Update - Calendar!

I had labs and an ultrasound on January 8th (on CD 3) and then Cooper put me on 3 weeks of BCPs - this is my tentative calendar:

01-28-08 Last day of your BCP
02-01-08 Blood work for Estradiol and Progesterone and Ultrasound
02-02-08 Begin one estrace pill vaginally at bedtime and continue throughout cycle until told to discontinue.
Take 1st dose of Estradiol Valerate at 0.15cc
Apply one .1mg. patch
02-05-08 Take 2nd dose of Estradiol Valerate at 0.25cc
Remove patch; replace with 2 new patches
02-08-08 Remove patches; Replace with 4 new patches. Bloodwork for Estradiol and Progesterone
Take 3rd dose of Estradiol Valerate at 0.35cc
02-11-08 Remove patches; Replace with 5 patches. Bloodwork + Ultrasound
Take 4th dose of Estradiol Valerate at 0.35cc
02-14-08 Remove patches; Replace with 5 patches. Bloodwork + Ultrasound
Take Estradiol Valerate at 0.35cc
Please wait for instructions from IVF nurse

Estimated transfer is Monday, 2-18-08!

It's great to finally have a timeline, even if its farther out than we'd hoped it would be! I sent the info to T&I but haven't heard back yet on what they think. Hopefully it will work for them too!

We finally got ALL of our testing into Cooper, and now Cooper just wants a letter from my OBGYN that I'm healthy for another transfer and pregnancy. My OBs assistant left a voicemail the other day that she should have that dictation this week to send to them! Then I will truly be cleared.

Now I'm just waiting on meds from Freedom Pharmacy - I've recieved everything but the delestrogen and the progesterone suppositories. We've got just over 2 weeks until I start meds though, so we've got time on those! :)

That's it for now! I just can't wait to get cycling and see how my lining cooperates this time. I am visualizing everything going perfectly!! :)


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