Friday, July 24, 2009

Hungry but full

Last night and this morning were one of those times where I had a very STRONG reminder that I am a gastric bypass patient. Last night we had pork loin and I had steamed spinach with it. I ate about 3-4 ounces of the meat with the intention of eating about another ounce or so, to keep me full (since it doesn't take much of a solid protein to fill my pouch up) and then I'd have my veggies for something green. I probably should have cooked the meat longer to make it more tender, and chewed better but I didn't so it didn't take long until all of a sudden my pouch was feeling very uncomfortably full and a couple times I thought I might loose my dinner. The very oddest part was only the top part of my stomach (my pouch) was full, I could feel the rest of my body feeling hungry still - I can't really say my stomach was grumbling because food bypasses that pretty much now, but this morning I woke up to grumblings of some sort and this empty feeling. I have had that empty feeling all morning, and at the same time my pouch still has that uncomfortably full feeling and is sensitive. I've had to fight back the urge to throw up a couple times even though there isn't really anything in there at this point (although it is possible something from last night got stuck, causing all of the upset). The achy empty feeling is getting annoying! I started with liquids to see if they would go down ok, and had a Light Caramel Frappaccino from Starbucks, which was yummy and went down fine, and I sipped some Powerade Zero and that went down fine. I moved onto a small bowl of cereal, and it all went down fine but nothing has touched this empty hollow achy feeling! I don't know what my body wants, but it definitely seems to want something.

The joys of bypass surgery after-math!

Maybe I'll try something warm to drink and see if that helps at all, or maybe it just really wants some food... maybe I'll try a Luna bar or a bagel and see if some carbs touches it.

Only 4 more days 'til I get to see Kenneth again, and it's FRIDAY! Yay! :) We've got another pretty busy weekend planned; mall tomorrow morning to get some long put-off shopping done, and Johnny's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese in the evening. On Sunday at some point I have to run over to Honey's and drop off my sister in laws birthday card; with everyone in the midst of moving right now it's pretty much impossible to get them all together at one place at one time, but I'm hoping to at least bump into April while they're back in Atlanta for the weekend and say happy birthday!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Quick Check In

L sent me a quick note this AM to let me know the appointment she had yesterday went well, I think to go over the "game plan" for cycling with her, I'm not sure what all they talked about. But she said it went well and she was feeling optimistic about everything working out. Now we wait for my period to arrive and go from there. I let her know my cycle is going long again as I haven't even ovulated yet, so we've got another 3 weeks or so before we can get any calendar's in place. Maybe they're waiting for my cycle to show up before inducing her period... I'm not really sure.

She hasn't heard anything more on contracts either, but I let her know Kenneth will be in town at the end of next week so if its at all possible to get it together by then, it would be ideal since he'd be here to sign in person which would uncomplicate things. :) We shall see! I'm not worried about it, either way, since we're not in a rush for anything which is nice.

Last night I did a P90X workout, I decided to stay "in" for my workout instead of going for a walk. I was pretty tired yesterday, and I wanted to give my shins a break too. I worked up a nice sweat. Today is Weight Watchers Week 6 weigh in. We'll see - I should hopefully be at or just over 5lbs lost since my first Weight Watchers weigh in, I feel like it should be more than that, that I'm doing everything right - but I can't make it happen any faster then it is, and I'm doing things the right way, and feel good about that. I'm just impatient.

I got the first comment from someone at work yesterday asking if I'd lost weight, which is always a good confidence booster as well. I'm not that far from my lowest weight that I was at about 4 years ago exactly; I'm hoping it won't take too much longer to be down to that - I'm guessing about 5 more pounds since most of the clothes fit again, but they're still fairly tight even if I can zip them out without too much struggle; I want to fit comfortably in them again and I'm not quite there yet. Getting there though! :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

All Testing Is Good!

I was very happy to get that much anticipated phone call from Stacy at RBA yesterday confirming that finally all the tests were done, results were back and everything was good! Yay! :) Medically, we're cleared to cycle. It was nice to check in with L yesterday and give her the good news that everything with RBA is in place, and now we just wait for periods (both of ours). I still haven't ovulated this month, though it should be VERY soon, so my period won't be here for another almost 3 weeks; once that shows up I'll find out what day I start lupron and be put in a holding pattern while they work with L and the protocol they've worked up for her.

