Sunday, December 30, 2007

Crossing Fingers & Toes!

I'm supposed to hear something tomorrow or Wednesday (HOPEFULLY TOMORROW) about if we're a go for this cycle!! The lady who called me back Friday said she doesn't see why it would be a problem, if its just a matter of getting copies since all of the testing has been done. I'm getting excited again!!!

I am so ready to get going again! :) My last BCP would be Wednesday, and then period starting Saturday with testing on Monday most likely... (I might take my last pill Tuesday so we can get testing done Saturday to keep my cycle in January)... either way - its going to happen soon and I'm SO excited! :)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ho hum...

Trying to locate what's left of my patience... haven't heard anything from the clinic, so I don't know what they're still missing and I am DESPERATE to find out if we can move ahead with a calendar and meds without all of the tests making it in, or if they HAVE to have them in hand...

I should leave a message for my OB, too, to check on those last two tests they re-did for me last Monday... I'm feeling a little sorry for myself, but really I need to shake it off; worst case is I stay on BCPs maybe anothe week to give us all time to get the rest of our ducks in a row. I guess I'm just really invested in January, and the group of women cycling and transferring that month on SMO and I just want it to happen... :)

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I can't believe its already come and gone!! Now to get all the new things put away and get the house back in some semblance of order! :) The dining room had become wrapping central, so now the bows, bags, and paper need to travel back to their homes and give me my dining room back! :)

I sent my IPs a notebook of our surrogacy journey - snippets of journal entries, ultrasound and belly pictures, and gestational development quotes... they received it the day before Christmas and said it was the best Christmas present they'd received. Awww!! That just touched my heart! I'm SO happy they liked it!! I put a lot of love into that... I am so blessed by them.

Well, I get to go ahead and leave early today - its quiet this week!! I get to go visit Deb and her quadruplets and meet two other online friends this Friday!! I am SOO EXCITED! I just can't wait! :)

I hope I have some news tomorrow!

Friday, December 21, 2007

A few more items checked off the list!

The saline sono was on Monday the 17th - my OB said everything looked just great! So no problems there, just have to get the report to Cooper!

I faxed copies of my labs to Cooper as they said they didn't get them from my OB, and they still haven't gotten my PAP results; I really hope to have that to them by next week - especially with them shutting down, I think, really soon (for a week for the Holidays). I hope to get the nurse on the phone today to find out where we're at, and what needs to happen. I kind of wonder if my cycle is going to get pushed out a little further - maybe putting us in early February for a transfer.

As it stands, Kenneth's labs were done yesterday, and they said the results should be to Cooper the 1st week of January. I found out 2 of my labs were never done when they were initially sent in, so now we have to wait on results for 2 more of my tests as well.

On my current pill pack my cycle would start Jan. 5th, meaning my last pill taken on Jan. 2nd - but I can't imagine everything will be resolved by Jan 2nd!! Everything would have to be in place by then... Anyhow, we'll see what happens next. I feel like I've done most everything I can to help things along, and really a few more days isn't so bad.

I feel like I've not made much progress since I talked to the RE almost a month ago!

Fiona turned FIVE MONTHS old yesterday!! My IPs sent fantastic pictures of her - she's just SO beautiful!! I love seeing how she's growing, and hearing how they're doing. I have some pictures of her on my bulletin board, right behind my computer monitor, so I "see" her every day! :)

The Holidays are really here... I go shopping tonight for stocking stuffers, and have to get all of Kent's gifts wrapped up tonight. And I have to decide if I want to buy anything for Kenneth so he'll have something to unwrap - since I already bought his big gift (he got a gun safe this year - a nice one!!)

I get to drive my present every day, so I am not expecting much under the tree either! :)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! :) I look forward to what 2008 will bring.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mock Transfer done!

I went for my mock transfer this morning at GRS, so that's one more thing (hopefully) checked off the list. I'm a little nervous that they'll tell us it wasn't done right, or complete, because there was no accompanying ultrasound or uterine cavity measurements which I was surprised about... I have my SSH on Monday, hopefully between the two they'll have what they need. I'm a little sore from the catheter, it pinched.

Anyhow, we're hoping to get Kenneth's labs done tomorrow, but it might not work until early next week (to coordinate payment, since they won't take my IPs CC info over the phone!)

Less than 2 weeks until Christmas! I can't wait for January. :) I start my new pack of BCP's tonight; hopefully my last one for a long while!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Yikes!! Where Has the Time GONE?!

So much has happened!!

My labs are all done! (YAY!!) It took over 2 weeks to get the results - but they've been sent to Cooper, so I can officially mark that off the list. I had my RE Consult on 11/28 with Dr. Brasile and that went great! She was fully supportive of a January cycle as long as my saline sono results come back ok. She said to get on prenatals again.

The saline sono is set for December 17th, so just a few more days on BCPs, then I can be done for this cycle, and hopefully only have 1 pack more!! :)

I will schedule my mock transfer at Georgia Reproductive around 12/14, I'll schedule it as soon as my period shows up since it has to be between CD1-12 and I want to get that out of the way as well - so the SSH is the LAST thing on our list. Kenneth needs most of his labs, so as soon as he gets home from SERE school we'll schedule that as well. Then we'll be done with the pretesting! Yay!! Dr. Brasile said to call the week before I expected my January cycle, but of course I'll be in contact with them sooner than that to make SURE they have everything they need and try to get a calendar, and my meds set up.

Fiona is doing GREAT!! T&I have sent me the CUTEST pictures of her, I can't wait to spend those couple days with them when I fly up for transfer!! What a blessing it will be to see them all together!! :)