Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tomorrow... tomorrow!!

Less than 24 hours to go!! Woo hoo!! :) I can't wait!! I spent some time this morning reading back over my old blog and pregnancy with Fiona!! :) Aww... Still hard to believe how much time has passed since her pregnancy! I am glad my body has had plenty of time to recoup and know I will be in good shape for this pregnancy.

I'm tired and had to wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom last night. I've been having issues already with off and on leg cramps. It actually started almost as soon as my positive pregnancy tests started showing up. I had several within a week and now they're just every now and then. I'm also having a skin issue I have reoccur after not bothering me at all for YEARS!! It's so weird! I don't know if its all the progesterone and estrogen I'm on or the pregnancy hormones or what! They are little bumps on my finger that hurt sometimes. I hope they will go away again soon!

I'm crampy today and my stomach is ok for the most part, just some mild nausea. I am so excited that we'll officially be 7 weeks tomorrow!! So much better than 6 weeks! :D Yay!!

We have some errands to run this evening and are probably going to grab dinner out then hopefully we'll get home at a decent hour so there can be an early bedtime for me! Every morning I wake up and just want so much to throw the covers back over my head! I've been craving Waffle House cheese eggs & raisin toast (don't ask me why - I don't think I've ever even ordered that before and haven't eaten at a Waffle House in about 6+ months, but that's what I want!!) So I think that's where we're going to go for dinner! :D

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

One more day almost done!

I can almost check Tuesday off on the calendar!! About 41 more hours until we have our ultrasound!! The evenings always go fast so before I know it, it will be Wednesday morning and we'll be down to 24 more hours! "L" checked in with me this morning and she is so excited and ready for Thursday too!

I alternate between being SO sure everything is going to be beautiful and then nervousness!! Today I've had a few moments of feeling pretty good and then a lot of fatigue and queasiness too. Early this morning I was feeling ok and then by about 10:00 the queasiness hit and was getting worse heading towards lunch. Kenneth got here around noon and we went to Nothing But Noodles for lunch. I was really hungry apparently because I ate almost the whole bowl of Sesame Lo Mein very quickly and then I just sat back and enjoyed the sunshine and let my lunch settle. About 20 minutes later my stomach was churning again. But I enjoyed that brief break of actually just getting to enjoy a good meal!

I am planning on fixing meatloaf and potatoes when I get home tonight followed by a lot of being lazy. Ok, actually there is a lot of laundry to fold tonight, but I'm really hoping for some being lazy in there somewhere!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

It's Ultrasound Week!

Finally ultrasound week is here!! Countdown is on to Thursday!! I can't wait to take a sneak peek and see how this little one is growing. I feel like things are going to be just PERFECT but its always SO much more reassuring to know for sure that they are then to just guess based off of blood tests and how I'm feeling!

It was a nice weekend! We grilled out on Friday night and I picked up a watermelon and made some macaroni and cheese to go with the meal. It was a little too chilly outside to eat out on the deck, but we did anyway! :) We made a fire in our little fire pit in the yard and huddled around it and toasted some marshmallows too while the sun was setting. It was a nice evening.

Saturday I really enjoyed sleeping in 'til about 10:00 am and then eventually decided I could not, in fact, sleep the day away so I struggled up and got moving. We packed a picnic lunch and around 1:00 we headed to the National Park on the Chattahoochee River. It was a very nice day, a little cool but sunny and so clear. The water was beautiful! We found a nice little spot by the river to eat our lunch, then put everything away and went for a walk. We let Kent splash in the River for a little while then found a path that followed one of the streams that leads into the river where the water was calmer and shallow. It was really peaceful and quiet, and so pretty. Kent and Kenneth skipped stones and I enjoyed all the fresh air! I had a few moments of sickness and was having a hard time getting going in the morning but I was really glad I did and was glad we went and look forward to more park visits in the future. Kent wasn't too thrilled about going but he really seemed to have fun while we were there. Hopefully he will learn to love going to the park as much as I did when I was his age!

On Sunday morning I had a REALLY hard time getting up and going, I felt really lousy and wanted to sleep in so bad. But I have my 2 years old class to watch at the 9:00 service on Sunday so I made myself get up and go. I always love watching the kids and I felt a little better by the end of the class. Service was good, and we went to Mellow Mushroom for lunch afterwards which was super yummy. I napped for a couple hours when we got back to the house while Kent worked on purging some of his toys and books - he did good and filled up a whole big bin! We've still go to do some rearranging and more cleaning out but it was a good start.

I was actually hungry a lot yesterday because I didn't feel all that queasy most of the afternoon. I'm going to have to work on how much I snack on the days I'm not so sick to my stomach.

I'm looking forward to the week and really, really looking forward to Thursday!! Hope it gets here SOON! :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Your pregnancy: 6 weeks

How your baby's growing:
This week's major developments: The nose, mouth, and ears that you'll spend so much time kissing in eight months are beginning to take shape. If you could see into your uterus, you'd find an oversize head and dark spots where your baby's eyes and nostrils are starting to form. His emerging ears are marked by small depressions on the sides of the head, and his arms and legs by protruding buds. His heart is beating about 100 to 160 times a minute — almost twice as fast as yours — and blood is beginning to course through his body. His intestines are developing, and the bud of tissue that will give rise to his lungs has appeared. His pituitary gland is forming, as are the rest of his brain, muscles, and bones. Right now, your baby is a quarter of an inch long, about the size of a lentil bean.

Yay for little nose, mouth and ears developing this week! :) I can't WAIT for our ultrasound next Thursday - one more week and we get to see how this little one is doing! I'm so excited!!

Feeling ok, getting used to feeling tired and nauseated or bloated all the time. My stomach is constantly in one state or another of unhappiness. I'm bloated and gassy or nauseated most of the time lately. Carbs seem to be the only thing that sound good most mornings. My chest is tender this morning and the "shower sickies" are definitely setting back in. I get really nauseated in the mornings in the shower for some reason. It got really bad with Fiona where I'd have to sit down just to get through the shower most of the time, it drains my energy and makes me feel so queasy. Very odd!! I am having a hard time finding a comfortable sleeping temperature too - I don't know if my temp is fluctuating throughout the night or what, but I was hot then cold then hot again last night and tossed and turned quite a bit.

I'm glad its Thursday but will be even happier when its Friday evening and I get to look forward to SLEEPING in on Saturday! Woo hoo! :) I shouldn't really complain - I've had a low key week with Tuesday off and then having to go to work late yesterday because Kenneth drove off with my car keys and I had to wait 'til 10:00 to leave the house so I napped a little while I was waiting.

Hoping for a low key weekend, we talked about camping and having friends over but I think we're probably going to avoid making any real plans and try to just take it easy. I'm hoping to get good enough weather for a walk at the Silver Comet Trail again and maybe a picnic lunch and maybe a movie sometime this weekend.

We got Australia from Netflix yesterday and started watching it last night, it's a LONG movie - I think we still have about an hour left on it! It was really pretty out last night so I spent some time outside watching the moon and the stars. It's so beautiful out where we are. I love how quiet it is at night.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Beta update!

23dp3dt my hcg level was 5,129! My hcg is doubling every 50.8 hours or every 2.1 days.