I still haven't seen a 2nd draft of the contract, so I sent an e-mail this morning along with a question about whether or not the Power of Attorney might help us out in terms of signing for Kenneth since he's not easily accessible right now with training. I'm hoping maybe I will see a new draft by the end of the week, but I'm not holding my breath! :)

I got my labwork results back from my primary care doctor too, the one I went to on Monday (that was REALLY fast for results too, I was surprised; she must have rushed the order)! Everything is fine. I've had some random bruising appear mainly on my legs, but got a new one on my hip and then inner arm last week and decided I needed to at least have some labwork done to make sure it wasn't anything potentially serious because I couldn't think of any reason for the bruises. My counts are all normal, no thyroid issues, no hepatitis, etc. My red counts were a little low but not anemic so I'm just supposed to stay on the prenatals with iron and have a re-draw in 3 months to compare. I was glad it isn't anything serious, not that I expected it would be - I just feel like ESPECIALLY with a surrogacy coming up it is on me to be very vigilant about my health and not start cycling unless I am sure I very healthy. It was cool because I mentioned the surrogacy to my NCP who I usually see when I'm there (she asked about why I was on prenatals) and she was very supportive and thought it was a great thing to be a part of. I'm always pleased when I get good feedback from my medical care providers about surrogacy especially since I know of many who have had negative reactions from their doctors or nurses.

Kent and I went for a walk together last night around the subdivision behind us... I think he whined through half of it... I swear!! His legs hurt, his legs hurt, oh and his legs hurt... you'd think I was torturing him! I wasn't even trying to walk fast at all - my shins were still feeling it, so I just kept a pretty slow pace and though I knew I wasn't really burning many calories it is good just to get out and do it, and its good for Kent and the dogs to get out too. I had Diamond last night. She is NOT good on a leash, she is our spazzy dog - though by the last loop around I could finally leave slack in the leash without her straining at the end of it, so that was good for both of us!

We had Mexican last night (leftovers) and tonight is some more leftovers - I have some of the pork kebobs and ribs left so I am sure Kent will pick the ribs and I will have the pork probably with some fresh steamed spinach and corn on the cob. They both sound good, and Kent won't eat spinach so I know I have to make something else for him!

Kenneth gets to come home for 4 days next week! I can't WAIT to see him! I'm curious how its going to go with meals though, I have a feeling I'm going to have to make him something extra then what I make myself normally. I've pretty much cut out carbs as the 3rd item on the plate and we usually just have a meat and a veggie, but Kenneth loves his carbs and he can get away with eating them! I'll probably just have to fix something those couple nights for him and leave it off my plate. Maybe it'll give me an excuse to use up some of the pasta and rice boxes in the pantry, and some of the biscuits in the freezer - I don't need the extra temptation anyway! :) I requested next Wednesday through Friday off so we get 4 whole days to just hang out and be together! I am sure he's going to do literally NOTHING the first 2 days, just resting and recovering, but we'll get a couple days to be together when he hopefully has some energy back before he has to leave again. I'm hoping we can go do something fun together before he leaves again. Maybe go-karts or something like that. :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Loving this summer weather

Last night I took Max and walked at the subdivision behind us again (I feel weird "invading" their subdivision to walk, but I'm hopefully not bugging anyone, so I hope they don't care)! I took the car this time because I had snuck through the back of someones yard the first couple times and felt guilty about that, so I figured I could drive and park along the side of the road next to one of the houses still under construction so I wasn't in anyone's way. I drove one complete circle to see how far it was, .6 miles per lap so Max and I did 4 laps for almost 2.5 miles and that took almost 40 minutes of walking/jogging. My shins were getting pretty sore and my knee has been bugging me since I started all the pavement walking. I had gone to the doctor yesterday afternoon to have some labwork done and asked her about my knee and she said the only thing I can do is baby it (she said it is probably beginning to get a little arthritic from the prior injury I received when I was a kid and there's nothing I can do about it)... that doesn't really work for me! I am hoping as long as I listen to my knee and my shins and don't really over-do it, in time as the muscles strengthen it will be less painful and they'll be able to handle more. I'd really like to be able to run with Kenneth, and that's not going to happen if my legs don't improve a lot. I felt like I COULD have picked up the pace more, but didn't want to push my legs too much yet, so I did what I could and tried to walk faster when I had some extra energy so I still wore myself out as much as possible. Max was pretty tired by the last go round too! Kent says he'll walk tonight, so I'm hoping to take a 2nd dog, one he can hold and walk so we can give 2 of them some extra exercise.

