Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I did it again! I totally forgot to come back and update. Lining check #2 was bad. My lining decreased to a 6.9, was fluid filled and at best the pattern was an IE. GRS insists I have a fibroid or something making it difficult to read my lining, so I'm off meds waiting for my period and then I'll be having another saline sono this time done by GRS before we can move forward one way or another.

I was really, really disappointed and upset and was so sad to call my IM and give her the news. She is so incredibly sweet and was telling me how she had my trip all planned out... I can't wait until it is a REALITY!! We will just keep plugging along and do what the doctor's suggest and just hope and pray we can transfer within the next few months. As of now, the earliest would be April, possibly May if they put me on BCPs or if there are more complications at the saline sono.

So, nothing to really report, but I'll update when I know more.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lining Check #2 is tomorrow

Well, Cooper was fine with the small amount of fluid (the RE wasn't concerned) and said the thickness was good (didn't even mention the "irregularity" or the possible fibroid) - they want me to stay on meds for the three extra days per my original schedule, and be rechecked tomorrow (Thursday) to see if my lining has converted to the right pattern (she said it was still in the process at the first check). I am alternating between fear, nervousness, worry, anxiety, and excitement all thrown together! I am of COURSE very hopeful that everything will be ok, but scared that my lining will have either deteriorated or become fluid filled. I am ready to find out what's going on, once and for all! I want to transfer SOOO badly and am so ready to get on that plane and fly to NJ!! I want to be able to call my IPs with GOOD news tomorrow!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Lining Check #1...

Here's my update from this morning's ultrasound at Day 10 on meds; I could see things going either way at this point.

My lining was an 8-9mm which is great for me, especially at only 10 days on meds. However, the RE said something about my uterus looking "irregular" and mentioned a possible "fibroid", and she saw a small amount of fluid. I have a vague recollection of them saying something about a possible fibroid last time, with Fiona's transfer and that didn't stop Cooper from giving us the ok; the "irregular" thing though, I don't know how bad that is or what that could mean. With the fluid, I'm hoping that won't stop them either, since once I started progesterone it went away last time. I am supposed to be on estrogen another couple days with a re-check on Valentine's Day, but I left the nurse a message that if Cooper is ok with the other questionable issues, I really hope they'll pull the trigger and let me start progesterone tomorrow for a Friday transfer - since you never know what another couple days might do to my lining! If the thickness and pattern are ok, and they're not worried about the other things, I really, really hope they say we can move ahead.

So, that's where things stand. There are a couple potentially questionable issues, so I could also see them canceling us at this point, and am trying to be prepared. I'm nervous, and hopeful, and will be anxiously waiting Cooper's call back today.

Keep your fingers crossed!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

2nd Shot Down! :)

I am so excited to say I took my second estradiol valerate injection this AM and swapped my 1 patch for 2! We're on our way!

I have my first lab check this Friday at GRS, and then my first u/s check next Monday; I'm nervous and excited! I let my Boss know today that I had a possible transfer coming up, I don't want to jinx it so I was almost nervous to tell her! They were so great last time, I hope it goes as smoothly this time!

Not too much to report -I've been achy and crampy since I started meds, and have had a couple headaches already. I feel tired, my head and uterus both feel "heavy"! I said on the SMO boards today I wish I wasn't so AWARE of exactly where my uterus is during cycling, there are so many "sensations" I experience during cycling... twinges, cramps, etc. I just hope and pray they're all GOOD sensations! :)