Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cautiously optimistic!!

Well, maybe not so cautiously, but I’m trying to stay cautious and hold off on being too excited yet!! Today we had a GOOD appointment!! Dr. Kaplan was happy with how things look – a 6mm lining, and a grade B+ on CD9. I start follistem tomorrow and take 3 doses with another check on Saturday. She’d like to get one of my follicles to a 13 and then trigger me and transfer shortly after (if my lining continues to cooperate), so we’re talking a little over a week from now if my mental calculations are correct…

I am so happy to be with this clinic , it feels SO different to have your monitoring done by the doctor who’s doing the decision making, and the nurses are great… I just all around feel so much more relaxed about this cycle and the people we’re working with.

I turned in my consent forms today, so I think they finally have everything they need from me – there are still a couple things I think they need from T&I, but they’re working on those. All in all this was a good appointment, and I feel great today! Really hopeful for the next appointment… crossing my fingers that Saturday we get the “ok” and can move forward.

Also, my acupuncture yesterday was fantastic. I really enjoyed the appointment and will be making another one for either this Friday or next Monday.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Back in the saddle

I am now on CD8; I went in on CD3 for a baseline ultrasound (very thin lining at a 1.9mm) and took my first dose of delestrogen that evening (.1ml) my second dose (also .1ml) was Saturday. I have an acupuncture appointment this afternoon and my first lining check (for progress) Tuesday AM.

I woke up early this morning and sat and meditated with my hands on my lower abdomen (my acupuncturist had me do that with Fiona’s transfer cycle, and I figured it’s time to add that back in) thinking welcoming, positive, peaceful, thickening lining thoughts. I am really hopeful for this cycle and excited to see what November brings!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Game Plan

After my less than thrilling ultrasound on Monday (my lining was only a 4mm), the IVF nurse called yesterday and we did the "run-down" on what's next.

Dr. Kaplan was NOT happy with my lining (obviously), my lab draw confirmed ovulation on Sunday (my progesterone is rising). It's so thin she doesn't want to do the EFT this month. Instead, she wants to move forward and do a modified natural cycle with suppression (lupron) and some delestrogen and possibly something else, I didn't catch all the meds she was throwing at me as possibilities since I'd never heard of them before. I start 10 units of lupron on Friday, when I get my period I’ll go in for a baseline and get a calendar at that point. If my lining is good enough after being on estrogen for about 2 weeks, we'll transfer, if not we'll do the EFT early November.

Since they want me on B-12 and iron, they ordered me these cool iron/prenatal combo pills (yeah, 1 less pill to take - I've been taking 5 every night!!) and I pick up 3 intramuscular B-12 injections to be done once a month for 3 months.

I had my STD blood work drawn yesterday (they need it within 6 months of transfer, and mine were all drawn last December I think), and Kenneth should be getting his drawn today.

They're waiving the need for all of us to come in to the clinic to meet for a counseling appointment, and the MMPI for me, but need a copy of my consultation from last time. I'm hoping my agency coordinator will send that to them for me, I e-mailed her today.

Gail (my IVF nurse) also made me an appointment at GRS to have my Gonorrhea and Chlamydia swabs done, along with an updated PAP and my mock transfer on October 13th. (I love this nurse; she's AWESOME, very thorough, and spent a lot of time with me on the phone going over all this stuff)!

So, we're getting there... I've been in such a HORRIBLE mood at home lately; I am angry that my body is so messed up. The only explanation that seems feasible to me is all the medications I've taken. I know it SHOULDN'T have caused these types of issues (with my incredibly thin lining), but I've never had this problem before (not that I've had ultrasounds before, but I've always had clockwork like cycles and pretty heavy periods which to me indicates my lining has been thicker than this). I knew when I went in it was probably going to be thin, because the last two periods I've had have been pretty much only spotting. I have no clue why or really what is going on with me, but Kenneth has been my rock and he keeps telling me its all going to be ok, and that the body is amazing and will heal itself in time... I really do think he's right, I KNOW it's all going to be ok, and I think given enough time maybe my body will bounce back and be ok. I trust Dr. Kaplan completely, and think she's going to be very careful about what she gives me and that she won't just give me more and more and more estrogen like I've had before... I'm really hopeful, nervous, excited, and scared...

At the core of my upset is all my IPs have been through, I want SO much for this to work, for them to have another little one on the way. They’ve been so incredibly patient, another happy healthy pregnancy is the least they deserve, and I just want to help get them to that point…

Monday, October 06, 2008

Positive OPKs

I got 3 positive OPKs in a row – 2 on Saturday, and one Sunday afternoon. I want to test again today to confirm its gone negative, but I don’t have anymore and am debating buying another box… but I’ll probably have to test next month anyway, so I guess I’ll go grab a box this afternoon just to make sure!

In any event, I called my IPs to tell them, and called the clinic to get in touch with them about whether or not it was at all possible to get in this month and/or what the next step should be.

Gail talked to Tom this morning and called me back about a half hour ago. They want me to come in today, in about an hour, to look at my lining and see what’s going on and how thick it is. Then they most likely are going to ask me to go have an EFT test done and assuming that is ok, we’ll move forward with a November cycle/transfer (almost exactly 2 years from Fiona’s transfer date, so that’s kind of cool)! :) I think we’re bummed they couldn’t get us in for October, but I’m not surprised since none of us have really been in communication with GRS since my initial consult 2 weeks ago and I know there’s still a lot to get done (paperwork and embryo’s sent to GRS, etc.). I am NERVOUS right now… I have everything possible crossed that my lining will look ok for once, all on its own… I’m praying SOO hard it’s doing what it’s supposed to be doing for a change… I will know sometime after 1:20pm!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

One hurdle down!

Susy from GRS called me back yesterday, I was SOO HAPPY to finally hear the report on my labs. Thankfully everything looked good. My insulin was normal, my glucose was actually pretty low (if the number was truly correct) after the 2-hours, my B-12 and Iron were borderline but ok (but they asked me to take supplements, since it can’t hurt) and my AMH was fine. Yeah!! Great news! I was very, very happy that everything is ok. She said I won’t have to take the metformin which is good.

I sent T&I an e-mail and asked if they want me to be doing OPKs or anything else in addition to my charting my BBT right now. GRS will probably bring me in soon for another u/s to see what’s going on and how my cycle is progressing and whether or not we might get to transfer this month. I’m not holding my breath, I don’t trust that my body is fully back in synch yet. But I do think I’m getting there, and every week helps. I’m drinking that tea too, which I think will help at least a little. I have one acupuncture session left and thought about seeing if T&I are willing to let me use it now, and see if there’s a certain session that will help with hormonal regulation, or something along those lines.

In any event, that was one more hurdle we passed, and I’m happy about that! I really am thankful that despite all the cycling issues we’ve had, at least I’ve always passed any tests with flying colors, and that nothing is ever “wrong” that can be pinpointed. For whatever reason, I may not respond correctly or “normally” to GS meds, but at least my body seems to be ok still!