In any event, my point of the title was that the weather could not be MORE perfect right now, in the evening it is just GORGEOUS outside - a nice light breeze so I don't get overheated, and I can wear shorts and a tank top and be perfectly comfortable and I get to watch the beautiful sunset. This is such a great time of year to get outside!

We had a Dinner A'Fare meal last night, mojito pork kebobs with a cherry barbecue sauce. They were REALLY yummy! I took it easy on the sauce since that looked like straight sugar, but I enjoyed the pork pieces a lot. The mint sauce they used for marinade made the house smell so good while it was cooking. Kent thinks kebobs are very fun to eat off of and doesn't understand why I take mine off the sticks before I put them on the plate! :) He wasn't so thrilled with the veggie dish I whipped up. I'm trying to expand his horizons and get to enjoy some new fresh veggies, so I picked up okra yesterday and made a dish with sauteed celery, onion, and okra which is then simmered on low for about 15-20 minutes with a can of tomatoes in juice and some garlic powder, onion flakes, salt and pepper. I thought it was YUMMY. Nice and fresh with just a hint of flavor. But I really like fresh okra, Kent not so much. I tried.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend in Review

Friday evening Kent and I went over to the subdivision behind our house and did 3 laps around one of the roads that is a big circle, they're about 10 minute laps and I jogged some of it but mostly walked because Kent was having a hard time keeping up! We took Brutus for that walk, and he was very good on the leash and I'm sure enjoyed getting out and having some new things to smell. He's such a homebody, he hardly ever wants to go outside so I figured it would be good for him too! We didn't do much else Friday evening. I can't even remember what all we did that night besides walking, our weekend was so crazy!

Saturday was the most crazy day. Seemed like it should have been normal enough... we had a vet appointment in the morning for Diamond, her annual check up. While I was sitting in the patient room waiting for them to bring her back after weighing her and taking a blood and stool sample for annual testing I got a phone call from someone saying "Do you have a dog named Max? We have him!" WHAT??! I started panicking wondering WHAT happened, HOW did he get out, and where were the other 2 that were in the back yard with him! They finished Diamonds appointment, and off we rushed to meet the people who had Max (who were in the same neighborhood we'd walked around the night before, and I actually recognized the guy who'd been out working in his yard while we were walking!) We thanked them and they asked if I was missing a rottweiler too, that they'd seen one walking around. I thought CRAP that must be Sadie out too - we drove around a little but didn't see anything so we took Max and Diamond home and low and behold Sadie and L.B. were still in the backy yard. It is a miracle they didn't see what Max had done, they both could have easily gotten out. Max figured out how to open one of the gates... The rotten stinker. The latch on that one is pretty loose and easy to move, and its right at snout level for him and I guess he stuck his head under it, shoved, and up it went, he let himself right out of the yard. I was so upset, if he'd done it once he'd obviously keep doing it. He spent most of the afternoon in the house, and I let them out for a potty break and turned my back for not even 5 minutes and bam - out the gate they went AGAIN, except this time he took Diamond and L.B. with him, who had all gone out together. ARGH! Kent and I grabbed leashes and found them quickly, this time they'd gone down the hill in front of the house to visit a neighbors poodle. Now I was just mad. I knew this was going to get worse if I didn't figure out how to lock that gate and really I knew then I wasn't going to probably EVER feel comfortable leaving Max alone in the yard anymore. He is obviously bound and determined to get out. So, I zip tied the gate together so even if the latch came up it couldn't open. Max stayed in the house with L.B. and Brutus when Kent and I ran out to see the Harry Potter movie (which I really enjoyed)! We've been watching him everytime he goes out and anytime he goes to the gate I let him know I can see him and tell him no. It's not deterring him though, he wants to get out so bad!

