Sunday, February 28, 2010

Snuggle in Little Peanut Butter Jelly Rice Beans!

The topic of bed rest had been on my mind a little prior to our transfer on Saturday. Cooper Clinic (where we transferred and got pregnant with Fiona) required 48 hours, GRS where we transfered the last of the frozen embryos from the batch Fiona came from had no formal post transfer instructions, and RBA where we just transfered have instructions but they are pretty relaxed - no formal bedrest, just lifting/bathing/sex restrictions. With both my 2nd transfer and this 3rd one I have done "self-imposed" bed rest for the most part, not as strict as with Fiona's (although with hers I was able to be in a hotel room by myself for 2 days after transfer so it was really easy to stay in bed and do nothing but rest), with the last 2 I've been home after but they've both fallen on weekends so I've been able to stay on the couch or in the bed for most of the day and have been taking it really easy. People have varying opinions (and obviously clinics do too!) on whether or not bedrest does or does not aid in implantation, but I figure especially if the IPs prefer it I have no problem hanging out for a day or two and keeping my feet up and staying relaxed!

In any event, I'd come across this post on SMO:
No bedrest and good sucess rate, my clinic said it is like putting a grain of rice inside a jelly sandwich, it isn't going anywhere.

and that was the first time I'd heard that, but I thought it was a great analogy and probably pretty reassuring to the IPs as well! Then when I was getting up off the table after our transfer and my IM was asking if they were sure it was ok the nurse was reassuring her and saying my uterus was like a peanut butter sandwich, the embies weren't going anywhere! So between the two sandwich references I have been thinking of the 2 rice babies in the peanut butter & jelly sandwich and then I call them the baby beans so they've become the PB&J Rice Beans or Jelly Beans sometimes too. :D It's good to have nicknames when you're sending lots of positive thoughts their way telling them to stick around and enjoy the next 8 months in their cozy little PB&J sandwich environment! :)

I finally pulled out my box of HPTs to take a look and see what I had. I have 5 OSOM cards left, 2 Answers and I think about 6 digi's. I really want to hold out until 5dp3dt on Thursday before I start testing but most likely I will do at least one in the evening of 4dp3dt (the last couple times I've started at like 3dp3dt - WAY too stinkin' early)! I only have to make it through to Wednesday! Of course seeing those negatives STINKS and you can usually count on them being negative when you start that early (though there are some out there especially those with multiples who do get SUPER early positives at about 5dp3dt so it's not impossible).

I've had a bunch of cramping most of today - but I had it a lot yesterday too, I assume probably from the aggravation to the lining from the catheter being inserted. No specific pinchy feelings, just a heavy sensation low on the right and a few every now and then on the left, but nothing major. Overall I'm in a good mood today and feeling pretty good! I was having a lot of soreness at the injection site of my shot from Friday night and was really worrying that I was already having reactions to the PIO, but I spent a LOT of time on my heating pad all of Saturday afternoon once I was home and had my feet up and it actually feels better today then it did yesterday and I am not feeling any new soreness so fingers crossed I will be ok at least awhile longer on the PIO!

I can't believe I have to go back to work tomorrow! :D I've been working off and on using the computer while I've been laid up most of the weekend for proposals I'm working on. Kenneth and I have a counseling session in the AM and then I know tomorrow is going to be a BUSY day so I hope it will go quickly!

Tomorrow is 2dp3dt and one day closer to finding out we're definitely prego!! :D YAY!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Transfer was today!! Yay!!

We got the call at about 8:45 this morning that YES we WERE transferring today! I was chewing my nails off waiting for the call! We were already on our way in - since I live a good hour out of Atlanta I wanted to be on our way when we got the thumbs up!

We got there and I'd started drinking my water way too soon - I was already doing the dance and in pain and we were told they were running about 15 minutes behind so we had a half hour - I wasn't going to make it, so I had to start over and try again with the big bottle of water!! My IPs were there when I came back to the waiting area and L and I sat and chatted. (My IF was taking their daughter to a birthday party so he didn't stay for the actual transfer). It was all good though, about 20 minutes later they called our names and back they took us! I told the nurse I was a little worried my bladder might not be full enough so she did a quick check after I undressed but everything looked good and she said my lining looked "text book". WOW!! That's like the best compliment EVER!! I don't think I've ever heard that before!!

The embryologist came in and gave us the update - they were VERY happy with the 2 beautiful 8-celled embryos (grade A and AB) we were going to transfer and he said the other 3 were growing a bit slower and they were growing them out to the blastocyst stage and if they make it they'll freeze them.

