Thursday, August 24, 2006

Baseline Completed, We're Cycling Again!

So, I had my baseline at GRS on Tuesday, my lining was nice and thin (I didn't get the number though) and my estradiol was 30.8, my progesterone was 1.5 and I was given the ok to start meds that night! I had to take my shot in a public restroom at Dave & Busters because we were out late after our first day in roject Analyst training - it was fun being out though! The food was great, and I loved playing the games at the arcade! My hand was shaking hard doing the injection though, because right as I got the needle in, a HUGE group of people came in and were walking past my stall and making all sorts of noise, it was really weird! I did the shot well though, because I had ZERO pain from it, even now 2 days later I can't even tell where I did the shot! I was very happy about that, I guess I must have learned something from all those PIO injections I didn't do so well!

Anyhow, I get to take another shot and change out my vivelle patch tomorrow. Here's my schedule:
8/22 CD3 - blood and ultrasound at GRS, .15cc Delestrogen, 1 vivelle dot patch
8/25 CD6 - .25cc Delestrogen, change out patch, replace with 2 patches
8/28 CD9 - Blood only - E2 and P4. Change patches; put 4 Vivelle Dot patches on
8/29 CD10 - .35cc Delestrogen
8/31 CD12 - Blood (E2 and P4) and ultrasound. Change patches; put 5 Vivelle Dot patches on
9/1 CD13 - .35cc Delestrogen
9/3 CD15 - Blood (E2 and P4) and ultrasound. Change patches; put 5 Vivelle Dot patches on. Wait for continued instructions.
9/4 CD16 - Possible start of PIO
9/7 CD19 - Probable FET (if I don't need to stay on estrogen for a couple more days, which I have in the past, which pushes us back about 2 days).

I'm just waiting for Fran to confirm those appointments, and send the orders to GRS so I can get the actual appointments scheduled, the earlier the better! My IM called me yesterday and left a VM saying she'd spoken to her friend who is very knowledgeable about the field of IVF in Atlanta, and said she had very good things to say about GRS and recommended we use one particular doctor. I will try to make sure I request her for my ultrasounds.

In any event, we're trucking along and are not too far away from transfer! Part of me has my fingers crossed that I'll respond better to the meds this time and my lining will be thick enough at my 9/3 ultrasound that we can go ahead and transfer on the 7th, but based on past experience, my mind says that is simply wishful thinking!

I'd better get back to it! :) I'll update when I know more about what's next!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Baseline Tomorrow!

Well old Aunt Flo decided to show up on time over the weekend, and Fran said to count today (Monday) as CD1 since it is the first full day of flow. So, I'm waiting for a call back from Georgia Reproductive Specialist (GRS) to schedule my appt for tomorrow morning. I'm hoping things go well at the new clinic! I'm really excited about this cycle.

My meds should be here this morning - delestrogen and vivelle dot patches. Hopefully I'll get to start those tomorrow after my call back from Cooper! I can't wait to inject myself again!!! :) I know it will cause pain, and soreness, but I'm so ready to cycle and get to transfer, I really don't mind all of that! I will make it through, and we will have a beautiful pregnancy because of it all so it is definitely worth it! :) (Thinking positively, can you tell?)

I will post my blood and u/s results tomorrow!

Monday, August 14, 2006

3 More Days on Meds

I spoke to Fran late on Friday (I kept bugging her because I was very anxious to find out if I had to stick myself on Saturday morning or not)! She had a busy day at Cooper but managed to get back to me, thankfully! Dr. Choe decided I will stay on 2 progesterone vaginal suppositories and 1 estrace tablet for 12 days total, so through Thursday the 17th then stop all meds and wait for a period. Then we will begin all over again with CD2 blood and ultrasound and the new meds protocol. Hopefully by the end of this week I'll get a calendar from Fran, and my new meds. We're guestimating my period will start 4-5 days after stopping meds, which puts us around September 12th for transfer (since I usually take a couple extra days on estrogen to get my lining thick enough). I'm PRAYING I respond better to the patches and injectable estrogen.

