloggers with less than 200 followers who deserve more recognition.

Liebster is a German word that means ‘dearest’ or ‘beloved’, but can also mean‘favorite’. The idea of the award is to bring attention to blogs with less than 200 followers.

The Award comes with a few rules. You’re supposed to:

·         Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them

·         Reveal your top 5 picks for the award and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog

·         Post the award on your blog

·         Bask in the love from the most supportive people in the blogosphere – other bloggers

·         Hope your recipients pass the award to their 5 favorite blogs to keep the love flowing.

So my 5 picks for the Liebster Award are:
  1. Tonya at Our journey to build our family through IVF and Surrogacy: http://babydreams2011.blogspot.com/ Tonya is a WONDERFUL woman - funny, intelligent, very warm hearted and she has been openly sharing her experience as an Intended Mother in the great big world of gestational surrogacy!
  2. Sara at This Mom Has Tattoos: http://thismomhastattoos.blogspot.com/ Follow along on Sara's Gestational Surrogacy journey!
  3. Christine at Christine's Cuisine Culinary Aventures in my Kitchen: http://christines-cuisine.blogspot.com/ I love the great photos and recipes Christine shares!
  4. Joanna at Drizzle of Sunshine: http://drizzleofsunshine.blogspot.com/ I love the photos Joanna posts and her fantabulous posts all about her adventures in fitness, food, work and LIFE! :)
  5. Kelli at Special Delivery: http://3j2k.blogspot.com/ Kelli is a WONDERFUL woman who has given her all to try to help her IF's become daddies and has had some pretty big set backs and complications in the past month and a half but always seems to maintain her poise and grace as she looks forward to the future. She is an inspiration!
So I hope you might check out these fantastic bloggers if you have a chance and thank you again to Darshan for the nomination! :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Our Pregnancy: 30 Weeks!

Finally we can say we're 30 weeks!! :) So happy to pass this milestone!

Here's what's going on this week:

Week Thirty: Baby puts on pounds

You are 30 weeks pregnant. (fetal age 28 weeks)
  • Baby measurements are 16 inches and weighs about 3 pounds.
  • The head is almost 3.5 inches (8cm) in diameter.
  • The feet are nearly 2.5 inches (6cm) long.
  • The wrinkled skin is becoming smoother now.
  • In boys, the testicles have moved down to the groin.
  • The baby controls its own body temperature.
30 weeksFor several months, the umbilical cord has been the baby's lifeline to the mother. Nourishment is transferred from the mothers blood, through the placenta, and into the umbilical cord to the fetus. Their bone marrow is now responsible for red cell production. These red blood cells will continue to service your child's body by transporting oxygen and removing the wastes. Your baby begins storing iron, calcium and phosphorus.

The fetus now weighs about 3 pounds (1.4kg). He or she will gain about half a pound a week until week 38. Baby is getting fatter and beginning to control its own body temperature. Baby continues to put on fat stores and the major weight gains will occur in the coming weeks. Eyebrows and eyelashes are fully developed, and hair on the head is getting thicker. Head and body are now proportioned like a newborn.

Hands are now fully formed and fingernails are growing. Can be seen on ultrasound scans grasping their other hand or feet, this is helping with nerve development. Eyelids are opening and closing, and will often make rapid eye movements - a sign they could be dreaming.

You may be starting to experience some swelling of your ankles and legs. If you have not experienced any swelling yet, it is highly probable that you will, as approximately 40 to 75 percent of women will experience mild swelling related to pregnancy.

Your uterus is now about 4 inches (10cm) above your bellybutton. It may feel like you are running out of room as your uterus grows up under your ribs. However, your fetus, placenta and uterus will continue to get larger, you still have 10 weeks to go. The average weight gain during pregnancy is 25 to 35 pounds (11.5 to 16kg). About half of this weight is concentrated in the growth of the uterus, the placenta, the baby and in the volume of amniotic fluid. At this point, you should be gaining about a pound (500 grams) a week.

Here are belly pictures from today!

