Kennesaw Mountain!

On Saturday I took Kent for an outing to Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park - it was an absolutely GORGEOUS day to get out for a walk! We packed a little picnic lunch of tuna sandwiches, baby carrots, grapes, granola bars and water and headed out. We had to park in the overflow parking lot (not surprising, the main parking lot is pretty tiny and it was so pretty out!) and walk over to the picnic area at the park. We had to fight with a few bugs while we were eating - doesn't help that my tolerance/fear level for bees is probably higher than most (bad flash backs to getting stung on my tongue when I was little... yes, on my tongue - the dadgum thing landed on the end of my hot dog right before I bit into it and I didn't see it there!!). After fending off bees and enjoying our food Kent hauled the cooler and we went for a little walk. We found a trail opening right near the picnic area and decided to take that trail - we had NO idea how long it might be or where it would come out but who cared? It was nice out, and we had all afternoon and were feeling adventurous!

The walk was perfect. It ended up being a fairly short loop right back around to the picnic table area and took us about 40 minutes to walk at a moderate pace. It was blissfully quiet in the woods - ocassional animal noises and sounds but other than that just quiet. Just the sun filtering through the green leaves of the trees above our heads, the fresh air moving around us and peace. It was heavenly. Kent and I talked some, but a lot of the time we just enjoyed being out in the sunshine and fresh air surrounded by nature.

When we started getting closer to the exit point of the trail we could see a few buildings through the trees and started hearing road noise again and Kent decided he wanted to go back into the woods where it was quiet and peaceful and proceeded to explain to me how he was going to move out there - as long as he had electricity and internet he'd be fine!! Oi!!

I am thankful to have such beautiful places to visit and explore so close to home and can't wait to go again and find another trail to try out! There are many to choose from and next time we'll probably take a dog or two as well and let them enjoy all the new things to see and smell too.

I'm trying to help find active things we can all do together as a family that Kent will enjoy as well - I know I sure preferred hiking a trail to my evening treadmill walk/jog and so did Kent so that was a good start. He really likes taking his bike to the Silver Comet Trail as well, and we're lucky to have that so close by too!

I want to get out to the Chattahoochee Park Kenneth took me and Kent to ages ago but am not sure which entrance he took us too, so maybe when he's home for his visit I'll convince him to take me for the day. :)


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