The doubling time is nice and steady and the clinic was happy with how everything is looking. I'm staying on all my same meds and was supposed to get a call back from a nurse to schedule my ultrasound for Wednesday or Thursday but haven't heard back yet. I will have to call them today and get that set up.

"L" asked for Wednesday, so I'm hoping for the morning of the 31st - I'll be 6 weeks 6 days on that day, so we should be able to see a beautiful little heartbeat. Fiona's first ultrasound was at 7 weeks and I remember it felt like forever until we finally were able to get in and see her, but this time it doesn't feel like its so far away for some reason... I am enjoying the clinic's laid back approach to monitoring and think its probably a good thing to wait until that point to do an u/s as you probably will have a better idea of knowing if you have a viable pregnancy at that point as opposed to doing a bunch of early scans too. Of course, I am 100% sure we only have one baby too, and part of the excitement of getting an early ultrasound is to find out how many are baking but I already know that part!! :D I keep thinking of the baby as "him" and Kent told me yesterday (twice) he's a boy too - so I guess our early predictions are in!

I felt pretty icky yesterday. I had the day off for appointments and so I got to sleep in some and relax in the morning. Went to IHOP for some pancakes and then did some errands before the first appointment. I ended up loosing some of my breakfast while running errands - I felt so queasy and sick for a good 30 minutes and then it just wouldn't stay down. I am pretty sure that was actually from being pregnant, not just the way I sometimes get sick to my stomach because of what I've eaten due to my gastric bypass - which I still struggle with every now and then.

I will be 6 weeks tomorrow! Yay! :) Another little milestone! Can't wait for the next 6 weeks to pass safely and uneventfully and be well on our way to the 2nd trimester.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Beta Day - Take Three!

Blood was drawn about 2 hours ago and we have to wait about 4-5 more hours 'til we get results.

In the mean time I am feeling ICKY today! Yesterday was rough and today feels like its going to be about the same.

On Sunday morning I woke up and felt ok, but I'd eaten SO much dinner on Saturday when we went to Provino's with Johnny and Vicki that I had very little appetite on Sunday morning and figured it wouldn't hurt me to skip a meal after how much I'd eaten the night before! I watched my 2 year old class from 9-10:30 and enjoyed the 11:00 service and then a group of us went out for lunch afterwards and by about 1:00 when we were sitting waiting it just hit me full on... I felt so nauseated and just "blah"... I wanted to go home and lay down sooo bad! I ordered soup and salad and ate a couple spoonfuls of soup - the baked potato pieces tasted good but it wasn't settling well and I tried the salad and it tasted off and wasn't settling well either. The waves of nausea just wouldn't stop... That kept up literally ALL afternoon and evening. It never really let up. I sipped a diet gingerale and ate a couple pieces of toast over the course of the afternoon (and half a sleeve of Thin Mints - BAD idea)... nothing really helped.

I was also FREEZING all evening! I bundled up in my sweatshirt and napped on the couch under our big fuzzy blanket and I turned the heat up to 70 but I was still really cold all evening.

Today I feel pretty similarly. Not quite as bad, but not good - my stomach is very uneasy and I keep getting chills, I'm very tired and mildly crampy. Lots of great symptoms! :) I told "L" I won't complain at all about feeling so lousy if it means there is a happy healthy baby baking!!

Fingers crossed that the hours pass quickly and we hear our GOOD beta number back soon. :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Had a LONG night that started with waking up at 4:30 to find Kent in the living room because he "couldn't sleep" and then about an hour later a viscious leg cramp woke me up so I got up, walked, drank water and ate a banana. I finally got back to sleep. I really enjoyed sleeping in this morning but then it was time to get up so I got myself going and we fixed a picnic lunch, did a couple loads of laundry and then loaded up and headed to the Silver Comet Trail for a nice walk. We walked for about 50 minutes, then got back to the car and grabbed our lunch and walked over to the park next to the parking lot. We enjoyed our sandwiches and then threw a frisbee around for a little while. I was SO exhausted by the end of that though and very ready to get back. I felt pretty good most of the time but I would have these waves of nausea every now and then where it felt like I would loose whatever was in my stomach right then and there... I keep cramping off and on too. Hopefully I didn't over do it but I sure don't feel so great right now. And all of a sudden I'm craving CHINESE!! I'm hungry and I just ate!! Maybe I'll go heat up an egg roll. :)

I am so ready for Monday's beta!!

I'm having an emotional day... and I miss my friends. I haven't talked to anyone today and I just feel a little lonely I think!! Hormones are cranked up or something. :) Going to swap out the laundry and try to nap a little and go eat that egg roll! :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

So ready for the next beta!!

Now that we're at the tail end of the week I keep thinking about MONDAY!! I am so READY to hear that next beta number and know everything is still going well.

Haven't had any super strong symptoms lately and yes it makes me nervous...! :) Same off and on cramps, off and on sore chest, tired but its been manageable the last couple days, and my stomach sort of seems to have moments of feeling fine and others of really hating me when I eat something. It's very odd! I know its totally normal for symptoms to come and go and be stronger at some times then it is at others, but I can't help but over analyze!

I am excited to find out if I can stop PIO injections after Monday's lab draw too! I am actually doing really well on it so far, just a few moments of soreness and itchiness but I keep waiting for a "bad" one and then having that horrible pain I remember from last time around. I keep praying I'll get the chance to come off injectables before that happens!!

Vicki and I are taking the boys to Chuck E Cheese tonight - the last time we went was 2 weeks ago, the night I took my first Answer test (at Chuck E Cheese) and saw that beautiful faint positive test! It will be fun to get to have a night with the kiddos and Kent is looking forward to it. I intend to play some air hockey this time (and to guiltily really enjoy their very greasy but yummy pizza)! :D

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Your pregnancy: 5 weeks

How your baby's growing:
Deep in your uterus your embryo is growing at a furious pace. At this point, he's about the size of a sesame seed, and he looks more like a tiny tadpole than a human. He's now made up of three layers — the ectoderm, the mesoderm, and the endoderm — which will later form all of his organs and tissues.

The neural tube — from which your baby's brain, spinal cord, nerves, and backbone will sprout — is starting to develop in the top layer, called the ectoderm. This layer will also give rise to his skin, hair, nails, mammary and sweat glands, and tooth enamel.

His heart and circulatory system begin to form in the middle layer, or mesoderm. (This week, in fact, his tiny heart begins to divide into chambers and beat and pump blood.) The mesoderm will also form your baby's muscles, cartilage, bone, and subcutaneous (under skin) tissue.

The third layer, or endoderm, will house his lungs, intestines, and rudimentary urinary system, as well as his thyroid, liver, and pancreas. In the meantime, the primitive placenta and umbilical cord, which deliver nourishment and oxygen to your baby, are already on the job.

Today is 5 weeks! Yay!! Small milestone, yes but the first of many to come! :) It's a busy week for this little sesame seed and I think about them every day and pray they are growing strong and healthy! I am ready to hear our beta number on Monday and get that u/s scheduled and get a sneak peak at this little sweet pea!

Feeling ok today - my chest is tender and I'm tired and I've noticed I actually seem to have a decrease in appetite right now which I am NOT complaining about! I'm thirsty a lot. Trying to listen to my body, but also remember to eat at least something small on a regular schedule so I don't end up upsetting my stomach too much. I had a piece of the VERY yummy Harvest Grain Whole Grain Goodness bread for breakfast this morning with some butter and blackberry jam. That stuff is FANTASTIC. Best bread I've had in forever!! I love the way it smells! :) I guess lots of carbs so far today, I had wheat thins for a snack and just had a packet of oatmeal for lunch... hmmm... guess I better think about some protein next time I get hungry!!

