Monday, September 29, 2008

Tap, tap, tap…

I am still waiting to hear back on my lab results, and starting to get impatient!! I really hope they get something back today and call me – I am very anxious to know what this month is going to hold for us all!

Sigh, that’s all, just feeling very impatient at the moment.

I’ve been drinking the Dong Quai tea every night, and I don’t know for sure, but I can’t help but think its helping – my temps are evening out and aren’t so high as they’ve been, I keep hoping maybe this month will be it, maybe my body will finally wake up and we can get going! I’m so excited to get to transfer, and so ready!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

To clarify

No… I do NOT want to end up pregnant with quads. Now that I’m awake, I had to add that!!

Still waiting on lab results, I e-mailed the coordinator yesterday (Erika) and haven’t heard back from her either. My IPs haven’t heard from them yet either (GRS is supposed to get in touch with T&I to let them know what all is needed from them in terms of paperwork, etc. and to get the embryos transferred).

I’m looking forward to this weekend! Kenneth is gone running a marathon with the Marines in Maryland, so Kent and I have a few days of just us time. Tonight we’re going to bake a homemade apple pie, but not for dessert, for breakfast tomorrow! My aunt used to do that when I’d visit her, and it’s such a special memory I have that I wanted to pass that along to him. He’s really excited about it, he’s been reminding me the last couple days every morning and night… he’s so funny!

I also have Rocky Balboa from Netflix at home and lots of new stuff on my DVR, so I’m sure we’ll have a relaxing weekend at home, though we have a charity walk on Saturday to go to, so we won’t be total couch potatoes!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dong Quai Tonic Tea...

Blech!! It's yucky (well, to me) but I've started drinking it in hopes of helping my body regain its hormonal balance... I know its in there somewhere!! :)

I have only been drinking it since yesterday, and it says 1 cup of tea a day, so today was number two... It's got a weird cinnamony, spicey flavor to it. I am more of an earl grey or black tea with half & half and sugar... so this is different then my normal "cup of tea"...!! :p (Sorry, I'm tired... it seemed funny at the time...)

Hopefully I'll hear back in the next couple days from the RE on my lab results, I want so much to hear everything is ok!!! I just can't get over how long we've been working towards this transfer, I think if karma catches up with us, we're going to end up pregnant with quads with how patient we've been and how hard we've been working towards this goal! :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

ACK! What a morning!

Today I was supposed to go in and get several labs drawn (B-12, ferritin, AMA anti mullerian hormone, and the insulin/glucose fasting test, followed by drinking the evil nasty orange stuff and a re-draw for insulin/glucose 2-hours later). I already knew I'd be there at least 2 hours (obviously), and I'd stopped by to see the lab tech yesterday on my way home with the orders from Dr. Kaplan to ask her if the format they'd given them to me was all she needed. She'd said yes and told me to come back this morning and we'd do them all. Well, I didn't ask enough questions obviously because the format I had them in (written on a med script pad) was not what was needed if I wanted the labs run under Dr. Kaplan's name and not my OB's name (I was using the lab at my OB's office). She was just going to run them under my OB's name and CC Dr. Kaplan. That doesn't work with my insurance... so in any event, I had to place phonecalls, leave messages and wait for GRS to call me back. They did and we got everything worked out, but I didn't have my first draw done until almost 10:00am, so my second draw was right at 12:00 noon... I felt like crap by then, a total empty stomach for over 12 hours, and all that sugary stuff in my system... I still feel pretty sick, but I was light headed, extremely tired, and felt sick to my stomach by the time I left the doctor's office. I know its not great, but I wanted food bad, and quickly, so I swung through McDonald's for a hamburger before running my two errands and now I'm home... I think I might crash for an hour, I think I need it.

I have a teleconference for work at 3:00 and Kent should be home right around then as well. I haven't heard from his school today, so I'm assuming he's feeling much better. He was really sick yesterday, waking up with a fever over 100 and a deep chest cough. He'd been sick Sunday as well, but we'd hoped a day of rest might have him feeling better. He seemed MUCH better this morning, much more lively than he has the last couple of days.

I didn't get much real work done today, well really none yet, but I got those tests done, and I hope the results come out ok... it'll probably be no earlier than Friday before results are available. Hopefully Dr. Kaplan's office will call me then.

Monday, September 22, 2008

New Patient Consult Today

I had my consult with Dr. Kaplan at Georgia Reproductive today, as a new patient instead of just an OOT monitoring patient.

