Friday Blood & U/S

We're getting there... I'm channeling the Little Train That Could - "I Think I Can, I Think I Can"... Today my Estradial was 1365, Progesterone .41 and LH .1 - so labs were good. It's weird, but good, how my estrogen levels actually came down some My lining was a 7TL which is great!! I had fluid, but it wasn't in the cavity, it was outside; the RE said maybe a drop or two inside. That is a good thing! I really hope it stays that way.

They want me to stay on meds through Monday and be rechecked, they want me at least at an 8mm... I am nervous about what will happen between now and Monday, but still really hopeful!! I need to order more vivelle dot patches for my Monday switch out.

I sure hope I have great news Monday, I'm so, so excited for this to be the cycle that we make it to transfer!! It would be on November 2nd if it comes together. I'm trying not to think too much about it and get all caught up in planning and thinking it out until Monday comes and I get word from Cooper.

So, I'll stay busy this weekend and for the first time in FOREVER look forward to Monday!


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