Last night we went over to John & Vicki's for dinner and hung out for about an hour and a half and got home around 10:00. We got to sleep in this morning because Kent had an appointment at 8:00 to take a look at the rash that has appeared on his upper body. The doctor thinks it is an allergic reaction to something he came in contact with, so we're starting some oral and topical steroids, he's on benadryl and I have to get some Aveno Oatmeal bath for him to soak in to help see if that will ease the itching while it clears up. Hopefully that will help!

I'm fixing Kent a Dinner A'Fare meal tonight - chicken and rustic potatoes. It looks good! I'm sure he'll enjoy that! I am learning to cook separately for us some nights, he enjoys having traditional dinners so I just fix myself a Chik Patty or something on those nights (which I LOVE) and everyone is happy!

It is warming up a little - today its still pretty chilly but it is supposed to be 70 tomorrow!! I am so excited to see sunshine and feel warmth again. It's been too dang cold lately! :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

4 weeks 5 days

Tired... yep, that about sums up how I feel right now. And I am crampy a lot off and on, and a light nausea sort of comes and goes. I'm hungry a lot too. That's pretty much everything going on with me right now!

There is a lot going on outside of the surrogacy too in my home life and it definitely adds to the fatigue, but it will all be ok and I am just resting as much as I feel I need to (which is a lot) to get through it all and still feel good as much as possible. I struggle a lot with how tired I am, I feel lazy and useless and I really, really don't like feeling that way. Anytime I have a few moments of feeling ok I feel the need to rush around and get a bunch done and then I'm even more tired, but at least I feel like I accomplished something! Yesterday I got most of the mail pile sorted and organized and put the trash mail in the recyling bin and I felt like I did something! As long as I can do something each day I think I will get through these feelings of uselessness and frustration with myself. I don't like feeling frustrated, and I don't like feeling incapable either.

It's another beautiful but chilly day - I am glad to see sunshine even if I know it is COLD! My temperature has fluctuated a lot. I have been cold a lot and then I'll get really hot at night. I have like 5 blankets on my bed though, since I tend to be cold but sometimes I just wake up drenched in sweat. I am also starting to get foot cramps off and on. I've had issues with those before but not for a long time! I hope they don't get worse. I need to make a point to stay hydrated and remember my calcium/iron/potassium supplements every day! Speaking of - time for some more water! :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

16dp3dt - Beta is IN! :)

It was totally worth the wait!! Great increase to 519!!! I am shaking I am so happy!!

Your hcg is doubling every 42.9 hours or every 1.8 days (doubling every 2-3 days is average/good/normal so I am VERY happy with that doubling rate)!!

YAY!! I can breathe now!! Phew!!! :D

Staying on same meds and repeat beta on 3/22. :)

4 weeks 4 days, 16dp3dt - Repeat Beta Day!

Labs were drawn about an hour ago, now we wait 'til about 2:00pm for results! Fingers crossed that the time goes quickly!!

I am really tired and worn out emotionally and physically this morning... ready for a quiet week and praying for a good strong doubling beta so I can relax about the little baby bean that's baking!!


It is now 2:42 PM and I have not heard a PEEP from the clinic. Aside from starting to freak out I am going crazy just not hearing anything back!! ACK!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

4 weeks 3 days, 15dp3dt

Had a great weekend and I'm ready for my beta tomorrow... a little nervous but just so ready to know what it will be and how things are going with this pregnancy!

We went to Big Pie in the Sky in Kennesaw for pizza last night - we'd seen it on Man Vs. Food on the Food Network and pizza sounded good! We had to wait forever for dinner and I was starving, but it was really good and man those pieces are HUGE!! I felt sick afterwards though and almost lost my dinner, not sure if it was from what I ate or just overeating because I waited too long and got too hungry.

I have been really crampy off and on and it worries me a little but I'm hoping its just because of all the activity going on in my womb right now!! :) I hope a beautiful little person is growing right on track right now!

I think I'm going to look up my old posts from Fiona's pregnancy and see if I mentioned a lot of cramping early on to make myself feel a little better! We got more Answer brand tests so I could see the line is darker then the one I took on beta day - I took it last night and it was a beautiful really dark line, darker and thicker than the control line even. :) I am still so worried for everything to be ok with this little bean! I can't wait to get to the point where we can have an ultrasound to see how everything is going.

I watched my 2 1/2 year olds this morning at the 9:00 service and that was running on a night of little sleep so I was really warn out after watching the kids - I made it through service but I was exhausted and came home to put my feet up and have had them up for the rest of the afternoon. I napped for awhile but I'm still pretty sleepy so I'm looking forward to a few more hours of doing nothing and hoping I can find a little more energy by tomorrow.

Friday, March 12, 2010

13dp3dt / 4 weeks 1 day!

I am feeling ok today - I had a nice night last night. Went home and had a random dinner of a couple pita chips with hummus, a few fresh toasted french bread crostinis with green olive tapenade and a piece of cold quiche out of the refrigerator (!!) and then Kent went with Kenneth back to Honey's house for the night (Kenneth took him to work with him today since the kiddos don't have school today) and I went to a women's group meeting at church from 7-9 then came home to a quiet house! It was nice! I was actually feeling ok, so I got some housework caught up - did a load of laundry and dishes, vacuumed and did some dusting then I spent a little time on the computer and watched a recording of Grey's Anatomy while I ate a bowl of Special K with almond milk - YUMM!!

This morning I have been fairly emotional, I keep tearing up and cried in the car a couple times. The nausea isn't super strong, but sort of comes and goes in waves. I haven't really had much of an appetite yet today though I did have a big breakfast on my way into work. Every now and then my mouth starts watering and I wonder if I'm finally going to throw up, but so far not yet.

I keep thinking about the little baby bean that's baking and I hope and pray they are growing nice and strong and healthy and I pray for a good doubling time after our Monday beta check! If we get a good doubling time I am pretty sure I'll be able to relax at least a little. :) (Or I will TRY)!

I am pretty tired and had woken up with bad stomach pains, and wondered whether or not I was going to be able to go to work but they went away after being up for a little while so that is good, but I was sort of looking forward to the idea of getting to stay in bed for a day! I think I might just do that for most of tomorrow morning...! I will try to be a little productive around the house tonight so I can just veg tomorrow and catch up a little on my rest.

So glad its Friday!! :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

1:45pm... Beta is IN!!

Just for a reminder:

Singleton: 40, 51, 63, 83, 87, 87, 96, 106, 112, 118.6, 123, 141, 148, 173, 175, 187, 198, 198.1, 234, 248, 256, 307, 329, 388, 416, 549, 1027
Twins: 69, 75, 101, 171, 174, 182, 213, 249, 268, 299, 324, 366, 377, 382, 397, 408, 452, 478, 549, 583, 629, 655, 915.4
Trips: 452, 479, 535, 599, 972
Quads: 1536

And our number is 110!! It's a great solid singleton number, the clinic was happy with it and said my progesterone and estrogen levels are great so stay on all my current meds. Recheck on Monday!! WOO HOO!! :)

To pass the time...

