Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mobile was GREAT!

I had the BEST getaway weekend ever... well, the best one in a long time anyway. :) I had a pretty good drive down, hit a little bit of rain right around Montgomery but nothing that lasted long. The dogs weren't thrilled with the car ride but they were pretty well behaved most of the time. Our newest addition, L.B. is the most "damaged" of our dogs, I guess is the best way to put it. He's been through some horrific traumas in his short life before we met him and I knew bringing him into the house never to expect too much of him, the goal is to just try to give him a happy life without asking for much in return. He is a very nervous dog and everytime I cracked the windows for some fresh air the noise and wind seemed to terrify him poor guy! I really wanted to ride with the windows down and feel the sun and wind, but I didn't want to traumatize poor L.B. further!

I stopped once for breakfast and once for the dogs to have a potty break and stretch their legs, and we arrived around 12:30pm Central Time. Kenneth was still working, so it gave me time get checked in and get the whole car unloaded, food put away, crates and beds set up and dogs settled which was nice. I walked the puppies around a little before heading over to pick Kenneth up around 2:00. It hasn't been TOO long since I saw him last, but it feels like it has been a long time with all the back and forth and only short visits we've gotten. It was so good to see him with my eyes and hug him with my arms. We spent the afternoon back at the hotel and he took me to Wintzells, a local oyster house for dinner which was very good! I ate WAY too much and was so full!

We took it easy the next morning, grabbed a small breakfast from the "continental buffet" offered by the hotel, walked the dogs some and enjoyed each others company. Kenneth wanted a Chick Fil A biscuit so we headed out around 10:00 to the mall that was nearby, we ended up grabbing a chicken biscuit and I got my favorite diet Lemonade from Chick Fil A, a cinnamon roll from Cinnabon which was right next to Chick Fil A, and coffee from Starbucks which was right across from Chick Fil A! Breakfast perfection!! :) We spent most of the day back at the hotel, running out once more to stop by Kenneth's hotel (where the Marines were staying) and doing a little shopping, and spent a little time in the pool and then walked across the parking lot to O'Charley's that evening for dinner. There were 3 restaurants VERY close to our hotel which was nice and convenient!

After dinner we went back to the hotel and watched some TV and hung out, I got a craving for pie so I walked across the street to Waffle House and brought back pecan for Kenneth and chocolate cream for me... not exactly the most healthy way to end an evening but it was good stuff! :) They even heated the pecan pie on the grill with butter and steam, so of course I had to taste to see how that came out - yum! :)

Sunday came too quickly, and I pretty much had to cattle prod Kenneth to get up and moving, but eventually we got the dogs walked, breakfast eaten, the room packed up and the car loaded. We left the hotel at 12:00 and stopped at Panera for lunch before I took Kenneth over to his hotel to say goodbye. Goodbyes stink, but I was very grateful for the time we had together so I tried not to pout too much!

I hit the road around 1:00 and got to Honey's house around 7:45. On the way back, I ran into another Marine wife at the rest stop we pulled in at so the dogs could have a potty break - she'd just come from Mobile too, visiting her husband!

I was so tired when we finally pulled into the house and depressed when I saw the long grass and was once again reminded of how overdue I am for mowing the yard... guess I know what half of my weekend will be spent doing! We unloaded the car, and Kent was really tired too so he went to bed after helping get everything into the living room. I put most of it away pretty quickly since I really hadn't taken much, the dog beds and crates were most of it and those don't take long to set back up. I was happy to be home, but sad I would be sleeping alone again that night. I talked to Kenneth briefly before I went to bed, they were heading out the next day.

I got to "see" him via webcam for a little chat on Monday when they were on their layover on their way to CA! That was nice, since it will probably be the last time for a long time we get to use the webcam since they don't have wifi where they are now. I talked with him for a little last night before bed, they had a LONG night with very little sleep and a full day so I'm sure he was beat!