We got in position when the RE came in and he put his excavating light on (ha ha) and got me ready, the nurse put the ultrasound in place to give the RE a good view of my uterus and he threaded the catheter and then the embryologist brought in the embryos and we watched on the screen (while I tried not to concentrate on all that pressure on my bladder which I was almost sure might pop if she didn't stop pushing so hard) and then two beautiful little blobs made their way out of the catheter and into my waiting uterus... SO cool! I love that part of transfer!! It was just amazing! L was right there by my shoulder, I loved seeing that look of amazement on her face too. The embryologist went out and confirmed the tube was clear and they were very happy with how the transfer had gone! There were several comments on the embryos looking fantastic, my lining looking great and things going very well - so we are all channeling that positive energy from the day and taking it with us!

They had me wait just 5 minutes once the tube was confirmed clear (she set a timer and I was waiting to get up and run to the bathroom - L said "you mean walk gingerly!!" :D )and then they let me up to use the restroom and get dressed and L drove me home.

I wore my "the doctor knocked me up" shirt under my sweatshirt which I think the nurse and doctor got a kick out of and I had my green cloverleaf "lucky" socks on for a little extra good luck for today! I forgot to get my McDonald's french fries for luck - although they didn't help me out last time so maybe it's ok! :D

L brought me a bag of YUMMY goodies from Whole Foods - a quiche, lasagna, scones, soup, fruit, veggies, yogurt... mmmm!! I am all set to put my feet up and relax and think pregnant thoughts for the weekend. (And I couldn't help but think it was a good luck sign too - my FIPs had loaded me up with goodies from Whole Foods for my weekend of rest after Fiona's transfer too!)

I'm ready for some mindless TV and a nap on the couch!!

Everything has gone so incredibly well with this cycle, we are all feeling very positive about it and can't WAIT for the BFP!

My beta is scheduled for March 11th. :)

Friday, February 26, 2010

"I hate progesterone"

I've lost track of how many times I've said that since Wednesday... I am going through the "adjustment" phase of this med and it's not pretty! I haven't been sleeping that great anyway, and this med makes me even more fatigued - like I would LOVE to crawl into my bed and not move all day and could probably sleep all night just fine too! It's screwing with my sense of smell and making me bloated and I am GRUMPY! I have my normal moments, but overwhelmingly my fuse is short. Very, very short. I try to remember that when I feel like snapping or saying something mean, but it doesn't stop me from thinking those things! I am also HUNGRY. I want to snack constantly... I've worked so hard to loose weight over the past few months and I could probably gain it all back plus some if I keep at the pace I've been the last couple days. It's mainly head hunger but it is VERY annoying and I'm going to have to work on this one probably more so than any of the other issues I have on this med! The really annoying part is that any of these symptoms I get within the next week or so won't mean anything in terms of guessing if I'm pregnant or not - it will just be good 'ol progesterone making me feel icky!

I am still too nervous to jinx everything to even really look through the HPTs I have left to use for this cycle... I know there are a few in my little bin where I keep them but I have no idea which brands or how many... I am hoping I will find the will power to leave them alone until at least 4 or 5 days past transfer!! One can dream, right??

Today is going to be super busy at work so I know it will go quickly and we're having a baby shower for a co-worker which I always enjoy!! (Plus yummy lunch)! :D

Here's to hoping for a calm and quick day, news of transfer time soon, and lots of positive thoughts that L&N's embryos are growing beautifully in their little dish!!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

We got the fertilization report!

RBA ICSI'ed all 5 of the mature eggs and as of this morning all 5 of them fertilized and are growing!! YAY!! They won't check on them tomorrow, but we'll get our phonecall tomorrow with our transfer time (probably sometime in the morning).

The nurse checked in with me on the meds and reminded me about the uber full bladder I have to have when we get to our appointment on Saturday AM. Oh JOY! :D That's the most uncomfortable part!

I've now done 2 PIO shots and last night went pretty well too - though I tried using one of my smaller needles (I only had one left) and MAN it was hard pushing the oil through that thing - I had to push HARD on the plunger!! I was a little tender at the injection site this morning, I probably moved the needle around more than I would of if I'd just used the bigger needle! Oh well, live and learn! :) I was also reminded yesterday just how nasty Medrol pills are! So I remembered to take that one differently this morning so I didn't have that HORRIBLE aftertaste in my mouth!

Things are looking good so far! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the embryos divide nicely for the next 2 days in their dish and can't wait to hear how they look on Saturday!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I've been Progesterone-ized!

Yes! It is truly feeling OFFICIAL now!! My first PIO shot was completed last night and "L's" egg retrieval is some time this morning!! YAY!! I am sending lots of positive healthy eggie thoughts her way and cannot wait for the update. I'm crossing my fingers for 5 or 6 good eggs! Then we all just keep those positive thoughts going for a few nice embryos (I can't wait for the update tomorrow)! I am really hoping for about 3 or 4 embryos so we can pick the 2 best ones and then it will be nothing but sticky thoughts for me this weekend!

