Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Best News EVER!!

I am still all tingly excited and happy today, and had to come share!!

My IM and I were talking yesterday on the phone and just confirming our plans for this next cycle (hopefully in October – if my records ever show up so we can get things going with Georgia Reproductive), and when we moved on to chit chat I asked her how she was doing. She mentioned she was tired as usual, because she just doesn't have much help from anyone and Fiona doesn't nap/sleep for long, so she's a little worn out. I told her I would come babysit for a weekend!! She told me I was always welcome there, and somehow that evolved into her actually asking me if I could come up, and if so when, which evolved into me buying a ticket last night!

I am going up to see them September 4th through 8th! I am SOO STINKIN' EXCITED!! I haven't seen them in person since Fiona was three days old... and we've been working on getting to transfer since February of this year, so I've been hoping to see them for MONTHS now - and now I get to, for a long weekend, and I am jumping up and down!!

I keep asking myself how did I get so lucky?!

I will be taking LOTS of pictures, and can't wait to share them! Now to count down the days...


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

HSG Done!

I haven't posted an update in quite awhile! :) I had my HSG on Monday the 18th and it went really well, everything looks great!

I was told that we'd probably not be able to cycle until October with GRS as their labs are shut down in September, or something along those lines, but we're moving forward with getting my charts sent to GRS so we can have a chart review and see if Dr. Kaplan would support a natural cycle for me.

I'm off of ALL meds this month and feeling really good! I'm on CD11 and charting my temps and starting OPKs to monitor my cycle. I'm sure my body is pretty out of whack after all those meds, but I hope it will "recover" quickly - I'm a little nervous about no birth control and know I need to be EXTRA EXTRA careful right now!

Cooper received my results and said we could cycle again in September with double the pills (twice a day instead of once a day), along with injectable delestrogen and patches - I told my IPs I'd be willing to cycle in September with Cooper if they wanted to get going again. I know having a couple months off is going to be really good for me, but of course part of me wants to get going again too - so I leave it up to them! I think at this point we're all pretty settled on the idea of transferring the totsicles here and cycling/transferring naturally in October. I'm so hopeful that we get to do a natural cycle, to see how my body does all by itself!

Anyhow, that's all for now! Hopefully we'll have our consult with Dr. Kaplan in the next couple weeks, as soon as I get copies of my chart.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Good stuff to remember

I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I have been doing a lot of soul searching, and wondering why things are working out the way they are and feeling frustrated over lack of progress with getting to transfer, and wanting to be in another place than I am right now... But I found something the other day that was a really good reality check - I AM EXACTLY WHERE I AM SUPPOSED TO BE.

We may not always like the way the chips fall, and the detours along the way - but each unexpected twist in the path is what makes us who we are, our experiences mold and shape us in the person we are, and will become. I am more open to hearing that still small voice than I was a few months ago, I am LISTENING again - so maybe that is enough, maybe that is the point. Who knows now, maybe I will never know, but I do believe that even when it feels like things aren't going the way you want them to, they are going the way they are supposed to.

My reminder to myself:
Believe you are being lead with a purpose, with a direction and that although you may not be able to see clearly the path laid out before you, believe you ARE exactly where you are supposed to be, and that the end of the journey will bring you the dreams of your heart.

Monday, August 04, 2008

A time of reflection…

I’m on the last couple days of Provera, and my period will most likely be here soon. I am moving forward with getting the hysterosalpingogram done within a week of AF starting… I have been doing a lot of reflecting and thinking lately about my journey and where my heart is. I am not 100% certain which way things will go for me in the near future. I have told T&I that all of these cycling issues have me feeling pretty stressed out, and the meds themselves have made me feel poorly. Mainly I just keep wondering if I am really the right person for their little totsicles last chance. I want them to have the BEST chance possible, and I worry with all the issues I’ve had whether or not that really is me… Whatever happens, having the HSG done will be reassuring, to verify that everything looks good with me and my tubes.

I will be fully off meds of all kinds this next month, and think that will definitely be a good thing for my body! I’m looking forward to seeing how different I feel once they’re all out of my system!