I think overall it went pretty well. Dr. Kaplan was very receptive to a natural cycle, and she actually did a baseline ultrasound on me since I've been spotting for 3 days, and my lining was thin. She has some concerns about how things are looking, one of my ovaries may have several cysts on it and my lining was very thin (which is appropriate, but I should have had more bleeding than just a little spotting leading up to such a thin lining). I think she has some concerns about my body getting back on track by itself, but she's running several tests on me (labwork, which I'm going in for in about an hour). If my body is able to get back on track and my labs look ok, we could transfer in as little as 2 weeks, maybe 3... there's a lot that has to get done between now and then though, paperwork from my IPs on the embryos, transferring the embryos here, etc.

Dr. Kaplan also suggested that if my lining doesn't get to the right point where they'll transfer that she'd recommend an Endometrial Function Test (EFT) She said if we look ok to transfer, we don't have to waste that month by doing the test, but if I can't transfer anyway, she'd recommend the test to make sure my endometrium is healthy and has the "sticky" stuff for good implantation. (Though, I don't think that is my problem!!)

So, labs tomorrow and then we go from there!

Friday, September 19, 2008

I’m sleepy…

Yep, today I’m sleepy… nothing new or exciting going on… I was just thinking about this journal and wondering if I should start one that’s not surrogacy related, but honestly I don’t think it would do any good. It seems every day there is something about surrogacy on my mind! It has very much just become a part of my life, a part of me! I have often wondered “what did I do before I found surrogacy?” I don’t think anything else in my life has really changed in terms of how I spend my time, but somehow that one little word “surrogacy” has weaved its way into every aspect of my life! My best friends are a part of the surrogacy community as well, so even when we’re not talking about surrogacy, it still is an important part of how we all came together.

I have really met some of the most amazing women through this community. I really don’t know how I got so lucky… I am so blessed to know them and call them friends. They are ALWAYS there for me when I need a shoulder, there to help me up when I am down, and to celebrate when there is something exciting going on. Their encouragement and friendship has gotten me through when I didn’t know where to turn. I keep thinking of the movie “Band of Brothers”, but we are “Surrogacy Sisters” and we’ve formed a very special bond through sharing our own unique experiences with surrogacy. Each of us has had our highs and lows, but we’re there for each other, no matter what’s going on. That is something incredibly special to find in this life, and I treasure it.

I am thankful it’s Friday and am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow! I love the weekends, though they always fly by way too quickly. Kenneth has a training class all day Saturday, so I’m going to work from home and get a few things accomplished and Kent and I will get some one on one which I love! Maybe it will be nice and we can go to the park or get out of the house for a little while – I’m sure he’d enjoy that! He needs a haircut too. And two of the dogs need nail trimming, maybe we can squeeze that in too. I wish I wasn’t such a wimp about trimming their nails, but it really freaks me out!!

Oh! Maybe I can take Kent over to the animal shelter with the big box of dog biscuits we bought… I haven’t been in awhile, some shelter dog therapy might be nice.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This week is flying by!

I cannot believe it’s already Wednesday; the last couple of days have just flown by! Things have been busy at work, and I was introduced to a wonderful local IM on Monday by a surrogate who goes to the same OBGYN as I do in Hiram; she got my info from a surro who found me on SMO… small world moment! :)

I have an appointment for Monday the 22nd to meet with Dr. Kaplan at GRS to discuss her recommendations for cycling; I am hoping she’s in favor of a natural cycle. But if not, I am still very curious to hear her suggestions after she had the chance to look over my chart. She’s already very familiar with me, so I’m sure she probably had some thoughts already. We shall see! I just hope and PRAY we’re doing something by October, I still cannot believe we’ve been cycling since February with nothing yet… I just can’t believe that much time has already passed! I’m so ready to be moving forward again!

I trust and believe everything happens for a reason, but it will sure be nice to KNOW why, instead of still being in the wondering stage! :)

My cycle is still pretty whacky right now. I will also ask Dr. Kaplan about that when I go in on Monday and take her a copy of my charts from Fertility Friend. My temps stay around 97.3 most of the time, I’m not showing any clear signs of ovulating, and have been off meds for around 40 days now. I am obviously not “reset” quite yet… I keep hoping SOON though! I ordered some hormonal balance tea that is supposed to help regulate… whatever it takes, I just would prefer to not use MORE medications in an attempt to straighten things out, I feel like my system has had enough of that! I know it can take up to 3 months to get back to “normal” and its only been just over 1 so far.

I guess that’s it for now! I hope to have some good info in the next few days after my appointment next week.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Another wonderful day!

Yesterday, "I" took Fiona and me to Ocean City. We had lunch at a little pizza place just off the shore - and my Greek Style fire roasted pizza was really yummy!! Fiona fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep during lunch.