I finished up one of the Sookie Stackhouse books last night (its due back today at the library) and I am planning to start reading "The Host" tonight, I'm thinking a nice warm bath, some tea, and a book sound like a great way to spend my evening... though I have several Netflix movies ready to be watched and returned too... ever since I started visiting the library more often I haven't spent much time in front of the TV, I'm thinking about canceling Netflix since I am not using it much right now but I'm not sure yet... thinking about it...! :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Strike That, Reverse It

Well, I take back at least part of my last post! RBA called my IM to go over the calendar dates with her, and it turns out the ER would happen right in the middle of their vacation... so instead I started BCPs last night and will take the full 3 weeks of active pills, and call again with my next period and we'll go from there. I am mildly disappointed, but not too bummed - it will happen when its supposed to and I'm enjoying life as it comes. I think my IM was a little frustrated because if I hadn't started provera its possible it would have taken another week or so for my period and the timing would have worked for her, and we would have been a couple weeks ahead of our now current calendar. It's all good though! :)

Kenneth and I were chatting last night and out of the blue he said I should come to Mobile for the weekend; they're leaving for CA on Sunday and will be gone at least 7 weeks and while they're in CA he probably won't get to talk with me very much since he doesn't think they'll have internet so snap decision, I'm going to Mobile for the weekend! It is HARD to pull off quick decisions like that with Kent and the dogs, but I found a pet friendly hotel and will take at least the 2 small dogs, I'm thinking maybe Max too; Honey (thank GOD for Honey!) said she can watch Kent and they will come check on and feed the dogs for Friday evening and Saturday and I'll be back Sunday afternoon. It's about a 5-5.5 hour drive. Since its going to be just me and Kenneth and I'm only taking small dogs I will be able to take the Vette, so that will be a nice drive! I haven't checked the weather yet, though - hopefully it will be ok and we'll be able to use the pool that's available at the hotel! I'm so excited to have 2 whole days to BE with Kenneth, no errands to run, no tasks to accomplish, no house to keep up after, just me and him (and a couple small furbabies)... :) Yay! I will have to spend some time cleaning and packing tonight, I'll be leaving the house probably around 8:00 tomorrow if I can get it all together by then, I am pretty sure I can since Kent gets on the bus at 7:00 and I don't have to pack up the big dogs this time.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

September 4th here we come

I get to start sticking myself with needles on September 4th!! WOO HOO! :D It feels a little surreal, and very exciting to have a date in mind to count down towards our first (and hopefully only!!) cycle! I'm nervous and thrilled to be so close to getting pregnant for L&N and am thinking lots and lots of positive thoughts for this cycle.

I talked to the nurse yesterday and they want me to come in for a nurse consult for injectables and calendar instructions/review on the 27th, so that will be next week and then the week after that meds begin... it'll be here very soon!

Kenneth and I have discovered webcams! We had one a long time ago, and after several moves who knows where it ended up, but he told me I should pick one up (his laptop has one built in), so I did and we've spent a couple hours over the last two nights just chatting and "seeing" each other... it has been so great! We're trying to get it in while we can, because in less than a week they head out to CA and will be in an area he probably can't get internet, so I won't be hearing from him as much then. I'm enjoying it while I can... I love seeing his smile. :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Count Down to Lupron!

My period showed up Friday evening, I talked to Lauren and a nurse at RBA today and most likely I won't have to do anything until CD21 when its time to start lupron. The nurse wasn't sure where Lauren was at in her cycle and whether or not Dr. Kort would want to delay my cycle by putting me on BCPs for awhile; by Monday we should know what their plan is for us. I'm excited to get a calendar soon!! Should be September 5th when lupron starts, as long as they use today as CD1 and don't post pone things - we'll see! :)

I haven't been feeling too great the last few days, not hungry, nauseated, sore throat, tired off and one... I took Kent to GI Joe today and had popcorn and a diet coke during the movie and then a few bites of Kent's dinner while I was getting it ready, but that's pretty much all I've eaten today and even with what I did eat I had no appetite for them... I'm sipping tea and will push the water later to at least keep myself hydrated until whatevers going on fixes itself.

