Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mid-October Check In!

Not too much happening! I've had a great conversation or two with my IPs - they are so busy but they sound GREAT every time we talk. We're getting the details together slowly. I still haven't heard if they've gotten ahold of Cooper - they'd left messages last week but hadn't spoken to anyone yet. We're hoping they can get a consult soon and get as many of the tests waived as possible. (Apparently they have to meet with the RE and s/he's the one who waives tests at his/her discretion). As soon as that meeting is done, I'll get my list of tests and we'll get that going (still hoping maybe by the end of the month)! (Fingers crossed)! :)

I am doing well!! I am finally working towards finishing up the very cute electronic scrapbook I've been making for T&I - lots of belly pictures, ultrasound pictures, my journal entries, fetal development quotes... I hope they like it - I've put a lot of love into it! I am hopefully going to finish that up today!

Oh!! I can't believe I forgot to add this bit of "on the home front" newsbreak! We bought a new motorcycle this past weekend!! A 2008 Harley Road King Classic - she's just beautiful! I'm going to take the Rider's Edge course sometime, hopefully next month, and get my license as well. Kenneth thinks I'll be really hooked as soon as I'm driving them and not just riding as a passenger. We're going to go for our first ride together this afternoon - after we meet up with the buyer for Kenneth's SRT-4 (it is FINALLY going to be sold)!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

January Countdown...

Well we are definitely aiming for January (EARLY January)!! Wow!! I am bummed that things didn't come together for me to cycle as an egg donor this time around, I think it just takes more time than I'd realized it would to get applications processed, and find just the right couple who is looking for an ED with my description. I sent an e-mail to the agencies I am listed with and explained the situation and asked them to hold my profile until I know the result of our upcoming transfer.

I still plan to pursue ED after this GS journey! I am starting to get excited. I need to make a to-do list, though I think its going to be pretty basic. Kenneth and I need to get our updated STD testing to Cooper, and we need to sign the contract. Then we'll have to find out when Cooper will schedule us, and get a meds calendar, and get meds ordered! Yay! :)

I'm hoping to get started on the updated testing this month, as soon as I get the list from Cooper so we can get that going. It'll take a couple weeks to get the appointment and then get results to Cooper. I'm hoping Kenneth can get most of his done through the military (he said they do STD testing every 6 months anyway) - so we shouldn't have to get too many on him.