I've been watching "Heartland" the last couple days on Netflix - I love this show - love all the horses! I can't wait until we get a chance to visit Southern Cross Guest Ranch again. Kent was asking me about it the other night - he can't wait to be able to ride the horses since he couldn't last time (since I was pregnant and couldn't go with him). Right now we're just focusing on each day and each week - but every now and then I think about the fact that within 8 weeks TOPS these girls will be here and a whole new chapter in my life will begin! Getting a few more contractions tonight then normal - guess it's time to empty my bladder, drink a bunch of water and lay on my left side for a little while! (Only about 4 contractions since 4:30, but that's 4 in 2 hours and the midwife said their threshold with twins is 6 in 2 hours, so I need to keep an eye on it!)

Monday, January 16, 2012

29w6d - Bedrest Day #19

Tomorrow is the big "3-0" and I'm so excited to be at that milestone, and then will start counting down to week 32! It's already Monday, so just 3 days until we'll have our next peri appointment and get an updated game plan after we see how things look on the ultrasound. Hopefully my cervix is still holding stable and the girls are growing well! I sure FEEL like they're growing well - I feel them kicking and moving and stretching out my belly. Today I had a sore spot right near my belly button from somebody pushing against it - I am usually pretty comfortable as long as I'm reclining or laying down, but when I was up for my shower it was bothering me this morning.

I am craving homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies! I've found recipes and am going to walk Kent through making them today - it will be a whole new cooking adventure for him! He's pretty good at following recipes and cookies shouldn't be too difficult - I can kind of see what's going on in the kitchen from my couch vantage point so I'll be able to keep an eye on him... warm cookies and milk just sound soooo goooood!

I have been wanting to get together a care package for Kenneth - he's been gone 3 weeks now and I usually send something at least once a month if not every other week or so but haven't been able to get anything together yet - but I did discover a bunch of the items on my "list" that I include in care packages I could order online! So I ordered:

Reeses Big Cups
Face Wash
Cough Drops
Icy Hot Patches
Sugar in the Raw packets
Carmex Click Sticks
Wet Ones Antibacterial Singles

Kenneth is pretty particular about the health products he uses, so I like to make sure we have his preferred brands to send to him. I had already picked up some good snacks to mix and match from at Sam's before - oatmeal cream pies, Clif bars, mixed snack sized bags of chips and mixed snack sized bags of cookies, teddy grahams, etc.

So now Kent and I just need to write up a note to include along with the few other things he requested we throw in the box and then figure out how to get it to the post office! :) I had originally thought about doing a mailing from home, but then realized this has to have the customs form on it and probably has to be received and stamped directly at the post office.

Anyhow - that's been my "project" this week - having Kent help me pull together all the items needed - I still had a bunch of the special military priority shipping boxes in the basement from the last deployment!

Bed rest is still going just fine - it really surprises me when I look at the day count and realize just how long it's actually been! Time is passing quickly and I am feeling fine. Have had a few painful contractions, but they're still usually in that 6-7 per day range at the most on non-appointment days when I'm home with my feet up all day. I'm thinking I might start keeping a log for my own curiosity and to see if my "estimate" is really accurate!

Our new La-Z-Boy couch was delivered on Saturday and I have really been enjoying it - still working on figuring out how to stay in a comfortable position for long periods of time mostly reclined. It has a chaise at the end with a recliner and that's what I've been laying on with the recliner back, rotating from side to side - it's been harder on my back in this position though for some reason so it gets sore after a little while. I think I need to get some pillows until I figure out where the right position is to stay comfy for longer periods of time.

Our foster puppy is gone now too!! I will miss her - but she got picked up yesterday by Irina for her spay today (and I just got the news that all the lab puppies had clean fecals which is FANTASTIC news after everything they went through!!) and Irina is just going to keep her along with the other 2 puppies from the same litter she's been fostering. The puppies are going up on Petfinder now and she thinks they'll be ready for transport within 2 weeks because they'll get snapped up in no time!! They're such cuties and good puppies!! :)


Farewell cutie pie and best of luck to you!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

29w3d - OB Appointment and Bedrest Day #16

I have had to double check the calendar the last few days, I keep worrying I don't really know what day it is!! But today was indeed Friday, and our OB appointment was scheduled for today - our 2 week post discharge from the hospital follow up.