Here is a flashback to my posts when I found out I was pregnant with Fiona! (From my postings on

Hello ladies! You don't have to add me yet, I am sort of in limbo until my Monday ultrasound to figure out if we're a go or not. But I'm on CD12 of meds today, and my lining is at a 7mm and tri; so things are going in the right direction. They have to STAY THAT WAY and thicken a little more by Monday (they want at least an 8mm); I am praying HARD that this is it and that it will happen this time. If things look good Monday I'll have my FET November 2nd... I really, really, really hope I will be a Cranbaby!!

I AM a cranbaby!!! Transfer is set for November 3rd!!! I am SO excited I can barely stand it. I got the call last night while driving home, and had to pull off the freeway to get all my instructions and immediately phone my IPs and we were all giddy together!! I did my first PIO this morning, and will do my first suppository tonight. We were told they'll start thawing the embryos tomorrow, and will give us status checks (me and my IM). They'll let us know on Thursday what time the transfer is set for. I head to NJ Thursday afternoon... WOOOO FREAKIN' HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

I AM SOOOOO Excited!! I am useless today at work, all I can think about is getting on that plane tomorrow! I will probably head out early, I just don't think I can take it! I asked if Stephanie will post an updated for me while I'm there since I won't have internet between tomorrow afternoon and Monday.

I'm guessing they'll set my beta for November 17th, which is the day before we have my son's 8th b-day party; I really hope I'll have great news to be excited and happy about, otherwise I might be all depressed and no fun at all!

11-01-2006 (post from Stephanie)
Yes...I will be posting for Beka...she has my cell number and i will make sure I have it on at all times!!!!! Sweetheart you are gonna do great and be pregnant in just a few days!!!!! HAVE A SAFE FLIGHT AND DRINK LOTS OF WATER!!!

Stephanie - THANK YOU SWEETIE!! LOVE YOU!!!! I can't wait to give you a call on Friday eve or Saturday with an update. Here it is 1:25am and I CANNOT sleep a wink. So, I'm up... doing nothing. I can't pack 'cuz all that's in my room. I started last night and my stinky husband made me "GO TO BED"! The nerve of some people. My coordinator and I talked for about a half hour going over last minute details. I'm still waiting for an update on the embroys to hear how they're doing. They started the thaw yesterday... I've got all fingers and toes crossed for some healthy little future babies!!

I have started drinking water already this morning, and will do my best to stay hydrated while away. Nothing but water from here on out!

Hopefully I can at least update about that before I head out for the airport around 11:30 today. I AM SOOOOO EXCITED! I'm just going crazy!

Cooper called about an hour ago with instructions for tomorrow, transfer is set for 9:30am. 5 of the 6 they started thawing have divided today, they will continue to watch them and want them to divide again before they will make the final decision on which 3 we transfer. It is SLOWLY sinking in that this is really happening. I'm still in shock, and get a little nauseated when I think about it all! Of course, that could be the progesterone talking.

11-03-2006 (post from Stephanie)
Rebekah is not near a computer....She asked me to update for her when the transfer is done so I will post for her just as soon as I talk to her!!!!

11-03-2006 (post from Stephanie)
I just got off the phone with a very loopy Beka...they transferred 3 8 celled beauties!!!!

She is lounging in her hotel room...enjoying the effects of the valium that they gave her and instructing the embies to "keep their arms and legs inside the vehicle".

She sounded wonderful!!!!!

I'm so happy to be back, and hope all the Cran babies are doing well!

I will probably start testing tomorrow or Wednesday - I know its early, but I have all those tests, I might as well use them!! I will be 4dp3dt tomorrow. Where is everyone else at??

I started testing today!! It was negative, of course, but 4dp3dt = 7dpo and the earliest bfps I've heard of started around 8dpo, which would be tomorrow. I want to see when it goes from neg to positive... If you're going to be an early tester and your first 3-day transfer happened Monday, I would suggest Friday or Saturday at the VERY earliest to start POAS!! Good luck!!

The progesterone (or perhaps little embies?) are KICKING MY BUTT!! I am feeling queasy off and on, hungry but with no real appetite, and absolutely exhausted... anyone else have this problem on progesterone?

Well, still using my internet cheapies this morning and nadda - I will try again tonight!!

Well, I just heard that at least 2 of the other Cooper transfers that happened the week before me all got their definite BFPs on 8dp3dt, so this weekend I am really going to be looking for line #2!! (Of course I'm still hoping it shows before then, the suspense is killing me!)

Today, on the way into work, all I could think about (for breakfast mind you) was getting a big turkey sandwich... what is THAT??! I thought it was pretty funny.

How's everyone feeling? I'm 5dp3dt and testing with my cheapie internet strips for now and they're still negative as of this morning, I'll try again tonight!

OMG!!!!!!!!!! I am freaking out a little right now... trying not to get too excited, HA!! I just used my internet cheapies, and the one from has a VERY FAINT SECOND LINE... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I know, I know, don't get too excited until I see the other brands and see the line get darker, but still.......AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

Yes, it is DEFINITELY an addiction!! I keep thinking "how many do I have left, how long will that last me if I do 1 or 2 in the morning, maybe 1 in the afternoon, and 1 at night?! I need to go buy MORE!!"

So, sad to say I could not repeat those results this morning when I POAS on an equate and another of the same type of strip test from I brought another equate with me to POAS maybe this afternoon... unless I behave and wait until tonight!

Had some more twinging yesterday on the opposite side as Tuesday, and this morning tugging sensations on the left... I am still hopeful, but just really can't wait to see double lines on multiple tests! It was a bummer too, that one that had a second line dried clear! But, my DH did see it and confirmed I'm not (entirely) insane... Soon, I hope! Good luck to the rest of you POAS today!!

I did mine first thing this morning at 3am when I woke up to pee, and will have to wait to do my next one when I get home around 6pm... that's SOOO long to go without POAS!!!!

I'm doing AM and PM testing, but other than that I am right there with you - when that first real BFP comes, there will be a WHOLE lotta POAS goin' on at my house!!

know what you mean about KNOWING its early but still being frustrated by no second line. That's how I'm starting to feel today. Last night and this morning nadda. Again a FAINT ghost line on the strip, so I'm wondering if those are giving me evap lines. I definitely don't trust it to mean anything. Nothing on my equate this morning at all and I'm 7dp3dt now. I brought an Answer with me to work today, I'll try around 1pm, and then again probably another Equate tonight before bed. Maybe tomorrow will be the magic day!

Good luck to the rest of you POAS-ers!!

Thanks ladies!! I am hanging in there and still very hopeful for a BFP in the next couple days, like Zarina said, I know in my head there's still time, but its just a matter of wanting to "get it over with" so I can feel relieved that it really worked!

I just posted on the "pee party thread" but will ask here too!!

Can someone tell me if "Answer" brand pregnancy tests give false positives??

Super Surro Eyes needed - light, but I see it this time for sure!! Maybe someone with photo savvy can do that cool inverted thing??

Oh, did I mention how I'm feeling: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

This morning I got quick, but still faint, lines on equate and FRED. Still waiting for that dark line to get too excited and tell my IPs, I would hate to think things weren't progressing correctly and get their hopes up high!! The equate is darker than it was last night, but still so light.

