Thursday, January 31, 2008

Labs & U/S tomorrow!

I am so EXCITED! It feels surreal to be at this point! I can't believe I could be starting injections in about 40 more hours! :) Yay!!

I'm sure my baseline will be fine tomorrow, and can't wait for the callback with the go ahead... then bring on the needles! I wonder if I'll get as nervous again as I did with my first few shots last time!

Fingers and toes crossed for a SMOOTH easy cycle this time!!!!!!! I want so much to carry for T&I again, and to get to transfer so I can visit with them and then bring their embabies home with me, safe and sound!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Last BCP is Tonight!!

My LAST BCP is TONIGHT!! Party, party, party!! Labs and ultrasound on Friday then bring on the fun stuff! :) I'm ready for meds!

I was just reliving the phone call IM and I just had, and she said something that is so touching to me - I think its the first time she's said it like this - she was talking about how smart Miss F is, and I said "Well of course she is, she has great genes!!" IM said, "Well you did such a great job with her"... I blushed and probably mumbled "well" or "thank you"... but now thinking back on that, that is probably the HUGEST compliment I could ever have hoped for!

Awwwww!! I can't wait to be prego for them again!! Yay!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Just a quick check in!

Just coasting along! Only THREE more days of BCPs and ONE WEEK until labs and ultrasound so I can start meds the next day!! Yay!! I'm SO excited and just can't wait to get going.

I found my planner from 2006 with all my lab results from the 3 different cycles; I've been pouring over them so I know what we're hoping for this time around!

Kenneth is gone for 5 days, so Kent and I are enjoying a mommy/son fun weekend. I'm looking forward to taking it easy; I think this is the first weekend in quite awhile we didn't have plans or a big task to get done. I'm ready for some down time. :)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Update - Calendar!

I had labs and an ultrasound on January 8th (on CD 3) and then Cooper put me on 3 weeks of BCPs - this is my tentative calendar:

01-28-08 Last day of your BCP
02-01-08 Blood work for Estradiol and Progesterone and Ultrasound
02-02-08 Begin one estrace pill vaginally at bedtime and continue throughout cycle until told to discontinue.
Take 1st dose of Estradiol Valerate at 0.15cc
Apply one .1mg. patch
02-05-08 Take 2nd dose of Estradiol Valerate at 0.25cc
Remove patch; replace with 2 new patches
02-08-08 Remove patches; Replace with 4 new patches. Bloodwork for Estradiol and Progesterone
Take 3rd dose of Estradiol Valerate at 0.35cc
02-11-08 Remove patches; Replace with 5 patches. Bloodwork + Ultrasound
Take 4th dose of Estradiol Valerate at 0.35cc
02-14-08 Remove patches; Replace with 5 patches. Bloodwork + Ultrasound
Take Estradiol Valerate at 0.35cc
Please wait for instructions from IVF nurse

Estimated transfer is Monday, 2-18-08!

It's great to finally have a timeline, even if its farther out than we'd hoped it would be! I sent the info to T&I but haven't heard back yet on what they think. Hopefully it will work for them too!

We finally got ALL of our testing into Cooper, and now Cooper just wants a letter from my OBGYN that I'm healthy for another transfer and pregnancy. My OBs assistant left a voicemail the other day that she should have that dictation this week to send to them! Then I will truly be cleared.

Now I'm just waiting on meds from Freedom Pharmacy - I've recieved everything but the delestrogen and the progesterone suppositories. We've got just over 2 weeks until I start meds though, so we've got time on those! :)

That's it for now! I just can't wait to get cycling and see how my lining cooperates this time. I am visualizing everything going perfectly!! :)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

February it is!

Just a quick update! My last BCP is taken, I should start my period by Friday and hopefully get in on Friday or Saturday for labs, then starts 2 weeks of BCPs before meds!!

We are getting there though. There's been a bit of drama (as always) getting all of the test results to Cooper - 1 of Kenneth's labs were run incorrectly and has to be re-done, so I'm getting that worked out, but we are well on our way! :)

I will hopefully have an even better update within a week!