So Sunday Kent and I went to the pool at Honey's - we packed a lunch and took a change of clothes (I was hoping to pop over to the mall afterwards). But after being there an hour and a half, swimming awhile, eating our lunch and playing catch in the pool I was sitting reading my book listening to my ipod and something landed in my hair, I brushed it off and when I leaned back again I got stung. Crap. It wasn't too bad - it was a little bee, but still not a happy way to end my afternoon and it was on my sunburn that I'd gotten laying out on the deck the day before so I don't think that helped the pain factor. Thankfully, Honey was at her house so we drove over there and she checked and didn't see a stinger in, but put some baking soda and vinegar paste over it to help draw out the poison. I left that on all day, and its not bugging me today which is good. Kent wasn't feeling up to walking last night, after his day at the pool, but I went ahead and took Max for a half hour walk jog around the subdivision again. He is going to be an indoor dog now, I really don't know what else to do. I know many people leave their dogs inside all day but ours really WANT to be outside. Especially Max and Diamond, they RUSH to the door and give me the "hurry up and open the door" look all the time, even when we're home and just hanging out - they just like to be out where they can run around and chase each other and smell interesting things. But I just can't risk him being out there... if he got out during the day while no one was home... it would just KILL me if something happened to him because I wasn't cautious enough to keep him in. I know he's going to mope and be upset about it, but he will be safe. They all sleep inside at night and the two little dogs are indoor when we're gone during the day, so he'll have company and hopefully won't mind getting to lay on his pillow during the day when we're away too much.

That was our weekend, dogs causing lots of anxiety, some good exercise, lots of fresh air, a bee sting and a sun burn!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A peaceful evening

Honey decided to keep Kent for the day and overnight, so its just little 'ol me at home tonight. I came home and wanted to get some exercise in but am burning out on the "in front of the TV" workouts and have been looking for things I can do outside, taking walks with the dogs, etc. So, tonight I decided to kill 2 birds with 1 stone and pulled my freshly charged new electric start pushmower out of the garage and fiddled around with it a little and started it up and off I went, tearing around the front yard (we have a decent sized hill, thank goodness for self propel)! I got the whole thing finished and part of the side yard in about 45 minutes and was drenched in sweat afterwards, and its overcast outside so that was all me! I was surprised it didn't take longer than that. I could have done the back yard too, but I was ready to come in and enjoy my quiet time (plus, mowing the back yard is one of Kent's chores so he can earn some extra fun money).

I enjoyed pan searing a nice thick sirloin I marinated yesterday with some barbecue and jack daniels (makes the meat nice and tender!) and cooked some fresh spinach to go with it and now I am full and happy and kicking back with my puppies watching a movie. It is nice to have my exercise out of the way before bed time, I feel like I have so much time left! Maybe I can finish up the book I am reading before its time for bed.

So that's my quiet evening... it's peaceful but I miss Kent too - though I know he's having a great time with Honey! :)

Feeling kinda lumpy today!

My PIO lumps (yes, they are still here 2.5 years later) are sore today!! I vaguely remember this happening once before and think it was when I'd lost some weight and I've lost a couple pounds over the last month so I assume that's why they're bugging me. I think it is crazy that I still have lumps (and they're pretty big too) all along my backside where I did the PIO shots! I don't think they'll ever completely go away. It is crazy to think what happened internally that they would still be there!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What a NIGHT!!

Came home, fixed dinner, watched a couple shows; same old same old. Was thinking about changing to get ready for working out at 8:00 and Kent asked if he could get a popsicle from the downstairs chest freezer for dessert - I said sure. He comes up and says "Mom they're all melted!" WHAT??!

I think I muttered an expletive under my breath and ran down to see what was going on... Yep, all melted... and everything else was thawing and the chest freezer was definitely not working... CRAP. I don't know how to fix appliance issues, I am good at a lot of things like normal household "stuff" including cooking, cleaning and other assorted "womanly duties", but repairs and minor crises are not my specialty (though apparently, I will LEARN whether I want to or not). I called my father in law and told him what happened and he said we could bring our frozen stuff to their house if we needed to, and that he could help pick a new one up on Thursday. In the mean time Kent and I started scrambling to get everything sorted into "HAS to be frozen" "can be refrigerated" "can thaw out". I ran upstairs and started pulling stuff out of the refrigerator to re-organize and Kent started trekking everything up for me. I got most of it squished into the fridge/freezer but had about one small coolers worth of frozen food that wasn't going to fit. So, then I ran over to the neighbors and apologetically ask if I could borrow a corner of their freezer, that the house had turned on me in Kenneth's absence and my food was melting all over my kitchen. They found me a spot for the odds and ends I couldn't fit and then I just cleaned up the mess that was left from wrappers, and discarded boxes and melted ice on the floor. About this time my father in law calls again and says I should check the outlet to see if its working, if not I will have to find the outlet that has the little button to reset them all and see if that fixes it (yes, that IS the technical term). So off I go my "test" hair dryer in hand, secretly hoping it will work because then I can buy something to fix the problem and I won't have to dig around all over the house for this mysterious outlet with the button... crap, the hair dryer doesn't come on, it is the outlet... sigh... at this point I decided to whine and fuss a little and call my husband and tell him its ALL his fault for not being home. If he was here he'd know what to do, and I suck at this.

