Friday, April 28, 2006

Flight Plans In Hand!

Yay!! Things are moving along, I spoke to my OB's office yesterday and learned the 2 cultures processed through them came back negative, so they're just fine. I need to sign some release form so they can go ahead and fax those on over to Fran. I also had an e-mail from my IF in my inbox this morning saying he'd found an e-mail from Travelocity in his trash bin about our flight info; so I looked in my trash bin and sure enough there was the e-mail! So, we officially have flights scheduled! We'll leave for the Philadelphia airport at 7:00am on Thursday May 11th, and arrive there just after 9am. We'll depart the Philly airport just after 2:00pm on Friday May 12th and should get back to Atlanta by 4:20 - just in time for rush hour traffic!! Oh joy! :)

I'm super excited that we have the dates set, and though I haven't heard back from Fran, I'm assuming that means she went ahead and got confirmation for all of the neccessary appointments at Cooper for Thursday before scheduling the flights.

I'll update as soon as I know more!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Update On Travel Plans

Well, I got a call from Fran this afternoon - looks like we'll have to bump our plans by a week, some issues with Doctor's being out of office and having to reschedule their priority appointments for the week we were supposed to go. So, I'm waiting for the final confirmation, but it sounds like we'll head out early on Thursday May 11th and plan on doing most if not all of our testing that day - meeting T&I and Fran for breakfast Thursday instead of dinner as we'd originally thought we'd do. We'll spend Thursday night, and fly back early Friday afternoon. I must confess to being slightly disappointed, of course, and I know my IPs will be too!! But, it's just 1 more week, and I know that's really nothing in the scheme of things! So, I'll just have to check with my MIL about watching Kent those days instead and make sure it's ok with Kenneth, and hopefully we'll be set! 19 more days!! :)

Ok, time to go fix pot roast for my honey who just got home - yay!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

4 Cultures Down... Who Knows How Many To Go!!

Well, it didn't go QUITE as smoothly as I'd hoped! I got to the OB's office at 3:30 for my 3:40 appt, and they didn't see me until 5pm! I was getting so annoyed sitting there in the very full lobby for over an hour!! As usual though, Dr. Green was awesome and made me laugh as he took the cervical cultures. He was humming and bebopping around, he says you have to have fun where you can - I said not at the expense of my cervix!

Well, I was supposed to have taken the cultures for the gonorrhea and chlamydia straight to FedEx to be sent to Memorial, but the drop off closed at 5:30, and I didn't leave the OB until 5:45, and then drove around for 15 minutes and couldn't even find the address the FedEx website had listed... AHHHHH!! I was so frustrated, and worried that I had screwed something up.

I took the cultures home, and e-mailed Fran this morning to let her know what had happened, she called the lab and they said the 1-day delay wouldn't be a problem. I dropped them off at the FedEx drop box outside the Post Office this morning - their pick up is at 4pm. It's pretty cool and overcast today, so I hope the cultures are ok - I guess worst case scenario I would have to re-do them, but hopefully that won't be neccessary and everything will be fine!!

Next we should hear back on the cultures around the end of the week, and then Fran should be getting our plane tickets and lining up our itinerary next.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Getting ready for upcoming testing!

I spoke to Fran this morning, it's taken awhile but I think I've FINALLY gotten an understanding of what's going on, and what's coming up!

I will have 4 cultures done today - I will send 2 of the cultures to Memorial (the OB will take the specimen and give it back to me, I will FedEx it tonight using the culturette kit and lab orders sent to me by Fran), and the other 2 will be sent through the OB's lab and through my insurance (unless they don't feel comfortable using my insurance, in which case I will give them the gurantor letter I was sent)!

Fran said everything is scheduled for May 5th at Cooper, and I have a 1:30 consultation for me and Kenneth with the pyschologist - that means we're going to try to get EVERYTHING done by like 12:30 at Cooper, so we'll start pretty early. I have a sonohystogram first thing (not pleasant, but neccessary), followed by my infectious bloodwork and I don't know what after that. Fran said T&I are sending funds over today, and after that goes through we'll get the airfare lined up and we'll be set to go!! YAY!!

I just can't belive how it's all coming together so smoothly, and I am sooo very excited as we pass each little milestone - I feel that much closer to the ulitmate goal. Only 16 more days until Kenneth and I fly out and can finally meet T and I in person! I can't wait!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

About my PIPs

I sent an application in to Fran at A Woman's Gift mid March 2006, and heard back the next week. We spoke over the phone for an hour, and she set me up with a teleconference that same weekend. I spoke to T&I, and just loved them immediatley! They seemed laid back, had a great sense of humor, were very open, and we shared the same feelings in regards to transfers, contact during/after and other important issues. Now I am anxiously waiting news from Fran about what the next step is! T&I have e-mailed and called Fran to let her know we'd like to move on to testing, we're just waiting her reply.

T&I have been e-mailing me daily and we've exchanged numerous pictures, and spoke a couple times. My IM called me at work on Friday April 7th just to check in and let me know they hadn't heard back from Fran yet. (Fran was on vacation for a week and a half and didn't get back until April 6th).

I hope to have an update soon!!