I need to get a good night of sleep, I couldn't sleep last night and stayed up way too late... maybe a nice warm bath and some reading before bed. I just started the 2nd Sookie Stackhouse book, I liked the first one; I'll probably finish it by tomorrow. I've been reading SO much more lately, its nice! I've missed it, and I've discovered my library systems online hold system, I'm able to borrow from a lot of other local libraries too, music, books, books on CD... its great! :)

Ok, time to shut this down and get under a warm fuzzy blanket! :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Crazy Weekend! :)

What an amazing weekend! :) This was Robin's (a friend of mine I met through SMO back when I was brand new to surrogacy) wedding weekend. She asked Kent to be one of her ring bearers, and the rehearsal was Friday evening so I worked until about 2:00 then picked Kent up at daycare and we rushed to pack the car up with all of our stuff (I'd done most of the "human" packing the night before while he stayed over at Honey's house, but the packing for the dogs was the most time consuming part of loading the car and trying to get ready to go)! I've never taken my dogs to a hotel before, so I was a little nervous about getting 3 kennels and all their beds, toys, food, bowls, etc. into the car along with me, Kent, our bags and all of them! Amazingly it fit, it was a tight fit, but it all fit. Big dogs rode in the back of the car, and the 2 little ones rode up front and the largest kennel which wouldn't fit in the trunk worked as sort of a screen, resting in the leg space of the back seat - it was nice that the big dogs couldn't just stick their heads between the seats and slobber on me while I was driving! :)

In any event, traffic was rotten on the way up (rush hour on Friday, I knew it would be), even so - it was even worse than I'd expected and it took us about 20-30 minutes more than I'd hoped to leave the house so we were behind schedule. Eventually though, we made it to Candlewood Suits which has only been open for less than a month and still smells new - the rooms were awesome and the staff was really nice! I found out upon check in I was only supposed to have a max of 2 animals in the room - but I told the lady when I made the reservation that I had more than that and she'd never said anything so although it appeared to make him a little nervous, he let me check in without any further words about how many furry critters I'd brought! I promised him they were very well behaved... (and crossed my fingers they didn't make a liar of me)!

We got their kennels set up, took them all for a walk and then got them settled in the room and off we went to the rehearsal dinner. I got a little lost, but called Robin and she got me on the right road. It was actually really easy to find my way around, only a couple major roads I had to get familiar with.

We spent from about 7:00 through about 10:00 that evening (if I remember right) there at the church, doing rehearsal and some set up and then eating dinner with everyone. We went back and had a quiet evening with the puppies and watched some TV and crashed.

The next morning we slept in some, I took lots more walks with the dogs, worked out a little, had some cereal and then around 11:00 Kent and I ran out and got his tux fitted and paid for the rental and then we stopped at Old Navy for black socks (oops, knew I'd forget something), and then Olive Garden for lunch. It was kind of fun to go to a sit down restaurant with Kent, just the two of us. We had a very nice time, and the food and service was very good. I love Olive Garden salad, so I had soup and salad and it was very yummy!

We spent the rest of the afternoon back at the hotel, walked the dogs more, watched some TV and around 5:00 we headed to the church for pictures and prep. Kent was in a couple pictures and I took a ton with my camera, and right at 7:00 the service started. It was lovely, very elegant and Robin was of course just beautiful. :) Kent was so handsome in his tux and hopefully I got at least a few good shots of him! :) He was so ready to change right after, he'd gotten undressed and in his regular clothes when someone said they needed him for a few more pics so we had to rush him back into his clothes for a few more pictures with Robin and her other ringbearer, her first surrobaby Charlie! It was really cool to meet the families Robin has carried for, and see the children she helped bring to their parent's arms. That was really touching and special for me (both of her former IMs were bridesmaids as well).

We headed over to the reception around 8:00 after getting Kent changed again and enjoyed a lovely dinner (the grits bar was AWESOME) and I got to chat for awhile with their photographer and good friend during the meal. Kent found some friends to play with and then after the bouquet and garter toss there was dancing. Around 11:00 Kent was pretty much done and had no one else to play with and I didn't really know anyone there so I was ok with leaving, and I was pretty tired too so we headed on back to the hotel. One more walk for the dogs and we all crashed.

Sunday morning was relaxing to sleep in and take it easy a little. After a nice hot shower and change into clean clothes I went ahead and started packing everything back up, that took a good hour to get everything back into the car - the dogs had way more stuff then me and Kent!! :) We took them all for one last walk and got them all loaded up and we headed out around 10:45 to head back home. We stopped once on the way back for some Starbucks and to share a cookie (love Starbucks cookies) and got home around 1:00. We unpacked pretty quickly and I think the puppies were happy to be in their own backyard and then living room, though they all did REALLY well at the hotel, I was very proud of my puppies! :)

I spent about 45 minutes outside enjoying the sunshine getting a tan and reading Eclipse (for the 3rd time); its been a couple weeks since I spent any time tanning and I was starting to feel deprived - I've spent at least some time tanning almost every weekend this summer and am enjoying having some color on my skin this year! We will be spending next weekend with Vicki & Johnny at Lake Lanier so I'm sure I'll get a little more sun then too!