Was everyone else getting dark lines by 8dp3dt?? I will test again tonight for comparison, if it is darker I will probably call them with the news... I had thought I'd do something fun like an e-mail or overnighted package, but I think I'd rather just tell them over the phone and hear their voices!

I tested again this morning, because I am PARANOID that the next test I take will be negative, and got a really NICE dark positive on Equate:

I sent this one to my IPs this morning, and am finally feeling brave enough to test on my digitals tonight.

Am I weird to be so paranoid? Does anyone else feel like they next one won't be as positive as the one before? I am having such a hard time accepting that this really truly may have worked!!

I'm queasy, but I feel better when I'm sucking on hard candy or sipping juice. What works for you guys? For dinner last night I had a bowl of Crispix cereal with a banana on top!! I thought that was really funny... I just crave carbs, and meat sounds really icky to me right now.

I asked my hubby to make a big pot of spaghetti for dinner tonight. I am loving my pasta! I keep wondering as the hcg increases in my system how much worse this is going to get!!! I say BRING IT ON.

Beta TOMORROW!! I am so stinkin' excited, I did NOT sleep well last night at all - and my beta's not for another 24 hours!! I imagine I won't be sleeping well tonight either...

I keep going over and over in my head what the number MIGHT be, and what I hope it will at least be... I'm just so excited for my IPs, and I just want so badly to get a nice healthy number so we'll know things are moving in the right direction!!

All you preggo ladies with the beautiful big betas, rub your bellies for us and send some of those big beta vibes my way, pretty please!!!

I had my blood drawn this AM, I was told I could call around 2pm for results - I will go NUTS between now and then. I need to find something to do to keep me really, really busy!!

Next update stick in a big 'ol 198.1 for me at 12dp3dt for my beta, pretty please!! WOO HOO!! 2nd Beta will be on Friday the 17th!

I am cracking up at myself this morning! I've been hungry a lot, but having a hard time finding anything that sounds appealing. So, this morning I picked up a few things at the grocery store:
white milk
chocolate milk
plain bagels
cream cheese
cheese slices
baby kosher dill pickles
Shredded Wheat cereal

Of those items, do you know what I ended up eating for breakfast?? Chocolate milk and pickles!! I've almost drunk a quart of the milk, and had about 5 or 6 pickles - that's what sounded good!! I am finding this very amusing!! I told my friend at the front desk, and almost made her ill.

Going for beta number two in about 10 minutes - I'll have results sometime this afternoon between 2-2:30... keeping my fingers and toes crossed!

15dp3dt 388.5!! Happy Dancin'!!

I will have 2 more betas, on the 20th, and then again on the 27th. But we won't have an u/s until the 2nd week of December... TORTURE I TELL YOU!

I had my 3rd beta today - hoping it's still going up up up! (I'll get results probably early afternoon). I am feeling lousy. The m/s comes and goes. I sorta feel sea sick when it's bad. I still haven't thrown up yet, but I sure feel like its COMING!

My IPs said they're reading up on all the fetal development and baby books and getting a head start. They are SO ready to be parents! I am looking forward to seeing my OB next Monday and getting scheduled for my first u/s... it will really help to see that h/b for the first time. Until then I'm still a little on edge.

I'm 18dp3dt today, and anxiously waiting my lab results! It's never taken this long before, and I wasn't worried up until now.... I sure hope they call soon... I don't like this wondering what's going on.

FINALLY!! My cell phone died in the car, so I just retrieved my message. And I counted wrong, I'm 17dp3dt. It's 1264 - so all is well in that department!

The problem is my estradiol 5,734... they are decreasing my patches as apparently this is not a good thing!! Anyhow, hopefully it will come down some. They want labs done again on Friday.

My ultrasound is scheduled for December 6th at 2pm... Keeping my fingers and toes crossed!! I also had another beta today, but won't have results for a few more days. I am 24dp3dt today.

I got my first faint pos was on an Answer, and the one I'd taken earlier was DEFINITELY bfn, it was obvious when it was pos... if it's pink, its BFP!! And yes, the symptoms were much stronger on some days than others, I can't think of any that were all that consistent. Even now, the twinging and the nausea comes and goes. The fatigue is pretty constant now, but it wasn't then (at the very beginning)!!

I feel so left out!! I'm the only one towards the top of the group with no u/s results!!! *Sigh* Just TWO more days!! I'm almost POSITIVE it's going to be just 1 happy healthy baby; more than finding out "how many" I just want to see a heartbeat and hear the baby's measuring on track!!

Can you believe our month is officially over, and we are now in December? Only 2 more ladies in waiting!! I think I'm sort of here and on the first tri board until I hear my u/s results; then maybe I'll feel ready to admit to myself its really official!!

Everything is great!! I'm so excited!

There was one beautiful little bean measuring right on at 7w0d, and with a heart rate of 158 bpm!!

I told IM that it must be a girl who wanted the womb all to herself and didn't want to share...

She was somewhat incredulous, but I know they are SOOO excited!



Ok, that was a fun walk down memory lane!! :D Time to make some new memories - hurry up RBA and call us back!!! :)

12dp3dt!! BETA DAY!!

I went this morning at about 7:30 and had my blood drawn... I am SO excited and anxious to hear back! I know its going to be a decent number, but I want it to be a STRONG decent number!! Answer from last night gave a nice pretty line so that was encouraging!

I had a BFP with Fiona at 7dp3dt on Answer and my beta was 198.1 at 12dp3dt, I am just crossing my fingers for something similar.

According to the compiled betas on SMO:
Singleton: 40, 51, 63, 83, 87, 87, 96, 106, 112, 118.6, 123, 141, 148, 173, 175, 187, 198, 198.1, 234, 248, 256, 307, 329, 388, 416, 549, 1027
Twins: 69, 75, 101, 171, 174, 182, 213, 249, 268, 299, 324, 366, 377, 382, 397, 408, 452, 478, 549, 583, 629, 655, 915.4
Trips: 452, 479, 535, 599, 972
Quads: 1536

Anything over 100 is a good number, and I will be happy with anything over that, but I'm sure I'll be anxious if its much lower then Fiona's was. I can't wait to get through the next month and have a heartbeat confirmation and just get to the point where I'm not stressing all the time about whether or not everything is "ok" with N&L's baby bean! :) I love being pregnant, and I love the 2nd trimester and feeling the baby move and I'm so looking forward to that point!!

This morning I'm not too nauseated, but my chest is very, very tender today. I'm having a little bit of itching from PIO and a small sore spot from last night. I didn't lay on the heating pad as much as normal last night, and hope I don't end up paying for it with a lump (not like I'd be able to tell - there are a bunch there already)! :D

I have a lot to do this morning to keep me busy, so I'm going to try to jump on in and pray the clock ticks QUICKLY today. :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

11dp3dt - almost beta day!

I cannot wait, wait, wait for our beta numbers tomorrow! :) Tonight is the last test I am taking. Clearblue digital popped up pregnant very quickly again this morning and my Answer test from last night showed a darker line too. I still wish it was darker but as my wise friend Shara Khon said to me "The darkness of the line does not matter. It's like saying, "If it's light, you are only a little pregnant."" I love that!! :D Doesn't remove that obsessive desire to see a darker line, but still was a good reminder.