Then I got to push her carriage (and I do mean carriage, not your average stroller, its really neat!) down to the boardwalk and we walked down a ways, and came back. I took a bunch of pictures of the beach, and of the shops along the boardwalk, and the birds soaring above it all watching for goodies. Fiona loved the birds! She also loved the carousel! We got some water and stopped for a moment inside "Wonderland" - a covered games area, we sat next to the carousel and she just seemed mesmorized by the horses going around and around. Plus she really seems to love music. It was so fun to watch the expressions on her face!

"I" and I got a lot of sun - it turned out to be a HOT day, and I wore black jeans... BAD IDEA!! :) We stopped and did a little shopping nearby after the boardwalk, and "I" got Fiona the CUTEST fur trimmed bonnet at this little children's boutique - SO CUTE! She looks like a little snow princess, she has the prettiest little face!

We swung over to Atlantic City after that, for about another 1.5 hours and did a little indoor shopping at the Tropicana; "I" got me a gorgeous argyle sweater - its so pretty! I will really enjoy wearing that this fall/winter (hopefully I will have a tummy full of their baby and outgrow it soon though!!) :D

"I" is an excellent cook, and fixed another fantastic dinner that night - salmon and brown rice and fresh cooked grean beans, it was so delicious. I am getting really spoiled with all the good food I'm getting here!

Today, Saturday, we headed out of the house around noon and went to Olive Garden for lunch. It was SO good - I love that restaurant. I ate WAY too much, I actually finished about 1.5 bowls of salad, a breadstick, and my entire plate of portabello ravioli, AND half a bowl of chocolate gelato for dessert! I thought I might pop after all that! During lunch, Fiona was being such a good girl, and she performed for everyone with some of her beautiful singing, and one of the restaurant patrons stopped by to thank her for the song!! It was too cute!

We stopped by Babies R Us on the way back to the house and "I" and I went in to look at the baby clothes, SUCH cute stuff! All the summer stuff is going on sale, and they had the fall/winter items out already. I loved the little plaid dresses!!

When we came home, Fiona took a really good long nap with her daddy and I got a bit of a nap as well. When I got up, "I" and I went through all of Fiona's clothes in her closet and I sorted them all by size and put them in separate labeled bags... I can't go anywhere without leaving something organized!! :D

I got to give Fiona her a bath again tonight, and I think we must have spent 15 solid minutes alone with me sitting next, and she she "told me" all about the washrag and the bottle she was playing with and didn't fuss even once... so apparently I am less scary than last time, YAY!! She seemed fascinated by picking the wet washrag up and watching the water dripping down!

I'm also really getting in some great quality time with T & I, individually which is really special. My IM and I talked for hours last night after "T" and Fiona went to bed, and she showed me picture albums. We reminisced about everything that had led to them matching with me, and the dreams we'd had about Fiona and Fiona's arrival... it was really special!

I really hope my records are on their way to Georgia by now, and that my body "wakes up" very soon - I'm so ready for our October cycle and getting prego for them again!

When "I" and I were going through Fiona's clothes, we were both saying that they definitely need to have another girl; with all the clothes in Fiona's closet that she never wore (seriously a bunch of them still have tags on them and they're too small for her already), someone needs the chance to wear them!! :D

Maybe a boy and a girl... (Ok, so I am not really wishing to carry twins, in fact the idea scares me a little now... but if I did I do hope it would be a boy and a girl for them!)

And as for pictures, of course I've taken a BUNCH and T&I got a few good ones of me and Fiona too which I hope they'll e-mail to me - I'm sure they will. I can't believe tomorrow is really about our last day! I am really blessed to get to spend all this time with them, to be included in such a special way. I really hope they know how much it means to me that they opened up their home to me like this, and let me have such an intimate sneak peek into their lives...

Friday, September 05, 2008

My first night visiting...

I cannot believe I am here, in their home... really and truly! It still feels surreal!

Fiona... she is such a cutie pie! She is talkative and starting to walk - toddling all over the place. She looks SO MUCH like her mom and dad... I only freaked her out once, they let me bathe her and I'd only been here 15 minutes, so I think that was too much alone time without enough introduction I think! She's so BIG!!

I am having a hard time wrapping my head and emotions around it all... seriously... I have no connection with Fiona, but yet I just love her and her family so much... I mean I carried that little person, nurtured and loved her for months... and she doesn't know me from Adam... its weird! I knew that's how it would be, but its different seeing it/experiencing it in person... It's a unique feeling! Being here and seeing them, brings all the memories and feelings of our first journey, that led up to this point rushing back! I am feeling very nostalgic!

I am just so happy to be here, and thankful for my wonderful IPs yet again. They are just the best! I love their puppy too! He spent the last hour on my lap "sharing" his fur with my clothes!!

I didn't take any pics tonight, but will definitely pull out the camera tomorrow...