This is Kent's last week before school starts, and they have lots of field trips planned. His open house is this Thursday, so I get to meet his teacher and make sure we have everything he'll need for his first day. Robin's present to him was a very cool sling back pack which he was excited about - so he's already got his nice new backpack - now we just have to load it up!

I haven't talked to Kenneth much at all since he left last week and am starting to feel deprived... I miss him! Ok, enough of my ramblings, that's my catch up! :)

I started Provera last Friday and should hopefully get my period by early next week and then it will be a count down to CD21 and the start of lupron! L and I are both so excited to move on to meds!! Fingers crossed for smooth cycling and a late September transfer! :)

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Out of it today

I am really out of it today... I fell asleep fast last night (I woke up with my glasses still on, I must have knocked out the minute I laid my head down to watch a little of the movie I put on). I woke up tired, wanting more rest and I don't know what it is, but I just feel out of it - not all here really, distracted, maybe. I'm not sure why - nothing coming up or going on that I have to be distracted about.

Yesterday was really busy, and today I have a few tasks to work on but not as busy so maybe I have time to let my mind wander which is the problem... I am trying not to beat myself up too much too, because I gained back some of what I lost while Kenneth was home. I know I deserved to, but I still feel crappy about it after how hard I've been working to take the weight off. So, I'm probably feeling a little depressed about that too. I am not too worried about it though, I'm back on the "wagon" and it will come back off. My work out last night was intense and probably another contributing factor to me feeling so tired - it kicked my rear end. It was nice to work out soon after dinner and not stay up so late because of the work out (which is what I was doing before - starting the exercises at about 8:30-9:00), plus I didn't give myself time to think too much about it and talk myself out of it.

I am hungry, and have been a lot the last few days - eating more than normal while Kenneth was here has my body all confused... so I am trying to drink lots and lots of water and stretch out the snacks I normally have in the mornings and afternoons to get through.

I ordered a couple CDs this morning, I've really been enjoying having my itunes at work with all my favorite songs loaded onto it and there are a few more CDs I'd been thinking about getting to add to the collection. I started working on a "work out mix" last night on our itunes at home, one with lots of fast loud music to keep me going during the routines. I need to load that mix onto my ipod too, so when I get out for walk/jogs I can have easy access to the faster songs on the go.

I can't believe summer is winding down. Kent is realizing it too - only 2 more weekends before school starts - ack!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Contracts Signed

We're official! :) Contracts were signed on Thursday now we just wait for my period to show up (and my cycle is NOT being cooperative this month, I still haven't ovulated) and then I'll start lupron on the 21st day of my cycle and we'll go from there!

Kenneth got home late last Tuesday night and I took off Wednesday through Friday to be home with him, we got a few "need to do" things done (got my car taken to the shop and Kenneth got the brakes changed out) and hung out a lot, enjoyed some quiet time, and ran a few "for fun" errands. We watched a few of the shows stored in the DVR I saved for him, and stayed up WAY too late most nights. We ate out a couple times, and I made myself sick two of those times - I am just not used to eating out anymore, I'm used to fixing my own meals and eating pretty simply for the most part.

I baked up 4 loaves of banana bread and we kept one and I sent the rest with Kenneth to share with the Marines on their way back to Alabama. I miss him already... good byes are hard, but this one wasn't as bad as the last one since it was much more low-key, not a big official goodbye like last time. He should be home again in 2 months for a couple weeks and then he heads out again.

I can't believe the week is over and its back to work tomorrow... sigh!

I am planning to start P90X lean program tomorrow, I am so tired of not seeing the number on the scale change even though I've been getting lots of positive feedback from friends and family, I am ready to see some changes that are more noticeable then just my clothes fitting a little bit better.

So, for now, just going to finish enjoying a quiet afternoon...