We are all so looking forward to hearing our actual beta numbers and then starts more obsessing and comparing and anxiously counting down until the next beta!! :) I don't know how many beta tests they'll do or when they schedule first ultrasounds, but hopefully within a couple weeks we should have an u/s scheduled!! YAY!!

I am feeling pretty much the same as yesterday. Very queasy upset stomach this morning, sore chest, lots of achy sensations still and extremely tired. Bed sounds so good... I sleep like a ROCK at night and just wake up exhausted. The great news is PIO shots seem to really be going well this time around! I am THRILLED!! No major soreness to report! That makes me very happy, I will happily endure all other symptoms and trust it means there is a happy and healthy baby growing and I am SO thrilled to be part of it! :)

Now the countdown 'til tomorrow's blood draw and then the torture of waiting for a call back!! ACK!! :D

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

10dp3dt check in!

I feel icky this morning! Very queasy, a little crampy/achy and extremely tired. I will take those as good signs. :) This morning I think I am more queasy and "off" then I've been yet. I slept pretty good last night, but I tossed and turned a little this morning waiting for it to be time to get up and test again. I will be very relieved when we get to beta day and get a HEALTHY number so I can stop obsessing over the HPTs!! They are starting to drive me crazy!

Usually on work nights I use the bathroom right before I leave work at 4:00 and then test around 7:00pm, but last night I drank a bunch right before I left work so I had to go when I got home around 5:30. So I figured I'd just test around 8:30 instead. But I ended up drinking a lot more than I should have for testing - a can of diet gingerale plus water, so what I had to test with was a lot more diluted then most other nights and I think because of that the test line I got last night at 9dp3dt was actually a little lighter then the test line from the night before at 8dp3dt and that upset me and had me very worried. So I didn't drink pretty much anything else and I tested again this AM with Answer along with a Clearblue digi test which popopped up "pregnant" almost immediately!

I'm thinking about getting a different brand of test on the way home to see if I'll get a darker line then Answer has been giving me. It's nice to see a progression but I'm beginning to think Answer just doesn't give you a good DARK line until your HCG levels are REALLY high!! It's making me nervous!!

Here's last night and this mornings tests.

So, that's it for now I guess - tired, hungry, queasy and a little anxious. Thank goodness Thursday is almost here! :)

Monday, March 08, 2010

9dp3dt count down 'til beta day!

Thursday is only THREE days away!! THREE days until we find out what the hcg level is in my system and get a better sense of what's going on! I am feeling very encouraged by the continually darkening pregnancy tests and when I had looked up hcg doubling rates and was reminded they're only supposed to double ever 48 - 72 hours and not ever 24 hours that made me feel better too! :) I think tonights line is going to be nice and pretty and I'm sure I'll keep testing at least through Wednesday evening but we're ALMOST there!! Almost time to see what our levels look like! Woo hoo! :)

I am feeling pretty good today - very tired and a little out of it and ocassional waves of nausea but mainly just tired today. Bed sounds very, very good to me! Thankfully I have enough stuff to keep me busy that the time is passing relatively quickly until I can hop back in my car and go home and get my feet up again.

It has been a blessing to have Kent and Kenneth to take care of me lately, and I am grateful to them both for being there to keep the house in order and get shopping and laundry done and good meals ready when I just am not up to it! I have helped, but not nearly as much as I would normally be doing. Hopefully I will adjust to all these levels and find my energy again eventually. I'm making a point to take it extra easy in general anyway though, I want to make sure I don't do ANYTHING to jeopardize this little life that's just beginning it's amazing journey!! :)

ETA: Had to come back and say MorningStar Farms has started introducing a line of frozen entrees and OH MY GOSH!! I just had the Sweet & Sour Chik'n and it was SO YUMMY and a nice 14 grams of protein too! :D So excited to be able to get veggie lunch entrees from them now!! Yay!! Let's hope it doesn't cause a whole bunch of nausea in another 20 minutes or so...!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

8dp3dt Quick PM Check In

Had a pretty good afternoon - we found a stray kitty and took it to the animal shelter where it will hopefully have a fantastic chance at finding a great new home (he was young and SUPER cute so I'm sure he will!! I wish we could have a kitty right now, but 5 dogs is PLENTY)! Then we stopped and played at the park for a little while. Kent and Kenneth ran around on the play ground and I sipped some sprite for my nauseated stomach. Then we played frisbee on the soccer field for awhile - that was really fun! It was a beautiful afternoon and was GREAT to get out in the fresh air. I was careful not to over do it, but I was pretty tired when we left there. We stopped for a couple items at the store on the way home and by then I really was at the end of my limit for the day. I just got grumpy! I was hungry and exhausted. We made fajitas for dinner and they were DELICIOUS. I gobbled 2 of them down before either of the guys had gotten half way through theirs. Yumm!

I've been resting with my feet up for the most part since we got home. My PIO shot is heating right now, and I took my evening Answer brand HPT just an hour and a half ago and it looks GREAT!! Every test is that much more reassurance and adds to my excitement for Thursday's beta!

I can't wait for a great night of sleep! :)

8dp3dt Gotta LOVE the digi's!!

My IM asked me to use a digi test - I think she's definitely on the cautious side of "cautiously optimistic" and though the lines have been getting darker, I am sure seeing them get darker faster would be more reassuring! I have been a little nervous about it too, so I understand, but at the same time I am really happy with how things are going and how I'm feeling so I am not too worried. There are of course many things that can go wrong, but I am trusting that this pregnancy is developing beautifully and we're going to get a great beta number on Thursday and continue on with a happy and healthy pregnancy resulting in a happy and healthy baby for L&N!

In any event, I used my last OSOM this morning and then I dipped an EPT digital test and set it on the counter and anxiously watched that timer spin around and around and around while I tried to focus on brushing my teeth. All of a sudden the most beautiful word popped up "PREGNANT" on the screen!! WOW!!! I started doing a happy dance and scrambling for the camera!

I was running late for church this morning so I texted L a picture of the test, but it doesn't look like she got it - I had an e-mail from her looking for test pictures when I got home and logged in this afternoon. I sent her a couple pictures a little while ago once I was home and settled after church and I think that was a little more reassuring for her, but I know blood results and then ultrasound is going to be much MORE reassuring! :) I can't wait to get to the point of having our first ultrasound and then seeing a little heartbeat! So exciting!!

I watched my 3 year old class this morning for the 9:00 service and then went to the 11:00 service with Kenneth. I LOVE watching those kiddos - just puts me in the best mood! I love giggling with them, soothing them when they're upset, helping them share, watching them eat their snacks... they just make my heart smile! :) Church was great too - lots to think about. I cramped throughout service though so instead of going with Kenneth for grocery shopping I came straight home to get my feet up where I'm currently resting right now. Thank goodness for my lap tray that lets me be on the computer while I'm resting! :)

I'm having a lot of nausea this afternoon, so I'm trying to drink more water and keep my fluid intake up.

Here are the OSOMs (24 hour difference, yesterday AM and this morning).
And the beautiful digi - 8dp3dt, FMU.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

7dp3dt PM check in! :)

Testing is going well - not getting dark as fast as my impatient self would like to see, but I pulled up my tests from Fiona's pregnancy and they are comparable, even a day ahead, but definitely comparable so I am trying to be patient and trust that in another 24-48 hours they will be better and I will see a more noticeable difference.

