Quick Update

Just a quick note - I'm happy to report that I called for my PAP results and everything is normal!! I'm officially healthy and ready to cycle for an ED or our next GS attempt. :)

I talked to my IM on Friday night, she sounded so tired, but good! They are having Miss Fiona's christening soon and Tom's mother is coming and it will be a very special event for them all! They sent some more pictures - and OH MY GOSH is she getting SO super chubby! She's adorable!! I showed Kent the pictures and he was so sweet, he said he would really like it if we get to see her again some day... awww. :) I know I'll get to see her when I go up for transfer, and maybe someday we'll make a family trek up there to visit!

I'm looking forward to talking with my IPs more about their hopeful timeline, I'm kind of hoping we end up more in the March/April range - I think we all need a little more time. I want to make sure they are fully settled and rested up and ready to start on a new journey! I don't want to rush anything just for the sake of doing it! It is fun to think about the future and all the planning and events to come, but I'm not quite ready to jump all the way back into it just yet! ;-) Still looking for EDIPs first! :)


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