It's good to have a game plan and an estimated time line. There will just be a couple more days of getting through the end of this cycle, and then we'll start again for REAL! I can't WAIT!! :)

Friday, August 11, 2006

A few more days of uncertainty

I spoke to Fran for about a half hour yesterday. There was some issues with my monitoring clinic releasing the results to Cooper because the credit card on file wouldn't go through which may have been a bank related problem which Fran got straightened out as soon as possible - in any event, that on top of a few other concerns have us all (Dr. Choe, Fran and myself) thinking its time to look at a new monitoring clinic. So, I'll probably be switching for this next cycle. Fran was going to get in touch with them as soon as possible to find out any neccessary info, and if they do endometrial biopsies for monitoring patients (RBA wouldn't, which is one problem). I don't know for sure that I'll be having the biopsy done, but Dr. Choe wants to review the original ultrasound films before making the final go/no-go decision on that. I was supposed to have my first one done today, so if she gets the films from RBA today, I guess I would probably go in tomorrow for one. If Dr. Choe decides its not neccessary, then hopefully I can stop meds this evening, get on Provera and get working on my period so we can start for Septembers cycle/transfer.

So, hopefully today will be the last day of uncertainty, I'm hoping RBA got those u/s films into FEDEX and overnighted them yesterday and that I'll hear something from Fran by this afternoon about the final decision regarding my next step. Either way, I should be on Provera by mid next week at the latest.

My progesterone was a little lower than they wanted - in the mid-20's and they want it at least at a 30, up to a 40. So, I may have to increase my PIO or suppositories next time to supplement. My estrogen dropped to 460-something from 1800+ a few days prior, I thought that was amazing. I am assuming my LH was nice and low, as Fran didn't mention it. My ovaries seem to at least be cooperative and I'm not ovulating through the meds which is good.

My injection this morning went really well - I'm getting much more proficient and much more relaxed I think. It was making me sick to my stomach the first few times, and I have been SO sore. I found out, after watching an online instructional video, that I was doing them too low - so we'll see if the new placement helps, and I've been sitting with a heating pad behind me as much as possible which helps keep everything relaxed. I do have a huge painful welt on my rear end and I think it's from yesterday's stupidity - thanks to the EMLA I am completely numb to the needle, but because of that I wasn't thinking AT ALL and totally repositioned myself (with the needle completely embedded) yesterday, and even as I did it I was thinking "Oh that's gonna hurt!" So, I have a feeling the nasty lump is because of that. I won't be doing that again!

I am so glad its Friday! Kenneth has today completely off, though he has lots to catch up on. He's definitely going to KSU this semester and has to go pick up a course catalog and hoping he can get into the classes he needs at decent times. We've already figured out that with my transfer most likely being the 1st/2nd week of September there's just no way he can come; so he'll be able to stay home with Kent and as long as his schedule allows Kenneth to either drop Kent off at daycare or get him on the bus then we can work the rest out. That most likely means I'll be on bedrest alone... I don't love that idea, but I don't dislike it either - I always do well with some down time. I'll take some nice aromatherapy candles, a few sappy movies and will rest as much as possible. The only downside to going alone is that I will have to get up to answer the door when food orders come etc., but other than that I won't need to get up except for bathroom breaks. I will try to keep everything on the bed within reach. (Books, magazines, snacks, etc.) I can't wait to get to transfer and get going on this pregnancy with my IPs! I'm SO excited everytime I think about it!! :)

Hopefully I'll have more concrete news by tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Good News At Last - (I Hope, I Hope)!!

Today was my CD23 u/s, I started progesterone on CD 20, so today was day four of injectables and suppositories... ohhh my rear end is sore, but it is all SOO worth it to hear the words "NO FLUID" when the tech was doing my u/s today!!! I was SO excited I think I was wiggling all over the table! My heart was racing! The only potentially questionable issue is that my lining decreased from a 9mm to a 6mm in those few days, but normally they don't do an u/s once progesterone has begun so this may be normal, or they may decide I need to up my estrace or something like that. I'm hoping it's all good news, and that the biggie is NO FLUID!