Tonight compared to 24 hours ago.
Close up of tonight.

Beta day is 4.5 days away and L and I are both ready to see what our levels will be and see how things look for us and this pregnancy! I am nervous and excited and so hopeful for everything to go BEAUTIFULLY! :)

I got to be lazy most of today which was nice - I kept my feet up and we watched a couple movies and I dozed off and on. It was nice to chill and rest a little especially after such a busy week and of course being extra tired from hormones right now!

Once I got up this afternoon it didn't take too long to start feeling a bit queasy again and then we ran some errands and did shopping this evening and I was pretty tired pretty quickly! It was good to get out and walk around though, I've spent a lot of this last week sitting in front of a computer or laying with my feet up.

We're having a late dinner of some yummy veggie lasagna part of the Whole Foods goodies from L and then off to dream... :)

Friday, March 05, 2010

6dp3dt evening update.... :D :D :D

Ok, truth be told I could see a line on the test from last night as of this morning - really faint but the OSOM had dried with a very light line over night that I could see, and the OSOM I tested with this morning was starting to show a faint line when I had to set it down and leave for work! They are both still very light as of this evening, but both have lines.

Vicki and I took the boys to Chuck E Cheese tonight and I picked up some Answer brand tests before we met up there when I stopped at Walgreens to get some Tums for my upset stomach... I knew I would test around 6:30-7:00 and I knew if Answer showed a line I could call my IM and give her the news! The lines on OSOM were too faint for me to feel comfortable giving her good news yet! We had fun watching the boys run around and play at Chuck E Cheese and enjoyed some fabulously greasy pizza and then next thing I knew it was 6:30!! I ran out and grabbed an Answer brand test out of my car and took a deep breath and went to the bathroom. I tested and stared at that window and sure enough pretty much IMMEDIATELY I could see the 2nd line! It was light and stayed pretty light even after the initial 10 minute window, but it is there and Vicki could see it too! (Probably looked like a couple of crazy chicks examining an HPT in the middle of Chuck E Cheese, but oh well!) :D

I was SO excited to call L with the news and let her know we'd gotten our first good positive! I sent her pics just now and can't wait until they're darker and she will be able to see them better and see the improvement. YAY!!! I am thrilled and can't wait to see the lines get darker and darker over the next couple days!! WOO HOO!! :D

As for symptoms, I'm hungry, nauseated and my breasts are VERY sore this evening... yay! :D

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

6dp3dt - trucking along!

In a great mood today!! More low achiness and occasional actual twingy cramps, my breasts are a little tingly and feeling somewhat heavy today too (I know this is TMI for some people - in which case you should not be reading here, I like to keep track of EVERYTHING going on because it's fun to go back and look to compare and remember!! :D ) I am still pretty nauseated most of the time off and on too - a general uneasiness in my stomach.

I'm completely wiped and looking forward to a low key weekend, and a long night of sleep tonight! Yay!! I went to bed I think right around 9:00 last night and it was awesome to get to bed at a good hour and I slept like a rock! Not too much soreness still (knock on something) from the PIO shots - a few tender spots, but not too bad yet. I'm hoping my heating pad routine is helping minimize the discomfort.

I called the clinic today for an Estrace refill, I'm down to about a week or so worth left so hopefully I can pick that up today or tomorrow from my pharmacy.

Nothing too exciting going on today - just have to make it through the long day so I can go home and test tonight!! I can't wait! I am feeling REALLY good about things and can't wait for a good test line so I can call my IPs and give them the great news! :)

Kenneth is meeting me for lunch today and we're going to one of my VERY favorite restaurants EVER - Cafe Sunflower! It is the BEST!! They are a vegetarian restaurant that I LOVED way before I ever considered giving up meat. Their food is really, really yummy!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

5dp3dt PM check in

I tested again this evening at 8pm after holding it for 3 hours and limiting my liquid intake and still negative. Yes, I know its early and there's plenty of time and honestly I'm not worried about it! I feel good about this cycle and how I'm feeling and trust that the positive is going to show up soon enough! :)

I have been so achy and crampy all day today off and on, weird sensations going on! I had another long day at work - I left at 5 instead of 8, but it was still a long day and I'm just so tired and ready for a good night of sleep. I put my EMLA on at 7:30 so its about time to go prep my shot and then go to bed! WOO HOO!! :)

I have been really nauseated most of today too - it comes and goes but its been pretty constant. I know it is possibly just the meds messing with me, but its weird how it just started last night and has kept up today. Keeping my fingers crossed! :)

5dp3dt AM

Nothing too exciting to report today. I woke up at 4am to use the bathroom and the need to use a test overtook me and I caved and tested on one of the OSOM cartridges. I was exactly 4.5dp3dt and no huge shocker - the test was negative! I tried twisting it and squinting and hopping up and down on one foot to see if I could see a glimmer of a line under the "T" above the little window, but alas no such luck. I'll try again tonight! :)

Feeling ok, faintly queasy off and on all morning, and a few tugging twinges low on the right but nothing like the past few days. Definitely tired still, but that's to be expected on all this progesterone! I am still very bloated too, that seems to come and go.

I discovered this morning I've managed to actually burn myself a little from all the time I've spent on the heating pad for my PIO injection sites. You're really not supposed to lay on them, but I do anyway to help hold it in place, and I must have layed on it too long or something becuase I have two red dots on my upper thigh on the side I was laying on the other night! Oops! They don't hurt, but made me realize I need to be more careful! At least the PIO injection sites aren't bothering me TOO much yet (knock on wood). I'm still lumpy from before, so it's hard to tell what might be new in that department. Some tenderness and ocassional itching, but other than that it's going well so far.

I can't wait to get home at a normal hour this evening and be able to rest. I double checked my calendar - no plans today, yay! :)

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

4dp3dt evening check in

Wow... its been an interesting afternoon. I left work early for an appointment and got home around 4:30, I checked e-mail for work and then crawled straight into bed and layed on a heating pad for my hip that's been sore from the PIO shots. Next thing I knew my chihuahua was making some growling noises and I told him to hush and then looked at the clock and it was just after 6pm! Wow! I got up slowly and was still feeling really out of it.

Kenneth and Kent had gotten home and we all had various leftovers from the fridge for dinner. Kenneth had a leftover sub from Blimpie and the minute I pulled it out of the plastic bag I almost threw up the smell of onions was SO strong to me. Kenneth said he could smell it some but not that much. I had waves of nausea for another couple minutes after he put it away. I sipped some diet gingerale to help quiet my stomach down. We ate dinner - I had some garden veggie soup in a bread bowl from Atlanta Bread Co. - YUMMY!! and then quickly got ready to head out to the basketball game. I was feeling queasy after eating dinner. I looked at myself in the mirror when I was done changing and saw a red flush all across my face - I had noticed earlier when I got up from my nap that my skin didn't look right, I look very pale right now. I decided to check my temp - it was 100.0. I don't feel sick or anything, and it could be just from all the progesterone, but I've checked my temp before on other cycles and it was not anywhere near that high just from meds!