Since I have to do the PIO shots in the evening with this protocol its changed how I normally used to have my routine. Now as soon as I get home I put the EMLA cream in place and wait at least a couple hours before prepping for the injection. I plug in the heating pad as soon as I'm ready to start pulling everything out and let that warm up. Then I pull all the supplies out, the syringe, extra needle, bottle of PIO, alcohol pads and gauze pad. I prep the bottle and draw up the oil, switch out the needles and put that in the heating pad (folding it over on top of the syringe so its covered by the heating pad). I let that sit a few minutes and then I prep the injection site and try to move quickly once I pull the syringe out from the heat so it doesn't have time to cool much. I had no problems with this injection, went in smoothly and very little bleeding after I rubbed a lot and left the heating pad on afterwards to. Last time I didn't really spend much time with heating the oil and I would rub the injection site in the shower some in the mornings, but that was about it - I ended up with huge painful lumps where I could barely sit or stand without wanting to cry. I lived on my heating pad at work for months just to get through the day. I am hoping that if I'm proactive this time around maybe I can avoid some of that discomfort!!

My uterus is starting to feel heavy and I've had a few cramps too and now that I've started progesterone hopefully that lining is turning into a nice fluffy bed for those little embryos to settle down into and grow for the next 8-9 months! I just can't get past the feeling of this being so surreal, that things are really coming together for us this time around! I'm excited and hopeful and just can't wait to get to transfer day and hear how the embryos look and then really be in the 2 week wait again! Eek! :)

I will hopefully have an update by this afternoon on how the retrieval went! :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Pinch me??!

It looks like we might really, truly get to transfer this weekend! Someone pinch me!! I am in shock and super excited!

My lining check went... GOOD today!! Went from a 6mm last Thursday to an 8mm today and Dr. Kort said it looked great! I ran into my IM there at the clinic, she was there for her ultrasound too. I just got the call a little while ago that they are going to trigger her tonight!! Progesterone starts tomorrow evening (oh my GOSH!!!!) with a half dose, and then full dose Wednesday along with starting medrol and doxy (again) and L's retrieval is that day as well in the AM. I am giddy! :)

I will get a call on Thursday with the fertilization report and we're all hoping for a Saturday transfer!! WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!! (They aren't anticipating a large number of eggs/embryos, so most likely it will be a 3-day and not a 5-day).

It doesn't quite feel real! So much has happened since I first met L&N and it is just surreal and very exciting to be at this point and to feel that things are coming together for us all... I am very hopeful!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Woo hoo!! Trip time! :)

I cannot wait to leave this afternoon! My call back was exactly as I anticipated - I need to go back on Monday for a re-check and I am changing my protocol just a little as expected in hopes of helping the estrogen absorb a little better and help thicken my lining a little bit more.

I never did hear back from "L", so I'm concerned that things didn't go so well at her appointment yesterday. The clinic never called with an update after her appointment either which they usually do just to confirm where we're at and my protocol (but maybe since they already called with my protocol info after my appt they didn't need to call again)? Not sure, but I'm a little worried. I hope everything is ok!!

Going to try to stay super busy today and hope the day flys on by! :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lining Check Done - Waiting for Call Back!

My lining check was this morning, for me it went pretty well. I am at a 6mm so far and Dr. Kort needs it to be a 7mm. I'll probably have to change my med protocol a little bit and get re-checked Monday when we're back from the trip I'm going on this weekend. Fingers crossed it thickens just a little more and looks ok!

"L" has her next follicle check this morning too and I am so hopeful for her that things look ok! I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that the follicles are developing well.

I had a pancake craving this morning, and went down to the cafeteria and got some. I am about halfway through and need a NAP! Sugar in the morning doesn't do good things for me, you'd think I'd have learned that by now! :)

Kenneth and I have another counseling appointment this afternoon and then I have to pack this evening! I am so excited for this getaway, and getting to try some new things and have some fun with friends. :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Cycling Update!

I upped estrogen to 2mg twice a day and started doxycycline on the 10th when "L" started her stims - she had her first ultrasound monitoring appointment this morning. She had several measurable follicles with the largest at a 1.4mm so far. I got the call from the clinic to up my estrogen to 2mg three times a day and keep everything else the same! My lining check is on WEDNESDAY! I am FREAKING OUT!! I am really, really excited and hopeful and terrified!! Any positive thoughts and thick lining thoughts that can be spared are much appreciated! :)

Saturday, February 06, 2010

De-energized Bunny!

Ok, not feeling like the energizer bunny any more!! Came home last night and really didn't get much done at all... the headache I'd had in the morning came back full force and I felt zapped. I woke up with it again. It HURTS really bad and I hardly ever get headaches especially ones like this that are sort of there in the background even after I take tylenol. I took a long hot shower, and have been drinking tea all day too hoping maybe heat would at least help me feel better... it stinks!