Kent had to run around like a chicken with his head cut off to get out the door on time today because he left dishes from last night to be done this morning (not sure if he'll ever learn on that one - not a good idea on a school night - well not a good idea in general, but especially not on a school night!!) :D Once he was out the door I showered and got dressed in "real" clothes for the first time in a week and then headed out a little after 9am for our 10:30am appointment. I really do live far away... at least traffic is much better at that time of day then my normal commuting hour! I got there about 15 minutes early and Jenn arrived a few minutes after me. Peed in a cup, got weighed, had my BP checked and answered the normal questions. Vitals all look good still, so that was a good start!

The wait was fairly long in the "2nd waiting area" before they took us back to a room. The nurse who got us settled said the midwife would most likely want to do a cervical check since it had been 2 weeks and I've had some regular contractions even on the procardia so I got to wear the lovely paper gown from the waist down. :) We waited a little while and at least while we were waiting Jenn finally got to feel Baby B moving around being her wiggly self and saw Miss A give a good kick or two. Then the midwife came in and had an ultrasound machine with her! I think we were both excited, because Jenn can actually film the ones they do at the OB's office unlike the ones at the peri's office where they don't allow it... but the dang thing wouldn't boot up!! She tried for probably almost 10 minutes, and it would NOT come on... sigh... so instead she pulled out the trusty doppler and was able to find both girls very easily. Beautiful steady hearts beating away!

She did the cervical check next and the good news is no changes - still 1cm dilated and she said it felt long - she had to really "reach" to feel baby A's head... though I couldn't figure out why she was trying! I was laying there thinking "Quit digging around in there lady! If it's good, it's good - don't mess with it!!!" She reiterated drink, drink, drink lots and lots of water and call them if I get more than 6 contractions in 2 hours.

She measured my belly and at 29 1/2 weeks it is measuring 41 weeks! Holy Moly!! We talked for a little while longer and then got our check out paperwork and headed on out. We have an appointment already scheduled for the 23rd but may move it to later in the week since that's on a Monday and we have a Thursday appointment at the peri's the week before.

So I think things went as well as can be hoped for right now - my cervix seems to be doing just fine on bedrest and meds - I think the question is whether or not it will be ok without bedrest and meds or what the on-going game plan needs to be to keep these two baking many more weeks. :) I'm sure they are going to keep a close eye on us, whatever game plan gets decided on for the long term!

My back is getting sore again so looks like its time to put the laptop away and change positions!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Our Pregnancy: 29 Weeks!

Happy 29 weeks baby girls!! :)
Here's what's going on this week.

Week Twenty Nine: Movement is more forceful

You are 29 weeks pregnant. (fetal age 27 weeks)
  • Your baby now weighs about 2 and a half pounds (1150gm)
  • and is about 15 inches (38.5cm) long from head to heel.
  • Brain is busy developing billions of neurons.
  • Baby's muscles and lungs are continuing to mature.
  • The fetus can taste and respond to pain.
  • The milk teeth have developed under the gums.
The baby's head is growing bigger to accommodate the brain, which is busy developing billions of neurons. The eyes can move in their sockets. They may be able to follow a blinking light. As well as your baby's increasing sensitivity to changes in light, they may also be able to taste. Various studies show that your baby may indicate preferences or dislike for particular tastes at this stage.

Baby is also moving from side to side, but probably still is head up. In the next few weeks, they will move to the head down birthing position. At times you may feel as if baby is performing somersaults for an olympic gold medal. Baby may be performing fewer movements because living conditions in the womb are becoming more cramped. The baby is still doing a lot of kicking and stretching. Some of your baby's kicks and punches may even take your breath away.

