Saturday, June 09, 2012

14 Years Ago...

I stood on the pier of Lagoon II in Senegal West Africa and pledged the rest of my days to the man I love.

It was a beautiful day! A little breezy but a perfect blue sky and the temperature was just right. I remember how anxious I was - the whole morning was such a whirlwind and I was so happy and so excited that it was finally time and that our family was there giving us their love and support. I keep thinking of how differently it could have gone for us, and the more I think about it the more grateful I am for our amazing parents who somehow found the strength to let us make that leap, despite all the worries they must have had.

14 years ago I married a boy I had fallen head over heels in love with, and today I am so thankful that I did. We have been through so much over the years, highs and lows and everything in between. We have made a life together, and that life has been built on love. That giddy, silly, highschool puppy love from all those years ago is the same love I still feel now - it is just bigger and stronger than it was then, not just love full of hopes and dreams, but love full of hopes, dreams and so many memories and experiences too. We had no idea what we were signing up for all those years ago, and there are some things I do wish I could change, but they have made us who were are, as individuals and as a couple so I am thankful for all of it and am so excited that I have the rest of my life to share with this man who is my partner, my best friend, the father of my child, my protector and provider - my husband.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

New Chapter is Underway!

What a whirlwind month it has been!! School started on May 30th, so I'm now through my 2nd week and starting to find my "groove". I thankfully have a set schedule, in that my class times are the same on Monday through Thursday, so I don't have to adapt to a schedule that changes every other day which I think would make this even more difficult for me to adjust to! Right now I have Math and Music on Monday/Wednesday and Fitness for Living and Communication on Tuesday/Thursday and am at school from 8:00 - 2:00 pretty much. It's a long day and a lot of lecturing, but I am enjoying it for the most part. Algebra is coming back to me (knock on wood) without too much difficulty yet - hoping it stays that way!

I'm a little anxious about the tests, but hopefully once I get through a couple of them it won't feel like quite such a big deal! We have our first tests coming up next week already - with it being summer semester everything moves along at a really fast pace and there is SO much reading to do! I have been spending about 2-3 hours every night on homework and reading. This weekend I have a couple chapters to read, lots of listening for music and test review to start along with a comm assignment. That's enough for me, thank you very much!

Kent has summer camp coming up at the end of the month, he has 2 different sessions he'll be going to and then a week long computer game design class and an art class too - so he'll be keeping plenty busy for the most part!!

I have my 31st birthday coming up in just FIVE more days! I cannot believe it's that time again... I am going to ignore this one I think since my hubby isn't home to celebrate with me - though I've already been informed he's ordered something and it will be on its way. We have our 14th anniversary this month too! June is a big month! I can't believe it's been 14 years already... what an amazing life we have had together. There have been some big ups and downs, but I honestly cannot imagine my life with anyone else and am so grateful for my husband - for his friendship, for his love, for his loyalty and dependability. He is my very best friend and I am a blessed and lucky woman.

So school, birthday, anniversary, summer camp and all that fun stuff going on and coming up AND I was invited to join A Woman's Gift as a gestational carrier coordinator on a part time basis for now - hopefully it will grow into more over the years, but in whatever capacity I get to work for AWG I am thrilled! This is such a fantastic opportunity for me - one I have been dreaming about for years! My husband has told me many times I should start my own surrogacy agency but I always tell him I really have no desire to start my own, I'd rather be part of one of the good ones out there that already exist and this is the opportunity for me to do just that! I have been able to do some recruiting so far, along with helping with a blog and their facebook page and hopefully will be able to do more with the screening and coordinating for carriers soon. Fingers crossed. :)

So that is my crazy life at the moment! I am now 4 months post partum from delivering the girls and I think often about getting to carry again. When I was 4 months pp from my 2nd surrogacy I had just started searching for a new match, so every now and then I get a little "antsy" and wish I could be actively searching for another surrogacy match but I'm going to take my time and try to remind myself that I'm not in any hurry - I have another 8 months minimum until I'd want to transfer because of the c-section and it being twins this last time so I have lots of time to make sure the timing is right for whenever I do move forward with seeking a match. I want to make sure it will fit well with my school schedule and make sure things are stable for us since Kenneth will probably be changing jobs again in the next few months when this deployment with HTS is complete - so for the most part I try to put it on the back burner, but sometimes that's easier said than done. :) In the mean time the days just keep flying by, especially now that I'm in school! I am so thankful for the 3-day weekend so I get a chance to just catch my breath a little amidst all the reading, homework and errands there are to take care of each weekend!!

Tomorrow Kent and I are going to McKenna Farms as part of one of my class requirements, through Volunteer Kennesaw State, to help with the horses in the morning; we'll be feeding them and rotating them around in their pastures. I am excited and hope it's a good experience for Kent too - when we went to the orientation last week he really enjoyed just being around the horses and getting to pet them and be near the so I think he'll have a good time and it will be a good experience for him.

I have been sticking to pretty basic meals so I haven't had a chance to review or write a recipe in awhile! I will hopefully find time to do that again every now and then, I really enjoy spending time in the kitchen and trying new things out.

I think that about sums everything up at the moment! We'll see how things continue to go with school and everything else coming up - and I'm keeping fingers and toes crossed I've retained info information to do well on this first round of tests next week!