Count Down to Lupron!

My period showed up Friday evening, I talked to Lauren and a nurse at RBA today and most likely I won't have to do anything until CD21 when its time to start lupron. The nurse wasn't sure where Lauren was at in her cycle and whether or not Dr. Kort would want to delay my cycle by putting me on BCPs for awhile; by Monday we should know what their plan is for us. I'm excited to get a calendar soon!! Should be September 5th when lupron starts, as long as they use today as CD1 and don't post pone things - we'll see! :)

I haven't been feeling too great the last few days, not hungry, nauseated, sore throat, tired off and one... I took Kent to GI Joe today and had popcorn and a diet coke during the movie and then a few bites of Kent's dinner while I was getting it ready, but that's pretty much all I've eaten today and even with what I did eat I had no appetite for them... I'm sipping tea and will push the water later to at least keep myself hydrated until whatevers going on fixes itself.

I need to get a good night of sleep, I couldn't sleep last night and stayed up way too late... maybe a nice warm bath and some reading before bed. I just started the 2nd Sookie Stackhouse book, I liked the first one; I'll probably finish it by tomorrow. I've been reading SO much more lately, its nice! I've missed it, and I've discovered my library systems online hold system, I'm able to borrow from a lot of other local libraries too, music, books, books on CD... its great! :)

Ok, time to shut this down and get under a warm fuzzy blanket! :)


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