Baby hears things better from the vibrations all around, and can now distinguish real sounds and voices. Do not forget to continue to 'teach' your baby in the womb by exposing them to music, literature, and simply talking to them. At this stage baby eyes are almost always blue and can distinguish bright sunlight or artificial light through the uterine wall.

At week twenty nine, your baby measures about 11 inches (28 cm) from crown to rump, or a total length of about 15 inches (38cm) from head to heel, and weighs about 2.5 pounds (1150gm).

I am thrilled to check off another week and excited to be just 7 days away from that "3" in front of our gestational week!

The girls' movements have definitely been getting stronger. I feel Baby A's hard kicks up by my ribs and every now and then B gets a good kick in down low, but mostly I feel what is probably her head and upper body shifting around towards the top of my belly. I love watching them moving! It's fascinating to feel when one moves and the other seems to respond and move right after - like a kick from B followed by a kick or punch from A right after. I have noticed it especially when I lay on my side - I wonder if I just feel it more or if that position causes baby on bottom to push up on baby on top and makes them both a little wiggly! Whatever it is, it is fascinating to me!!

Been dealing with the insurance company and the short term disability company trying to get all the necessary paperwork in place for claims which is annoying but does occupy some of this couch time! :) Time for a snack and figure out what to make for lunch soon!!

Here is our 29 week belly:

Monday, January 09, 2012

28w6d - Happy Food Day! :)

Since being on bedrest my appetite hasn't been that huge and I've actually lost a couple pounds but today for whatever reason food has sounded good! I haven't felt necessarily hungry, but wanted to eat if that makes any sense at all.

I had 2 eggs and half a whole wheat bagel with cream cheese and an orange for breakfast, a Quaker Dips granola bar for a snack and just had the best lunch - a sandwich full of turkey, crisp bacon, lettuce, tomato, a sliced pickle and provolone cheese with some BBQ potato chips and a pudding cup! Mmm... my tummy is full and happy and hopefully baby girls are getting their share of all the goodies. :) Now just working on another big 34 oz cup of water and watching another episode of "One Born Every Minute" - I love baby shows, they always make me cry like a baby but I LOVE watching them!! :) I love reminiscing about my own labor and deliveries and imagining getting to be one of the nurses on a L&D floor one day! I've already seen one episode that was a surrogate delivery and right now this is either the 2nd or 3rd twin delivery. It's actually sort of made me even less worried about a c-section if that's the route we end up taking to deliver these two. I will stay hopeful for a vaginal delivery but whatever happens, happens! Right now though we're just focusing on one day and one week at a time, getting these girls big and healthy and ready to face the world! :)

My back is a little sore today from how I've been lounging I think, time to change position and try to get comfy! I am excited to check "29 weeks" off tomorrow!!! :)

Sunday, January 08, 2012

28w5d - Bedrest Day #11

Today is day 11 of bedrest and everything seems to be going well for us so far. I get about 5-6 contractions in a day that I notice and often feel some discomfort and pressure when I'm up for a bathroom break but other than that I feel fine and feel like all is well with the girls and the pregnancy. I am still dealing with a lot of head congestion that drives me crazy and has me going through what feels like half a box of tissues per day!

Yesterday was the first day of having the housekeeping service Jenn coordinated and although I felt extra lazy laying here on the couch watching my mindless TV I was also very grateful - I feel much less distracted when I look around and don't see a bunch of little things I could or should be doing because it's DONE now!

Kent helped clear up most of the little clutter before Ernestine came and now the only other thing I keep seeing from my couch vantage point is all the Christmas boxes piled up in the dining room - so that is my game plan for today - get Kent to finish packing up the Christmas items now that everything has been washed and grouped together so the rubbermaid bins can get put up and the dining room can be cleared out again!

Kent has been looking through the kid's cookbooks I ordered for him and having fun trying to figure out what to make - he fixed calzones the other night for dinner from a recipe and did a great job! Yesterday morning he made smoothies for breakfast that were great! Then last night he made spaghetti with meat sauce, peas and toast - yumm! He fixed some muffins and scrambled eggs for breakfast this morning. I've been craving muffins for days! I am definitely eating just fine even though I can't cook or bake. I miss it though, a lot...