I left him a message and then got busy baking the pie that had defrosted and using up some of the other items that wouldn't fit back into the fridge and freezer for goodies I can take to work tomorrow. Kenneth called back and in that "tone" that says "I love you, but babe you are ridiculous" he walked me through the entire basement telling me where each of the outlets were (like I'd ever have been able to find them all on my own, ha!) and eventually, magically there it was!! The little button!! And it was red... I pushed it in, the red went away and suddenly things were working again! Hooray!! No staying up 'til midnight to bake banana bread with my bag of no-longer-very-frozen bananas that were defrosting all over the sink, no more despair over not being able to do anything without him home... Yay!! I did it! (Ok, with a lot of help, but still I did it!!)

Another crisis corrected (I think I posted about the one where the door knob came apart right as I was trying to leave for work the last time Kenneth was gone)... and now I have a jam-packed fridge and freezer that will have to be moved again tomorrow, but for now I am happy that things are pretty much back to the way they were about 3 hours ago!!

And that was my night...!

Cycling next month :)

Well we will be waiting at least 'til my next period before starting meds, L had her baseline bloodwork and the levels were higher than they wanted them to be, so they can't use this period and will wait for her next one. The coordinator told me its actually probably a good thing my cycles are long, because I'm going to have to be on lupron longer than normal to shut my cycle down while we wait for L's next period (they can't use BCPs with her to control her cycle), and I probably won't have to be on it as long since my period still won't show up for another 3-4 weeks or so, depending on when I actually ovulate.

So now we move forward with contracts, which I got my first draft of yesterday. I read through it and sent a few questions to L and a couple things that were missing to the attorney and I'll wait for the next draft and then forward to Kenneth for him to look over. I'm also waiting to get his Will and Power of Attorney back from the attorney that was working for the unit; Kenneth missed out the day the attorney was there at the unit - but I called him and he let me overnight it to him for execution and he's going to send it back. I'm kind of hoping, just maybe, the POA will be valid for contract sign-off and I won't have to try to send this to Kenneth long distance. We'll see what Ruth says.

I still haven't heard back on any of my labs, cultures or the endo biopsy results! When I talked to Stacy at RBA yesterday they were still waiting on all of those items, for some reason the lab is being slow.

It is beautiful outside right now, and I wish I could be out in the sunshine and feel that breeze on my skin - a couple more hours and hopefully it will still be nice enough to drive home with the windows down. We've been having afternoon/evening storms the last couple days but it is still usually nice in the early afternoon.

I haven't done a work out video in a couple days - though I've been doing other forms of exercise, just not in front of the TV; I was getting bored and really wanted to be physical in a more natural setting, but I think tonight a good cardio workout will feel good.

I'm going to make tacos for Kent and have mine without the tortilla - I bought these baked lays Scoops that go great with the chicken; like miniature taco salads (with lots of tomato and lettuce piled on top)! Yummy!

Last nights Dinner A'Fare stuffed flank steak was AWESOME!! It was so yummy, Kent really loved it too (and he tends to be on the picky side when it comes to new things) - and it was so nice and easy to prepare since it was oven baked. I haven't had a potato in awhile either, and the bakers I'd bought were really good! It was nice to have a good homemade satisfying dinner. I need to check my freezer and see how many Dinner A'Fare meals I have left, I think it might be about time to go again! Yay! :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Waiting to see what the week brings!

I am slightly anxiously awaiting any sort of indication that we maybe could start meds at the end of this week... we'd have so much to get done and I still haven't heard back on my labs or endo biopsy, and I've yet to see a draft of the contract so I'm not holding my breath - but part of me can't help but hope! :)

My niece turned 4 this past weekend... I can't believe how big she's getting! I wish I could've been there (in Washington) for the party... I am glad for Facebook and getting to see pictures! :)

I ordered and sent Fiona's birthday present too - she will be TWO YEARS OLD next Monday! Holy moly time flies!