Kent and I spent about 2 hours this morning moving EVERYTHING around in the house, all the furniture is currently in the bathroom, kitchen and dining room and our beds are piled with stuff, but the carpets are cleaned!! They needed it so bad. They are light and the dogs track so much clay into the house. It's just sad. The carpets will never be perfect, but it is a refreshing improvement.

I've been playing around on Facebook and working on my recipe books a little and just taking it easy. We've got about 1 more hour until I can check to see if they're dry enough to start moving stuff back where it all goes. Kent and I are going to "spring clean" his room when we put stuff back in there. It needs a purge and good straightening bad! I am so glad we got the bedrooms done, he sleeps with two of the dogs in his room and boy his carpet needed it!

Last I heard Kenneth was still in Germany, so on their way, but waiting for a flight they could catch back to the states. I don't know anything about when they will catch a flight or where they'll land. I am sort of guessing I'll hear something by this evening. We video chatted some last night and he got to watch Kent playing with his Star Wars Legos (one of his most favorite things ever)!

Now I'm just waiting to get my house back! I can't wait to put everything back into its place and enjoy my clean carpets, while they last!! :)

Friday, February 05, 2010

My little Happy Pills!

Or something like that! It is crazy how you don't notice how different you've been acting or feeling until something changes - like adding in estrogen this morning! Yay! I am all smiley and have been since mid-morning and the only thing I can think is that it must be the estrogen kicking in! It's so weird! It's nice to feel happy though, so I'm not knocking it! Not that I've been feeling terribly unhappy, or I guess I didn't really notice feeling that way until now that I feel better.

It's been a good, productive day at work with lots of little things crossed off my list and I'm looking forward to a great weekend with my kiddo and friends. Going to get lots of stuff done at home tonight, getting ready for carpet cleaning tomorrow! Woo hoo!! I love a Chem-Dry clean carpet!! We have a steam cleaner but with 5 dogs and a rambunctious child plus red Georgia clay my poor light colored carpets just need more TLC then a store bought carpet cleaner can handle! I will enjoy them being pretty and clean for at least a day before they start looking sad again. :D

I have lots of household projects in mind for most of Saturday and then I get to see my 2-yr old class at the 9:00 service on Sunday and hopefully get to go to the service at 11:00, but if we're all going to Steele I'll probably have to miss it and just listen to the recorded version later. I'm hoping we get to go to the track! I haven't gotten to go yet, fingers crossed that the weather holds out for us!

I have also found out Kenneth is probably coming home in the near future. It's a long story that I'm not ready to get into too much, but he and I have a lot to work on and that is really the reason he's coming back. He didn't feel able to do his job effectively there when he has been worried about our relationship and everything at home. So, soon he'll be back and we can figure out what progress we can make and where to go from here. I just have to wait for the phonecall that he's back in the states, of course there is no schedule so no planning!

Kent is healing up from his ear drum rupture and doing pretty good as of this morning. He's just so tired! His body is really wiped from being sick and trying to recoup. I'm sure he'll mainly be resting this weekend and maybe, just maybe be back to normal by next week! Fingers crossed!!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

My poor sick boy!

Yesterday should have been a great day! I woke up with the song "I feel lucky" in my head, had an 83% luck rating on My Daily Luck on Facebook and wore my lucky green socks. Things should have gone my way yesterday! When we got up Kent was still crashed on the couch after another rough night with pain from his ear infection (I stayed home with him Monday and took him to his primary care doctor in the morning. She said he had an ear infection and started him on antibiotic ear drops and amoxycilin. His pain level has been pretty high and hard to get under control, the IB Profen and Tylenol just didn't seem to be touching it most of the time). So he was still feeling really lousy Tuesday AM - I'd hoped to see some improvement after a day on antibiotics but no such luck. His ear was still oozing lots of yellow sticky fluid too and he says it keeps "popping" inside and that's when it hurts really, really bad.

He spent pretty much all day napping and resting on the couch with very low energy levels and sort of feeling out of it. I went to dinner that evening with John & Vicki and we had a nice time at Jim N Nicks and when I got home I was really concerned. He looked worse then he had in the morning, his full face and ears were flushed red, his temp was back up to 100.8 and he was complaining about aches all over his body and feeling really weak. He was really hurting. I called and talked to a nurse and decided to take him to the E.R., we got there around 8:30 and didn't get home until around 1:00am. It was a LONG night. They said the ear drum had ruptured and gave him a different antibiotic prescription, some stronger pain meds and more of the same ear drops. We went home and crashed and this morning he actually looks a little better and sounds a little better, but he's still really out of it and hurting. His ear is still oozing and he's still dealing with congestion and cough too which hurts his ear a lot as well. I gave him a round of meds and one of the stronger pain pills and after about 20 minutes I could tell that had made him much more comfortable! I am glad something finally is helping, and hope that means the infection is starting to heal as well... Poor baby!