I haven't been sleeping all that well the last three nights which is an extra big bummer after a few days of GOOD sleep. Not sure what it is again, I hit that 3:00-4:00 mark in the morning and am awake. I'll just lay there for hours most of the time, and sometimes maybe get an extra hour or so at some point but usually I just end up feeling tired the rest of the day. I did get 6 hours straight though, so maybe that's enough right now especially since I'm not expending much energy during the day! :)

So, now to play dictator from the couch again and get Christmas cleared up and put away! :)

Friday, January 06, 2012

28w3d - Peri Ultrasound Update!

Today is bedrest day #9 and things are holding stable which is good news. I had Kent help me pack a hospital "go bag" and put it in the trunk of the car before heading out for our 2:30pm appointment for the "just in case" (plus now it's packed and I can just have it ready!). I've been anxious about what the updated game plan from the doctor would be and how things would look but I think everything went as well as can be hoped for.

The tech got some great ultrasound images of the girls' faces and printed a couple cute pictures for Jenn this time - they didn't take updated measurements since they'd just done them a week ago. The girls were good and active and she saw Baby A doing some practice breathing which was great! Their fluid levels look perfect and heartbeats are beautiful around 150bpm for both girls.

The cervical measurement went pretty well, the measurement came out to about 3.1 and the tech said she didn't see any active funneling, but you can see some deterioration towards the top where it's not nice and closed like the bottom portion. The peri said this measurement was good and that the one they'd gotten last week had probably been a little distorted because of the position of Baby A's head but he felt confident that this one was accurate and seemed comfortable with how everything looked. The game plan is to not change anything until another recheck in about 1 1/2 weeks. We're still early into the pregnancy so they are wanting to be cautious as we all are too! By the time we have our next check with them we should be into our 30th week which will be a little bit of a relief, but we still have many more weeks to go until we hit a level we'll all feel fairly comfortable with I think!!

It was nice for me to have some in person time with Jenn too, sometimes it's hard to get a sense of the emotions when we text which has been the majority of our communication the past week and it just was nice to be able to talk in person. I am still dealing with some guilt about not being one of those who breezes through a twin pregnancy with no issues or bedrest, but am just going to do my best to be a good patient and follow instructions and pray it's what is needed to keep these girls where they are. I am MORE than happy to do whatever it takes, I'll stand on my head if I need to!!

After sitting in the car, then the waiting room, then the car again for the appointment and the drive to and from I was having some round ligament pain and was ready to get back to my comfy couch and get my feet up and take it easy again.

So, here I am - reporting from my couch and happy things are calm for the moment and hopeful for many more "stable" updates to come... :)

Look at those cutie pies!! :)

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Close to Home...

On SMO we have cycling groups, whatever month you have your transfer in becomes your cycling group and those who are active posters stay with their group and share pregnancy updates from the very beginning through delivery. It's one of my favorite parts of SMO - you get to really know a few others who are going through the same thing at the same time as you and it's a great support!

This morning I logged into SMO to read an update from one of the other twin carrier's in my group - she delivered last night at 29w5d. She went from a post saying she was having a lot of Braxton Hicks that escalated and included back pain at 11:40pm to saying the babies had arrived at just after 1:00am in the morning weighing in at 3 lbs 3 oz and 2 lbs 14 oz. It sounds like she is doing ok and babies are doing as well as can be for their gestational age, but MAN that hit reallllly close to home... I am sending up lots of prayers for her, those two baby girls and for her IPs. I cannot even imagine what her IPs are experiencing right now and how worried they must be! I hope the girls grow big and strong and can be on their way home soon, and I hope my friend from SMO heals soon and is also able to return home to her little ones. At the same time I find myself praying "Please God, don't let us deliver that soon, please let this bedrest do the trick, please keep these girls safe in my womb for many more weeks..." Bridget was only a week and 3 days ahead of us in her pregnancy. I want to get past 32 weeks SOOO bad and this is another reminder of just how unpredictable things can be with a multiples pregnancy and how fast things can change!