I spent a lot of this past weekend with Vicki - we had a blast!! We did a photo shoot on Friday evening at my house (her friend is a photographer), "boudoir or pinup" style photos for our guys which I would NEVER have had the nerve to do without her there - it was so much more fun to do with a friend! We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner afterwards which was SO yummy, it was nice to have a good steak! Kent spent that afternoon and evening with his great grandmother so I had the whole evening to myself, it was nice and peaceful!

These are the kind of pictures she took - I love the sepia tones she did on some of them:

Early Saturday afternoon after Kent was home, we headed over to Vicki's and went with her and Johnny to Lake Wedowee again where her parents spend their weekends. We had a great time! It was a little overcast, so I didn't realize how much sun I was getting until the end of the day when I had a nice lobster tinge to my previously PALE white legs... yikes! Thankfully its pretty much all faded to a pretty color by now, though the tops of my thighs are still a little pink and sore since they have had pretty much NO sun exposure this summer up until Saturday. We floated by the dock for a little while, then Vicki's dad took us on their pontoon boat out to what is pretty much a little island and sandbar that stretches out quite a ways into the lake. It was really cool! Kent found a puppy and some kids to splash around with and Vicki and I floated, chatted and tanned. It got really chilly towards the end with all the clouds covering the sun (and Vicki kept getting "Black Hole Sun" stuck in my head) and we were ready to head back when her dad came back to pick us up. We had a wonderful potluck dinner with their friends (and I totally stuffed myself - it was SO good)!

We headed back and got home pretty late, Kent went straight to bed and slept good that night!

Sunday we met up with Donna and Honey (mother in law and grandmother in law) at IHOP for breakfast which was a nice treat! I enjoyed my strawberry banana pancakes very much. I haven't had pancakes in AGES! I did pretty good about enjoying my splurges without going overboard too much this weekend, and the scale says I still lost some weight so I don't think I did any damage which is good!

Donna helped get our new lawnmower home, and I spent most of Sunday afternoon (off and on) figuring out how to get it out of the box and assembled! Kent and I also ran back out and I got an IPOD nano - I wanted to get one anyway (Kenneth got the massive one we bought about 6 months ago to take with him, and I just wanted a small one for work/working out), but now that I'm going to be mowing the yard on a regular basis I definitely wanted to get one sooner rather than later. We also stopped and petted puppies out front of PetSmart... saw a CUTE Boston Terrier and some sweet kitties... I was mildly tempted... but the craziness that seems to consume me about 6 months after we acquire another animal hasn't hit me YET... I am hoping it stays away this time (I would bring them ALL home if I could, but since I'm not home with them all day, I just don't think its fair to the dogs)!

Yesterday I did crockpot baby back ribs, WOW!! They came out GREAT! I was surprised and very pleased. It is the first time I've done them that way (I usually oven cook most of the day and then finish them on the grill). Crock pot was super easy, and I was really happy with how tender and flavorful they were, even without rubbing them the day before. I will definitely be doing that again!

Tonight we're doing a Dinner A'Fare stuffed flank steak and baked potatoes and broccoli... YUMMY! :)

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Any Chance?

When I was at my saline sono, Stacy (our coordinator) said if we were going to cycle with this next period I'd need to start lupron on the 18th and we still need L to have a period and get contracts done - so I assume we'll start meds the 21st day after my next period. I told L all of that, and both of us are hoping at least a little that maybe by some miracle we can squeeze it all in and her body will cooperate too - we will see! She put a call into the attorney's office to find out how quickly they can move and I guess we'll go from there!

I am looking forward to seeing a draft, since I haven't worked with Ruth Claiborne before I'm not really sure what to expect in terms of the layout and wording in the contract.

I'm hoping we'll get it soon, because I have to coordinate long distance with Kenneth to get his sign off and that's going to be a little more complicated.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Thumbs Up, One Down!

Dr. Kort gave the thumbs up on the ultrasound and sono scans and said my uterus looks good, so everything is ready to go there! Now we wait on blood, culture and biopsy slide results!! One down, 3 to go!

I was contacted by the attorney's office today as well, she just needed basic contact details to start drafting our contract - so progress there too, yay! :)

Hopefully the remainder of the results will continue to trickle in this week - fingers crossed! :)

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Testing is DONE!!

Mini-party time! :) I feel like "Phase 1" is now complete - all of the testing is done! I had the saline sono, labs and cultures done this AM and everything went fine. I didn't even feel the saline go in this time, so no cramps or anything which is great! I still vividly remember the very first one I had and how surprised I was at how uncomfortable, but every one I've had since then has been easier and easier. She said I had a "very pretty uterus" and that everything looked good but Dr. Kort still needs to go over all the pictures from the ultrasound and also the endo biopsy slides which aren't back yet (sounds like they got delayed due to the Holiday).

