All Cleared by the OB!

I had my 6 week post partum check up on Friday and he said everything looks great!! I just have to wait a couple weeks to get my PAP results back.

I asked if he had any problems with me getting pregnant again, and he said no reason I couldn't be a surrogate again; they just like to see 18 months between deliveries which would mean cycling 8-9 months post delivery (February/March 2008). We are considering cycling a little earlier (maybe January), but I really want to do an ED first, so as long as I can donate no later than December (though I'm hoping for November) we can still cycle within that 9 month time frame!

I am signed up with a couple different agencies, but no news yet - its only been a couple weeks though!

Today is Labor Day and we have lunch with Kenneth's family. He's still in California - but he'll be home in about 2.5 more weeks!! Yay!! Kent and I are off to Washington for a very brief visit with my family over the weekend - we leave Thursday night. I think we'll start packing today, I know Tuesday through Thursday is going to fly by with work!

Miss Fiona is doing great, I talked to my IPs a few days ago and got some more adorable pictures of her. She's getting big! I guess that's my little update for now!


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