I am laying here, warm under my blanket, feeling the girls kicking and moving around and anxious for what the coming weeks will bring.

Time for a quick shower, some good high protein breakfast for the girls and finding another TV show series to watch on Netflix since I finished "Lie to Me" yesterday and got all caught up on "Biggest Loser" on Hulu. :)

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

28 Week Belly Pictures and Bedrest Update

The days are blurring! I have to stop and remember what day of the week it is - today is Wednesday, two days until our ultrasound check and an update on what the game plan is. Things are going well (as far as I can tell! :) ) on bedrest at home. Today makes the 7th day of bedrest, but that honestly sort of shocks me when I stop and realize it'll have been a full week tomorrow! I went to the OB last Thursday and was sent to the hospital, was there through Saturday afternoon and have been on home bedrest now 3 1/2 days so far... it doesn't seem like that long already!

I spent the first couple days home watching most of Season 2 and 3 of Lie to Me on Netflix and then yesterday and today I've been catching up on the last season of "Biggest Loser" on Hulu. I have to tell you, I've never been quite so thankful we invested in a "big screen" TV a few years ago as I have been these last couple days! I have a good little set up on our comfy couch, with my laptop propped on a pillow on my knees, a big fuzzy blanket, my chihuahua is pretty much always curled up next to my leg or belly and I keep my water bottle between me and the back of the couch within easy reach. I keep a few odds and ends on the coffee table within reach - a box of granola bars, my hair brush, chapstick, lotion and cocoa butter, remote controls, phone and my meds!

The procardia seems to be doing it's job too - I've only had a few irritable uterus moments or probably Braxton Hicks where I feel some tightening across my abdomen, the rest of the time everything feels pretty calm! The girls have been good and wiggly the past few days and I've enjoyed watching and feeling them moving and wondering what they're doing in there! :) I just hope and pray my cervix is behaving itself as well!

My IV site from the hospital is actually feeling puffy and sore today which is sort of weird, I don't know if I bumped it or something in my sleep, but it feels tender and a little bruised still today.

Kent has been a great helper when he's home from school and I know he's had to do a lot more than "normal" and I'm having to sort of let go of a lot more than normal which has been a challenge for me! Jenn coordinated a housekeeper to come out but she won't be able to get here until this coming Saturday and as I lay here I see dust on the tables and the floor needing vacuuming and it makes me a little crazy!! :D I was feeling a bit grumpy about it yesterday, nothing specific, just the general need to "let go" and realizing how much I'm used to be able to just "do" something when I see it needing to be done - wiping off the counters in the kitchen, tidying up the clutter, putting away the Christmas boxes and I just have to let it be for now. And it's ok! My priority is of COURSE these girls and being the best patient I can be - following the doctor's orders as best as I can and making sure to keep these girls baking for many, many more weeks but these are just some of the things I haven't really had to think about before now!

On Sunday Kent took down the whole Christmas tree and decorations by himself, I helped from the couch - he brought ornaments to me and I pulled hooks off and wrapped the ornaments and then he took apart the whole tree and put all the boxes in the dining room for whenever I'm either able to help put them back in the attic or if we need to have someone else come help depending on how things go we can do that later! :) He moved the furniture back around all by himself too and I am so proud of him! Last night I walked him through cooking rice from the couch and he did that all by himself and did a great job. :) I ordered a couple "kid's cooking books" on half.com this past weekend which will hopefully be here soon. I told him about it last night and he looked excited! I think he likes having that freedom and responsibility and having a cookbook geared for him will provide easy to follow recipes and will give him good step by step instructions and we can read through them together. I hope they get here soon! :)

So here are a couple pics I snapped before going to bed last night - 28 weeks and counting down to 30! :)

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Our Pregnancy: 28 Weeks!