I spoke to L this AM and we caught up a little, sounds like they're pretty much done with everything they can do for the moment (legal stuff turned in, provera finished, and my IF has his 2nd testing appointment today or tomorrow). We're in good shape! I expect to hear from Ruth soon and get my input on the contracts and go from there. It sounds like the plan is most likely to start lupron on the 21st day after my next period - its possible they would start it on the 21st day of this cycle but that is on the 18th and gives us little time to finish everything. I am totally fine either way, I'm just happy that overall things continue to move forward smoothly. Part of me is still waiting for that "nope, this isn't going to happen" moment but I continue to trust that each step we take forward is for a reason, and we're going to make this happen and soon! :)

Kenneth has now been gone just over 2 weeks though it honestly feels like a LOT longer than that. I miss him a lot. He sends me quick e-mails when he can, but we've only talked on the phone a couple times since his schedule is so hectic right now. I am hoping he'll decide its a good idea for me to come up for one weekend while they're still in AL, but I know the good-byes are the hardest part so it may be easier to stay apart for now.

The 4th of July weekend was FUN! Kent and I had Friday off from daycare and work, so we hung out and went to see the new Transformers movie together which was fun and on Saturday AM we met up with Vicki and Johnny and headed out to Lake Wedowee to spend the morning at her parent's place. We took ATVs to a nearby small waterfall where the kids splashed and slid down the rock and I enjoyed some sunbathing. It was really nice, and it was awesome to spend some time with Vicki again, we've been in touch via IM but this was the first time we've gotten together in person in awhile (though this month we have quite a few get togethers planned which I'm looking forward to)! :) They had 2 other parties to go to, and stopped by our place on their way home and we set off some fireworks we'd picked up in Alabama on the way back from the Lake. They were beautiful, but poor Johnny was SO tired by that point, so we made it quick. Kent and I stayed up a little later after they left and enjoyed the small bonfire I'd started and toasted some marshmallows.

I am doing better with the Weight Watcher's program - learning how to make the most of my points and also learning that I can't really eat the "bonus points" they allow if I actually want to loose weight still. So I'm sticking to my daily target and have done well not going over, I have been incorporating so much more fresh fruit and veggies into our diet, and can't imagine eating any other way now. I make a salad almost every night now where before I didn't usually want to put that much effort into my vegetables. I am also eating a few more carbs now then I thought I could, but I'm still loosing - I'm just picking smarter (the 1 point sandwich thins, bagels and english muffins are pretty much all I buy lately).

I was worried last week that I wasn't going to come out of my "slump" with my weight not dropping and not feeling in the mood to exercise, but I feel much better after the long weekend, sticking to it and starting my workouts again last night. I was exhausted and slept great!

I have been so into reading the Twilight series, I am sure there is something wrong with me, but I'm embracing it. I'm on the 4th book for the 2nd time in less than a month. I just love the story, and love getting to "escape" a little every night! I think after reading them through twice now I am finally over my initial "craze" and can hopefully now get to sleep without the NEED to read "just a little longer" and maybe I won't be so tired once I'm back into a good sleep routine! It hasn't been too bad, but I've definitely been staying up later than I should and I know it.

I just scheduled our 5 year re-treat appointment with our exterminator and cannot BELIEVE we've been in our house that long already... we've owned our 1st home for 5 years now... that is crazy!! I am proud of all we've accomplished in that time, and still love our little home very much.

Well this post was a little all over the place, but that's what I get for waiting so long to update again! :)

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Catching up!

It's been a BUSY week! So much has happened. The quick run down:

On Wednesday, June 24, I had the endometrial biopsy in the afternoon. Dr. Kort was fantastic, and they were great about getting me in and out in record time (less than an hour from when I walked in the door, I was impressed)! The procedure was uncomfortable but ok and Rita stood at my side and told me what a great job I did. I breathed through it and it was over in no time, and they got what they needed. It was certainly less painful than a contraction, and about as long and that's what I compared it to! :) I was just doing my best not to MOVE during it and focusing. I was told to rest on the table for about 10 minutes afterwards and then get up and since I wasn't feeling too dizzy or anything I was able to get dressed and head on home!

