Romance from Afghanistan

I just wanted to take a moment to love on my faraway Valentine who is wonderful and romantic despite the distance and spoiled me thoroughly for Valentine's Day this year. He is a very generous gift giver, and always makes me feel special and spoiled and I love him all the more for it - I love getting and giving gifts! :)

I happened to come home on Valentine's Day from the hospital, so wasn't home when my gift was delivered but my neighbor was able to grab it and save it for me. She sent me a text and let me know it was there. I couldn't wait to see what he'd picked! I knew it was going to be something from Edible Arrangements - when he asked what I wanted that's what I suggested and when I was checking the credit card statement online I saw it on there a couple days ago. :D

Once I was home and settled I let my neighbor know and she caught Kent on his way up from the school bus and had him bring it home for me. It was the sweetest gift! A SUPER soft and snuggly teddy bear, 3 gorgeous balloons and 1 dozen VERY decadent and delicious chocolate dipped strawberries. I ate three of them right off the bat then had Kent put them away in the fridge! I have one left for tonight. :D

I had to get Kenneth's gifts early this year so I could mail it at least two weeks before Valentines and had put a little stuffed animal, Valentines boxers, lots of candy (especially Reeses!) and a few other little things in his gift box which he just got, so just a couple days after the actual day which isn't too bad. It's been taking about exactly 2 weeks for each box.

I am really missing him today - especially with all the post partum hormones I miss having him here to lean on and snuggle with and talk to. Some days are just harder than others! I can't wait 'til we have an actual date for his May visit - I will be counting down and can't wait to have him home for a couple weeks! :)


  1. Sorry it was hard to be apart from Kenneth but I'm glad you got to give and get such nice gifts so you know you're thinking about each other.


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