One more week down, and after all that happened within this past week I am just thankful to be able to check one more off on the calendar and very much looking forward to checking off MANY more in the coming months. I just want to get through the next month at least and see how things are looking then. It is crazy how unpredictable a twin pregnancy can be - I feel in my gut that things are going to be ok and that we have many more weeks of baby baking ahead of us, but I know how unsettling and stressful this has been for everyone too! I hope as the days pass uneventfully we'll all be able to feel a little more reassured that things are going to be ok in time...

Here is what's going on this week!
Week Twenty Eight: May recognize your voice
You are 28 weeks pregnant. (fetal age 26 weeks)
  • The fetus has its own regular intervals for sleeping and being awake.
  • 2.2 pounds weight and is 14.8 inches in length from head to heel.
  • The feet are just over 2 inches (5.5cm) long.
  • The hair on the head is now clearly visible.
  • The milk teeth have developed under the gums.
  • The eyes are starting to move in their sockets.
28 weeksBrain waves show rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, which means your baby may be dreaming. Eyelids are opening. Eye color may change within the first six months of life especially if your baby's eyes are blue or gray-blue at birth. Remember to talk to your baby often; reading stories, singing songs has been seen to slow the baby's heart rate. He or she can recognize your voice now and will often calm to it later after birth.

Your uterus will be about 3 inches (7cm) above your bellybutton. During this time of your pregnancy, your belly will grow about half an inch (1cm) each week. If you have been following a nutritious, balanced meal plan, your total weight gain is probably between 17 and 24 pounds (7.5 and 10.5 Kg).

Branches of lungs are quite developed now, so there is a good chance that baby would survive if born prematurely now. If your baby is born this week, the chances of survival is now at least 90 percent. However, some complications are still possible.

I sort of feel like with all this time laying down the girls have moved up a little - my upper belly feels fuller than it did a couple days ago! I've been feeling them moving a lot, kicks, little punches and some wiggling too. :) I am ready to hear how things are looking at our next ultrasound and get an idea of what the RE and my IPs are thinking is the best game plan going forward for the next week!

Here's a pic from this evening, laptop on my knees and Brutus cuddled up against my belly keeping me company... :) I was trying to get some video of the babies kicking but got a cute picture instead. :)

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Home Again, Home Again!

My goodness the past couple days have been CRAZY! They passed so quickly too - only 2 full days really from when I went to the hospital until I was sent home. It sort of seemed in some ways a lot longer than that because of all the worry and trying to figure out logistics but it did go quickly too. They took good care of me and the girls while we were there and I'm incredibly thankful and grateful that things were stable enough for me to be able to rest at home until the doctor's say otherwise.

I was discharged around 3pm yesterday afternoon and told since I wasn't contracting and my cervical length was good I could drive home and I have permission to drive to and from my peri appointment next week but I am on modified bedrest at home now. I am allowed to get up for bathroom breaks, a quick shower (but I can sit in the shower too which is nice) and to fix something quick to eat. As long as Kent is home during the day he's able to help out with pretty much anything I need so I have been able to stay off my feet almost completely since I got home. I am staying on the procardia every 8 hours and using my home BP cuff to make sure my bottom number isn't too low before taking each dose.

This morning Kent fixed some Pillsbury cinnamon rolls and some scrambled eggs for me and did a great job! I told him he'll be running the whole house hold before much longer. :) I've been watching "Lie to Me" on Netflix while resting on the couch and took a nap a little earlier. I can't believe how much I've slept since last night! I went to bed around 9:30pm last night and didn't get up until around 8:30 and then napped for almost 2 hours this afternoon!! I've felt so tired since I got home, I think I'm finally able to just relax and catch up on my rest now that I'm home.

The girls have been so wiggly too since last night! I am feeling them a lot! Kicking and wiggling around. I wonder what position they'll be in by the time of the next ultrasound!

Speaking of - here are pics of Baby A and Baby B's faces from the ultrasound they did at the OB's office at 27w2d on Thursday before they sent me to the hospital.

They are too adorable for words!! :)