We drove over to the game and I felt nauseated the whole way there. I sipped my gingerale and it helped a little. At the game it was hard to get comfortable - I get a lot of pinching and cramping from sitting, but I felt better when I leaned back a little. I kept smelling ketchup too - I am not sure where it was coming from but I saw some packets near by. Kenneth got a chick fil a meal to share with everyone, and things tasted really salty to me and the brownie made me queasy too even though it tasted REALLY good. The game itself was fun!! It flew by and was a fun way to spend a couple hours. However I am glad to be home, am just waiting for my EMLA cream to have its hour to kick in so I can do my shot and go to SLEEP!!

I could be crazy and creating symptoms in my head (or just having some from the meds and being hyper aware of them) but after tonight I am feeling pretty positively about things and thinking a baby or two is in the making right now. I'm extremely curious to see how I feel tomorrow after all this tonight and can't help but cross my fingers for more of the same!

I've been fighting the urge to POAS tonight, but I really, realy don't want to waste a bunch of tests. I am still going to try to be good and hold out 'til tomorrow evening. Hoping to find patience tomorrow AM!

4dp3dt... starting to obsess... more...

I was just looking up info about implantation:
The embryo first moves into the uterus at about 80 hours after ovulation. The implantation process begins about 3 days later. When it reaches the uterus, the fertilized egg burrows into the lining of the uterus.

At this stage the fertilized egg is now called a blastocyst, it is a fluid filled cluster of 50 to 60 cells, still multiplying madly. Implantation of the blastocyst occurs at about day 5 to day 8 of embryo development. IVF embryos are usually transferred into the uterus around this stage. The developing embryo is only one-hundredth of an inch long, but is rapidly developing. It can reproduce itself through twinning at any time up to about 14 days after conception; this is how identical twins are caused.The site of the implantation will be the place where the placenta attaches to the uterine wall. After the blastocyst has implanted, it will start to release a hormone called human gonadotrophin hormone (hCG) into your blood stream. (hCG levels provide the basis for detecting a pregnancy with a pregnancy test.)

The hCG level starts off very low, but the concentration rapidly increases on the following days to produce physical pregnancy signs in the woman. These hormonal signals tell the lining of the uterus to stay in place and not disintegrate as it normally would during menstruation.

At this time you may have an intuitive sense that something is up, you might have a strange taste in your mouth, or your breasts may feel a little odd. These faint clues could be the first signs that a baby is burrowing in. Your baby is the size of a pinhead!

We are 4 days past a 3-day transfer. Implantation usually takes place as early as 2 days after a 3-day transfer, up to about 5 days later (or that's the range from the quote above). I am so hopeful that someone is taking up residence right now, and is all burrowed in and kicking off some good hcg so when I start testing tomorrow evening I won't have TOO long to wait before seeing that beautiful 2nd line! I cannot wait to be able to send my IPs a picture and let them know it worked!! :)

I am not taking any of my "symptoms" as anything more then meds related, but I still wonder if they mean anything "real"! I have a lot of low heavy pressure again, and my breasts are sore today. They've had moments of soreness off and on, but today they feel heavy and a little achy. I woke up in a foul mood too. :( One of those days where you should probably crawl back in bed for the safety of those you love!

I am already peeing a lot more than normal too - but again I think it must somehow be related to the meds because I remember this happening after my last transfer which didn't take, so I know it wasn't an early pregnancy symptom. I'm being better about drinking more water too, since I'm pretty much cutting soda out of my diet for the moment. No caffeine right now, and Diet Coke is my favorite so I figured I could give it up. I'm getting a bit of a headache today too - just what I needed!

Today I'm making an effort to control my food intake - I've eaten WAY too much junk over the past week since starting progesterone and its going to catch up with me very quickly so I'm tracking on again to help monitor and hopefully help me make better food choices and pay more attention to physical hunger versus head hunger again. I've been doing so good with that prior to starting progesterone, I think it caught me by surprise! So far I've had a packet of instant oatmeal and 2 small bananas for breakfast. That should get me through to lunch, and lots of water in between. :)

I am rambling again, I've been doing that a lot lately! Hopefully today will go almost as quickly as the last couple have and I'll be able to look forward to POASing tomorrow evening!!

We are going to a basketball game tonight, Kent's never been to one, hopefully he'll enjoy it. I have GOT to catch a nap before getting him from daycare this afternoon, I am exhausted and won't be able to go to bed early if we're going to the game. Something super easy is definitely on my list for dinner tonight!!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


I am so proud of myself - no urge to start POASing yet (I started this early after Fiona's transfer - WAYYYY too early)! I am VERY anxiously looking forward to Thursday when I will probably start, but I am glad yesterday went by so quickly! It was crazy busy at work and today is going to be as well, we have to finalize and produce one of the 2 proposals I'm working on and I have a ton of edits to do for the other one!

I didn't leave the office until 8pm last night, so I'm pretty wiped this morning. Even though I didn't go to bed that much later than I normally would (around 10:30) the long day at work and the meds I'm on have me feeling pretty wiped out!

I had a few twingy cramps on the left last night, and lots more of the constant pressure type cramps on the right and today not too much - still a bit of that pressure sensation and a TON of lower abdominal bloating. Ugh! I already look 3 months pregnant thanks to the PIO. Oh well, that's what comfy loose clothes are for! :)

We got our Girl Scout cookies delivered at work this morning - that was nice, I was wondering what I was going to eat for breakfast! :D Seriously, I'm going to have to lock those things up and keep chugging my glasses of water to not dig into them... too much! :)

Here's to another day flying by and one day closer to testing! Yay!

Had to come back and add - it is SNOWING today again!! This is definitely a record since I've lived here! THREE different snow days this winter!! Crazy!! It's so pretty watching the big 'ol snowflakes drifting down outside my window... I hope I can get home safely tonight, but for now I will just enjoy how pretty it is and try not to think about the mess traffic will be this afternoon/evening!!

Monday, March 01, 2010


Today we're 2dp3dt!! Yay! :) One day closer to the weekend (when I hope to actually see double)! My lower stomach/uterus is REALLY crampy this AM, not twinges, just this almost bloated heavy sensation but its constant. Maybe its because I'm sitting today instead of laying with my feet stretched out like I've been enjoying the last couple of days! I hope the embabies are deciding to stick around and start the implantation process within the next 24 hours!! It's amazing to have such a specific timeline and really be able to know when things should be taking place.

This is from
A healthy human embryo will hatch from its shell on day 5-7 after fertilization and implant within hours after hatching out. So actual invasion of the embryo with attachment to the uterine wall occurs about 2-5 days after a day 3 transfer and within 1-3 days after a day 5 transfer.

So implantation could be happening as soon as today! Amazing to think about those little cells dividing furiously and hopefully burrowing in and settling down for the long haul! :) Of course for my own sanity I hope we have an early implanter so I'll get a positive sooner! :D

I stayed up really late last night working on formatting for work, and am running on about 5 hours of sleep, I'm tired! I'm ready for a nap. Hoping tonight won't end up being TOO late of a night for us!

I am still sore in one spot from the PIO shots, but other than that one (which I'm now beginning to think is a bruise from rubbing too hard), the injections are going smoothly (knock on wood)!

I am having smell issues - I noticed when I started on progesterone I was a little sensitive to some things, but already this morning in Starbucks it smelled like sour milk to me by the counter, and then at work I ate a Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip granola bar and it tasted like onions in my mouth (weird?!) and just now in the break room it smells like hot dogs to me... also weird!!!