I fired off an e-mail to my coordinator this morning and she responded and said she'll try to get with Dr. Choe today - I need to get copies of the u/s films to them which hopefully won't be a problem.

As I type this, I'm sitting at my chair with my heating pad behind me, it's the only thing that keeps me from stiffening up too much, and I'm only on day FOUR of injectables! It worries me a little about how much pain I'll be in after 8-9 weeks of shots, but it is all SO worth it, and I can't wait to end these meds, get my period and start again aiming for September! If I can stop meds in the next couple days, I'm guessing we'll be aiming for a September 4-6 transfer date. I can't help but wonder if we'd just gone ahead and started progesterone back in July instead of canceling if I wouldn't already be prego!! Oh well, I believe things happen for a reason, and I sure will appreciate this cycle and pregnancy that much more. I just don't want to keep my IPs waiting forever. I'm SO grateful for their support and patience throughout this turbulence, it would be so easy for them to walk away, but they haven't, and I believe that they won't because we all know it will happen when the timing is right... I am praying, praying, praying that will be September!

My SMO friend Becky who's also going through Fran and Cooper just got her BFP!! I am SOO excited for her! So many of the wonderful ladies on SMO have gotten pregnant lately, and a LOT of them are pregnant with twins! I think it must be contagious, or maybe it's all those positive vibes and well wishes from so many amazing people.

I hope I'll have more firm information by the end of the week about "what's next"!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

CD19 Update

I've been on 6 estrace tablets Thurs/Fri after my callback with a re-check today - my lining was up to a 9mm, with a tri pattern (though barely visible through all the fluid), my e2 levels were over 1800!! Yikes!

Let me go back and talk about this morning's drama though. Because of the issues with getting Cooper the pattern of my lining from Wednesday's u/s, I didn't actually get to talk to anyone or get instructions until Thursday evening which is when they sent the order to RBA to a fax number I found online. I called and left a message for my RBA contact on Friday and never heard back, and unfortunately didn't have as much time as I'd hoped to follow up with work being so crazy. So, this morning I was worried that Istill hadn't had a call, and I knew if I didn't get in today we'd be postponed til Monday and that's just getting too far into my cycle! So, I called the answering service, gave them my story, and got called back from a nurse at Cooper (they're there 7-10 on Saturday), that was a little after 8am. I tried to call Fran but (as I found out later) she was on a very important call and couldn't pick up the other line, and no one was at Cooper yet. So, I got in my car at about 8:45 and had to make it to RBA by 9:30 and still hadn't heard from anyone about whether or not I would be able to get an order there or even be seen! I got there a little after 9:30, and still no order and no word from Fran, they agreed to see me (since I knew which blood tests I needed). They did the u/s and took my blood and it was about 9:50 at that time. I called Cooper and THANK GOODNESS someone answered and were able to send an order right on over while I waited to make sure it was received (so they knew where to send my results). Then I got my callback around 2:30, so all is well! I'm a little nervous about starting injectables tomorrow morning, but ready to get that over and see how things look in a few more days.

So, that's my update for the moment, we'll see what happens NEXT week! :)

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Early August Update

I had blood and ultrasound yesterday in the morning, there was some issues with getting all the information from RBA, so I just got my call back this afternoon. My estradiol is 863, progesterone 1.22, and LH .2. Lining is a 7.7 IE. I'm to up my estrace to 6 pills a day (4 orally, 2 vaginally) and go back for blood and u/s on Saturday. I can't even get through a mock without having to up my dosages and go back again! :) There was fluid again in the cavity, we'll continue forward though and see what happens when the progesterone is started.

My IPs are wonderful, as always, and we're all just hoping when the mock is completed that the RE will have some insights on how to try this again and make it work - with NO fluid!

My contact is driving me nuts and I'm on overload at work right now, so I'd best get back to it, just wanted to post my results!