Kent and I spent that evening packing up and getting the house as ready as possible for our Friday flight, I was very glad I didn't have any residual discomfort from the procedure since we had so much to do. We got pretty much all the packing and the major laundry/cleaning done that night and finished up on Thursday evening.

Friday AM the alarm clock went off at 5:45, so I got an extra half hour of sleep (but I probably stayed up later than normal). I was glad I got up early, even though I really would have loved another hour of sleep!! We had time to get the last of our stuff together, put it all in the car, load the dogs up and head out around 7:30. It took an hour to get the dogs dropped off a the two different locations (the vet didn't have room for all of them). Once that was done I actually started to feel excited about the trip!

We got to the airport without any issue and had a couple hours of waiting once we were there and at the gate. It was nice to not feel rushed at all! Kent had his movie to watch, and I read Twilight. Let me tell you... I have not been so sucked into a series in SO long... I can't remember the last time I could NOT put a book down like that one. I was DYING to finish it and get to the 2nd one, but I'd only brought Twilight with me!

We were met at the airport by one of my friends and off to the Great Wolf Lodge we went! It was WONDERFUL! The Lodge is awesome, I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a great family vacation spot - for kids of all ages! We could have just stayed in the waterpark all day (well, I could have!!) Kent loved the arcade and next time I'll let him do the magicquest thing too - he would have enjoyed that (I gave him the option, but he chose to spend his money at the arcade). We spent the days at the park and hanging out and the evenings outside chatting (we only got told to quiet down once, that wasn't so bad)! :) We all stayed up way too late and I ate like crap pretty much the whole weekend and the scale agrees with me. Sigh, oh well... it'll come back off!

On Sunday, most everyone was heading out early so I was bummed I'd gotten such a late flight - and then it ended up leaving late too so Kent and I sat at the airport for over 4 hours (since we had to be dropped off around 3:00 by one of the ladies who had a vehicle when she headed out at 2:30). I am glad I got a ride though, I appreciated that - it was pretty pricey for a cab or shuttle and I know I already spent too much on the weekend, but it was worth it and a great time!

I finished Twilight while we were waiting at the airport and couldn't WAIT to read the next one - I actually started it when we got home at midnight (I already knew there was no way I was going to work as tired as we were with how late we got home) and I stayed up 'til the wee hours of the morning reading it. I slept in very late once I went to bed, and then started reading the next book in the series!! I stopped on my way home last night to pick up the 4th one (I got the first 3 for a birthday present, but not the 4th) and I stayed up late last night reading most of the way through that one, I should finish it tonight... and I'm already looking forward to reading them again. I can't stop shaking my head at myself... I really don't remember the last time I was so pulled into a book that I couldn't put it down! It is WONDERFUL to have time to read again though, and Kent didn't watch much TV yesterday (he was playing with his legos), so I had a nice quiet living room to sit in and enjoy my book in (not that I care if the TV is on, I'll read out there anyway, but I really enjoy the quiet time)!

I am going to make a list of books I want to read over the weekends with Kenneth gone and am really going to try to NOT stay up so late, I need to set a 10:00pm maximum so I can get at least 7 hours of sleep at night. I'm already adjusting to this 5-6 hours of sleep a night and know its not great for me.

Our summer schedule is filling up and I'm looking forward to each of the upcoming weekends, on the days we don't actually have a set plan I will be taking Kent to the pool and swimming with him, or to the park to play and have picnics - we're going to stay busy and I know the days will pass quickly; I want him to really enjoy his summer break and to enjoy the weather and getting to be outside in it.

We're joining Vicki's family of the first half of 4th of July, going to the lake with her parents and then I am not sure if Kent and I will have a night home and grill hot dogs and watch fireworks from our backyard or if we'll go to Marietta to watch them there... it gets SO crowded there and we usually can see a decent amount from our yard so I'm debating. I'll probably let Kent pick.

My period arrived a day early on Sunday (I kind of wondered if it would, figured the biopsy disturbed the lining enough that it might shed a little sooner than it would've otherwise, though its just a guess) - so I am scheduled for the last of my testing to be done next Tuesday the 7th. A blood draw for the last of my labs, a couple cervical cultures and the saline sono! Yay!! I'm going to check in with the attorney on the contract details and see where that stands. We're looking at about a month to start cycling and I would like to know where we're at on contracts since that can be pretty time consuming! :)

I guess that's my update!