Monday, March 26, 2007

5.5 months along ~ 23 weeks!

Wow, time just keeps zipping right by! Everytime I check in here - it surprises me how long its been since my last update!

Things continue to go really well, Miss Munchkin is quite the active little lady and provides me with hours of entertainment at home. I sit on the couch, slouched down with my stomach pushed up a little and "air my tummy" as my husband calls it; with my shirt pulled up so I can watch her antics. I can't wait 'til they're big enough and often enough to film for her parents! I think they'll enjoy seeing that.

Our next appointment is in 1.5 more weeks, the 24 week fetal echo on April 4th, then another OB appointment the following Tuesday.

I have been craving eggs in the morning a lot lately, though I don't usually get to eat them. I took Kent to IHOP for breakfast on Sunday morning because I was longing for butter drenched pancakes and eggs. It was SO yummy!! Kenneth is gone to North Carolina for Marine Reserve Drill all week, he'll be back late on Thursday.

We listed the house on Wednesday evening last week, so its been crazy trying my best to keep things clean and to keep working on putting things away... the basement is going to be the biggest challenge - Kenneth's military stuff is just everywhere! I've been going through things and listing them on Craigslist and E-Bay; I'm trying to avoid having a yard sale, but there are some large items we really need to get rid of!

I guess that's it for now - I'll be back after the fetal echo with more updates!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

21 weeks today!! OB appt update!

Yesterday was my OB appointment and everything went great! I keep thinking about how well things are going, and how quickly its all flying by... this little one will be here kicking and screaming before we know it!

My weight gain (according to the OB - and I'm happy to go by their numbers) is 11 lbs for the pregnancy so far which is right on target for the half-way point, my blood pressure is still great, and the baby's heartbeat is nice and steady and strong. The report came from the MFDC on the Level II and the OB said everything looks good. My placenta is down "low", but he didn't say anything about a previa.

I have decided to look into what birthing classes the hospital offers, and will try to take one if my schedule allows. It's been so long since I delivered, I'd love to have a refresher and also hear any new "tips and tricks" that might be out there. I've seen a lot of different laboring positions that I know I didn't even KNOW about for my son's delivery.

In 7 more weeks it will be time for the awful Gestational Diabetes Glucose Tolerance test which I'm SO looking forward to! :) I hope to pass that with flying colors!
So, next appt will be early April for the fetal echo, and another OB appointment the week after!

This little one is just kicking up a storm, or bopping around in there or something! I can feel quite a bit of activity higher up than normal, right around my belly button today. It's fun feeling her swimming about in there! I'm thankful she's so active, I love the reminders that she's doing well.

Oh, and the greatest news ever!! At 20w2d I was FINALLY told I could STOP ALL MEDS!!! I may go down in the Guiness Book of World records for surro on meds the longest!! :) I'm so excited to finally be FREE!! :)

Friday, March 09, 2007

T&I are the proud expectant parents of a....

Beautiful baby GIRL!! :)

The ultrasound went great - she was a total wiggle worm and was all over the place (and as I'd suspected from the pain in my stomach yesterday has flipped vertically across my abdomen with her back out). The tech took lots of measurements of her head, her stomach, looked closely at her heart, counted the bones in her pinky finger, identified her kidneys, looked at her brain. It was incredible! I sent my IPs the video and pictures today. My IM did get to be on the phone to hear the U/S tech say "It's a GIRL!!" and then my phone cut out! I of course called her back and went over everything with her afterwards!

She is weighing in at 12 ounces (which is great) and measuring right at 20 weeks; everything is going great!!

The weird news is that they found a second sac with some fluid in it. The peri was a bit puzzled by it, but doesn't seem concerned. His guess is that we've had a blighted ovum all along which has been in there long enough to actually accumulate a little fluid. I guess it will be interesting to see if its still there, or if its changed at all, at my next ultrasound in one month for the fetal echo.

Hopefully my OB will call back in a moment with my lab results - I need to know if I should order more suppositories or not! (Let's hope the answer is "no"!) :)

Well, they did just call back and the numbers are great! Much higher:

Progesterone: 57.9
Estradiol: 5,700


Thursday, March 08, 2007

Level II Ultrasound TODAY!! (And we're half way there)!!

I am 20w1d TODAY!! We're past the official "half-way" point!! I'm so excited for T&I! I still can't really believe we've made it this far, the time is just flying on by me.

Today is our BIG Level II ultrasound at the Maternal Fetal Diagnostic Center; we're hoping to get a very nice ultrasound tech who will let me call my IM so she can listen in and hear the big gender reveal! I'm dying to know what's baking in my belly. The u/s tech at our 14 week nuchal translucency kept saying "he" and "him" but never indicated if she actually saw a REASON to say "he" and "him". I keep thinking girl and I know IM and I have both had "girl dreams"!! We'll know soon!!

I still haven't heard my lab results from last Friday - big surprise! :) Maybe today... I don't want to order more meds, but I'm out and need to if I have to stay on them... *sigh* I hate how long results take, it really slows down the process.

I'm feeling really good - feeling quite a bit of movement each day. I've gained 10lbs at this point, most of it in the last 2 months and I need to watch it. I eat a lot of fresh fruit and drink a lot of water, but I guess there's always something I can cut out or replace! It's hard being at work all day and getting hungry frequently, I end up eating a granola bar or cookies, whereas if I were home I'd have baby carrots or some pineapple. I really should just get a mini-fridge and keep that sort of stuff here to avoid these issues!

I'll be back later with our results!